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[eBay Plus] Samsung 980 Pro: 500GB $139.62, 1TB $245.70, 2TB $482.82 Delivered + Steam GC via Redemption @ Futu Online eBay


PS: Redemption can be claimed for Futu Online under K.S Computer Technology.

Samsung Steam Wallet Code Redemption Deal

Original Coupon Deal

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  • 2tb link goes to 1tb

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    Which one works on ps5?

    • 1TB+ probably, they all will need a heatsink though

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      From what I've read, a heatsink for the SSD is highly recommended.

      Compatible SSD:

    • All 980 Pro Gen 4s should from 250GB to 4TB. You will need a heatsink installed as well.

      My preference order would be: SN850, 980 Pro, Firecuda 530, Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus, Crucial P5 Plus, AORUS 7000, ADATA XPG-something


      • Checkout this vid

        I think the Sabrent came out quite well given how much cheaper it is then the firecuda

        • I had factored in warranty as well and perception is likely to get better service from Seagate than Sabrent in Australia.

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      980 Pro. However, I suggest you think about how willing you are to open PS5 multiple times and re-install the m.2 SSD (if you opted for a small size one now, you might need to upgrade it again later on).

      You probably want to get a heatsink. While it is generally straightforward to put the SSD on it, the first time you do it, you may not know the exact position to put. Some of the cheap ones come with thermal pad that's too long, while you can cut it, if you didn't realise that, it may lead to you put the m.2 in the slightly wrong position. Use the notch as the guideline. There should be a small portion on the other end which sticks out a bit so you can put the SSD in.


      • If you put the m.2 on the heatsink and you cannot put that into your PS5 (even though the heatsink is compatible), that means you didn't put the m.2 on the correct spot in the heatsink. Don't try to force it in, it should go in easily, otherwise the position of the m.2 on the heatsink is wrong.
      • You only need to open 1 plate to install the SSD. The Sony official video link above is good as it tells you to open just one. Most other generic videos are for opening both plates.

      The best deal, in terms of price, so far, was the PNY CS3040 M.2 NVMe Gen4 SSD 2TB deal (~$315) from PCCG.

      • the PNY only JUST meets the requirements for a ps5 lol. Personally I prefer a non-Chinese brand

  • Are there any good deals on 2.5" SATA SSD's?

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    If paying using Afterpay, check Pulse Rewards to see if you've got a "$15 off a purchase of $100 or more at Ebay"

  • Any suggestions for the heatsink for 980 pro?

    • It was mentioned in a previous post that this is cheap and will fit the PS5.


      Credit to Thunder-Wombat for finding it.

      And I bought this SSD for $259, so my life is now over. RIP

      • Thank you😎

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        Not sure why that one is now being mentioned. I bought that one and the one below:


        Problem with the $21.54 one is that it doesn't feel very secure (I paid much less for that one, that one is actually cheaper in AliE, but took a long time to arrive) and you cannot put screws on the heatsink to secure the top plate easily I think. No so keen to put rubber bands. I originally thought once you slot the top plate in, it would kinda lock in place, but that's not the case.

    • This one is one of the ones you see in youTube videos. Even the Sony video shows one that's like this.


      • Thanks

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          It will take some time for it to arrive though… keep that in mind if you are in a hurry to put the SSD into PS5.
          Reminder, one of the thermal pad is a tad too long, you might need to cut it a bit.

          • @netsurfer: I installed this heatsink today. It was quite confusing in regards to which thermal pad to use where. I used the pink one between the bottom and the drive and the blue one between the drive and the heat sink? Is that right or does it not matter?

            • @robbiey: It's confusing and the provided paper documentation is useless (zero instruction). If it is single sided, I reckon that's correct. You just want the pink one to ensure the bottom side (which shouldn't have any chip) has no metal contact touching the heatsink (even though it is painted) - better safe than sorry.

              Now, the blue heat spreader, you get two types. For the long one, it is a bit too long so you need to cut it. For the one which got cut into pieces, you would place them on top of the chips (the controller is the key component to keep cool, but without removing sticker, it is hard to tell other than it has a different shape to the flash chips). It is debatable whether it is a good idea to keep the flash chips cool.

              If you have a double sided m.2 SSD, then I think you want to use both blue ones. However, the pink one does seem easier to use and doesn't need to be cut to fit. Using both blue heat spreader pads will make it a tight fit (virtually no room left in terms of height). I wouldn't worry too much if you used the pink one for a double sided m.2 SSD as the bottom side is likely just flash chips so they actually operate better with a bit of heat. Since you installed it this early, it is unlikely you have ~2TB worth of PS5 games to copy to that SSD in one hit. You can at most copy around 700GB from the internal SSD. Copying from USB HDD or SSD is nothing, the speed isn't fast enough to even keep the m.2 SSD busy. Future games from discs or digital (online), the transfer speed is even slower.

  • So bloody tempted. Have a $100 ebay voucher that I won from just being an eBay plus member.

    To wait or not to wait. Hmmm.

  • Guys, how can I redeem the steam wallet?

    • https://www.samsung.com/au/offer/ssd-steam-wallet-codes-2021...

      Need to ask the seller for the invoice as proof of purchase

      • Futu will e-mail it.

        • Nice, I had to request from them during the last Samsung SSD Redemption Promotion.

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            @RichardL: Oh, okay, so they started slacking off…. Hm… interesting…

      • Got my invoice just now, what should i do next?

        • Have you received the actual SSD?

          If so, head to the Samsung Link and start the redemptkon process (fill out the form with your information and SSD Serial Number and upload a copy of the tax invoice).

  • Trying to use the PSPR20 code for the 1TB but get the following error: "This code can't be applied to your order". IS the code working for others?

    • Just tested PSPR20, and the code works fine:

      Subtotal (1 item): AU $315.00
      Postage: Free
      Vouchers/coupons: -AU $63.00
      Order total: AU $252.00

      Have you used the code more than 5 times?

      • thanks for confirming, will email Futu Online to check why it isn't working for me :(

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          Most likely have to contact eBay to ask.

          • @RichardL: Yep, apparently my registration address is with Ebay Netherlands which will be updated by Ebay (I relocated to Australia 11 years ago)

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    how much can i sell the steam cards for?

  • hey mate its a $150 gift card for stream not $70 on the Samsung 980 PRO 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD

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    I can finally put a 2tb drive in my ps5 :D i have my heat sink already hehe.

  • got my Samsung 980 PRO 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive and heat sink on the same day!! so good!! express delivery to QLD which was overnight brilliant !!

  • has any one had a problem trying to redeem the steam wallet credit? I get Invalid SN/IMEI every time I put it in.

  • yeah doesn't work the promo site I checked with samsung support the serial number is indeed valid so its a promo's department issue. For those that have the same issues email
    [email protected]

    • Note: Serial number on the box is different to serial on the product. There is one extra character on the product.

      If you used the serial number on the product and it doesn't work, then contact Samsung.

      • yes I am aware of this I put in the 15 digit one on the device not the box.

        already contacted samsung they verified it to be the correct serial number the issue is with the promo department.

        • Mine also isn't working

        • @kungfuman, did you get a reply?

          I just shot off an email to the email address you provided above.


          • @proudwanderer: not yet, they apparently take 24 to 48 hours to respond because marketing are lazy.

  • Nothing yet from the idiot at samsungs own promo department so ripped off again by samsung you will not get your 70 bucks steam wallet for sure.

    • I got a reply - they wanted me to take a photo of the SSD showing the 15 digit SN and send it to them.

      I did that.

      But no reply since then.

    • Has anyone been able to successfully submit the claim for this promo?

      • Yes - submitted on 20th, received steam codes on the 23rd, no dramas

        • Wonder what the problem is then

          • @proudwanderer: I just got a reply back from the promo guys!! yay!! they just asked me to send a photo of my serial on the physical device. hopefully, they do something.

            • @kungfuman: Yep I got that yesterday - and sent them a photo yesterday.

              Today, I got this reply:

              Dear customer,

              Thank you sending over your serial number details.

              We will get back to you once your issue has been resolved, so that you can submit your claim.

              Kind regards,

              Samsung RMS (Redemption Management System) Support

              I still can't figure out what the problem is though - why it works for some people and not for others.

              • @proudwanderer: yep taking a while for them to fix this.

                • @kungfuman: Just worked for me today - submitted. Try your one.

                  • @proudwanderer: still nothing for me.

                    • @kungfuman: I also got this email:

                      Dear customer,

                      Thank you for taking part in our SSD Steam Wallet Promotion.

                      Your issue has been resolved.

                      You can submit your claim via the below link:


                      Kind regards,

                      Samsung RMS (Redemption Management System) Support

                      • @proudwanderer: yeah they haven't sent me that email yet. but I sent a follow up email.

                      • @proudwanderer: it worked!!! finally!!!

                        • @kungfuman: Congratulations! :)

                          • @proudwanderer: now to wait weeks to get it lol

                            • @kungfuman: The email I got says 7 days:

                              Dear XXXX,

                              Your redemption request has been submitted successfully.
                              Your Redemption ID is XXXX

                              Once your claim has been approved, please allow up to 7 business days for the voucher code to be delivered via email.

                              You can login to Samsung Redemption to review the details of your redemption request.

                              Kind regards,
                              Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

                              • @proudwanderer: yep got that too but how long does it talk for them to approve it lol or is that part of the 7 days ?

                                • @kungfuman: I logged into the Samsung redemption website just now - and it shows:

                                  • Submitted ….. 27/09
                                  • Validation Completed ….. 28/09
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    any one have there steam gift cards yet?

    • Yes. Received on Friday.

      • -1

        hmmm maybe i will get it tuesday it seems everything I get so far has been a day light after you lol so maybe tuesday.

        • fingers crossed :)

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            @proudwanderer: yeah so it was approved on the 1st but yeah still no gift cards yet.

            • +1

              @kungfuman: Same - approved 1st, still waiting.

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                @Speedster: I do find it funny that the same moron that keeps -1 voting me on every post appears to be butt hurt maybe about not getting steam cards are well? I sent another email to samsung to follow this up.

              • -1

                @Speedster: got my gift cards!!!!

          • -1

            @proudwanderer: got the gift cards finally!!!

  • Since when were Samsung Pro's 3bit MLC?
    Is there any noticible difference between 3bit MLC and 2bit MLC?

    • don't know mate.

  • they have that new one out too now with farcry 6 included :D

  • -1

    but yeah totally worth the deal with the steam cards for sure. samsung do get it to you in 7 days.