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Spend $300 Get $45, Spend $600 Get $100 off (Crucial P5 Plus 2TB $475) @ Shopping Express

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  • Rip the surcharge though

  • is it only on those products listed? Don't see any discount in my cart or is there a code to apply?

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      Only for the items listed. There is no need for a code.

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    Why spend $475 on a crucial? It's basically the same price as the 980 pro on ebay with coupons. Not only is the 980 pro a drive that performs once cache is out, but it has the steam credit.

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      Some people prefer Micron?

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        Who are these fools?

    • Thanks for pointing out the cache feature. Could you please link to the vouchers to for purchasing the Samsung Pro 980.

      • I'd wager this will come back within a month.


        Although the steam card will disappear, it'll still be a better buy to get the 980 pro.

        Plus windows 11 is coming. No point in installing an OS until it's out.

        The old copper aorus 2tb for $373 on a similar ebay deal is also worth considering. Although it's questionable whether speeds are good enough for ps5.

  • I still waiting for 2 ml140 Corsair any available with those discount?

  • Would the GTX 1650 be a good stopgap card til things change? Its the only component i haven’t purchased in my pc build.

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      Spend the extra on a 6600 if you can get one at launch for MSRP

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    I can't bring myself to use these guys again.
    I am normally pretty relaxed but this experience got me annoyed enough to post a negative Google review.
    Made an order a month ago for ~$2200 and it took 8 days to get to Australia Post (apparently) and then another 10 days or so to get to me.
    Everything was listed as would ship from Warehouse in 24 hours but it just didn't happen.
    Communication was really poor and something only eventually happened when I contacted Paypal.
    Once I contacted Paypal I had the items in a couple of days…
    You might think it is COVID related but everything else ordered from Sydney at the same time came through without issue within 3 days (not Express Post).
    If it was the only parcel coming from Sydney during that time it might be a legitimate reason but I also had another 12 or so parcels come through in that time from Sydney.
    I was wondering if these guys are drop shippers or something.
    Anyway that is my experience.

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      I've personally had a good experience with them. They always send by Aust Post express post.

      But, in the recent eBay 20%/22% off deal, they waited for the entire sale period to get over before they even shipped. I did order multiple items on different days of the sale and all were shipped together at the end of the sale. Which I thought was quite slow.

      By the way, what's "drop shipper"?

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        A drop shipper doesn't carry any stock. They have their supplier ship directly to you.

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      I've always had a good experience with these guys, I'm going to assume that the shipping delay is related to Auspost as it was previously reported that Auspost is so backed up with online orders that they were going to stop picking up orders so they could get through their backlog.

      Earlier this month, I ordered an SSD from a retailer in Melbourne and it still hasn't arrived.

    • I've had a positive experience every time.

      During their Black Friday sales last year I bought a motherboard which wasn't compatible with my PSU, and I sent it back for a full refund in less than 2 weeks.
      I also bought another motherboard, a CPU, RAM and a AIO cooler, all with no issues, all within a reasonable time frame (less than a week, even better given it was the week of Black Friday).

      AusPost has mentioned they aren't scanning packages as frequently in order to cut down on handling. What's more likely is that it wasn't scanned in until later than it was received and that AusPost was the reason for your woes.

  • Want to get the P5 for the PS5

    Anybody in Melbourne (western suburbs) wanna pool and get the Crucial P5 2TB 3400MB/s PCIe Gen 3 NVMe M.2 (2280) SSD at $319 (shipping costs $13)? If purchased single it would come up to $330 delivered

  • Be aware there is a cheaper BRIO webcam under a different SKU:

    [Logitech BRIO Webcam with 4K Ultra HD Video & HDR Video Conferencing] (https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/logitech-brio-4k-ultr...)

    $299 instead of $319

    SKU of $319: 960-001106

    SKU of $299: 960-001105