Wavlink AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router $152.71 Delivered @ Wavlink Direct AU via Amazon AU


【AX1800 WiFi 6 Dual Band】Both 2.4G and 5G frequency bands support the newest Wi-Fi 6 (802.AX) technology up to 1775Mbps (2.4GHz - 574Mbps; 5GHz - 1201Mbps). With such a significant speed increase, every device connected can work smoother with no latency.
【Easy Mesh Router】EasyMesh Controller and EasyMesh Agent modes are supported, allows multiple devices to form a whole home mesh system, covering an area about 120㎡(≈1,290 sq.ft. ) no more dead zones.
【Advanced Technology】4 x 5dBi high-gain antennas and Beamforming technology boost the receiving sensitivity and sending ability of the router, maximize Wi-Fi range and improve network performance. 880Mhz dual-core CPU and OFDMA + MU-MIMO technology reduce buffering when multiple devices work at the same time ( up to 64+ connection).
【Parental Control & Touchlink Technology】Easily manage your children’s Internet access time and block inappropriate content for any connected device. By simply touch to the top of the router, people can connect the WIFI without password with 2 minutes, provide you a safe and convenient guest WIFI.
【What You Get】AX1800 WiFi 6 EasyMesh Router; 1x DC 12V/1A Power adapter; 1x RJ-45 Ethernet cable; 1x Quick Start Guide. 12 months worry-free warranty ( extra 6 months for registered members) and life-long technical support.

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  • Hi Ozbargain experts,
    Does this product would really help my situation?
    ( faster and uninterrupted wifi experience)

    Living in apartment 90m2 with gyprock walls.

    Using a ZTE AC1600 router (free from Belong) connected to wall that is connected to iinet NBN FTTB modem.

    AC1600 is actually faster on 5g side.

    Product Highlights
    • Supports 801.11ac – the next generation of Wi-Fi
    • Simultaneous 2.4GHz 300Mbps and 5GHz 1300Mbps connections for 1600Mbps of total available bandwidth
    • VDSL/ADSL auto detection for universal DSL support
    • Gigabit Ethernet WAN offers another broadband connectivity option for connecting cable, VDSL of fiber modems
    • Full Gigabit ports ensure ultrafast data transfer speeds

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      Unless you're using internet faster than 100Mbps, set your 2.4ghz to 'N Only' mode (this is critical to force MIMO) and use that; disable the 5ghz for now.
      Also, if there are options, set it to 20Mhz (not 20/40).
      While you're in there, grab a wifi analyzer app on your phone, and pick a channel with the least number of neighbours on it.
      Technically, that will limit your wireless device to 74Mbps (you need 40mhz to do 140Mbps); but it will give you the highest possible reliability.
      You're very unlikely to need more than that speed on one device, wirelessly.

      If that doesn't help, then your answer will be a 2nd wireless access point, connected to the first, via Ethernet Over Power (not to be confused with Power over Ethernet).

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      After playing with these cheaper type of routers for awhile, I ended up with the Asus Tuf AX3000 and haven’t had a single issue. I think you get what you pay for with routers. I mostly used Dong Knows Tech for my router and home networking research.

      • Is the router in the deal considered cheap? What can you suggest for a connection in the countryside, that literally sucks? I believe it's an issue with the connection itself, but if I can do something to improve it with a new router I would be glad to give it a crack. WFH requires stability and a bit of speed, both missing in my setup at the moment (and unfortunately, there's not much that can be done to improve my internet speed).

        • A router can't fix your internet speed.
          A crap router can cause a heap of problems so a new high end router may fix some, but if current router is ok its going to be exactly the same.

          Setting QoS to your work desktop may help it in video meetings, but tends to make internet suck for every other device in the home.

          • @joelmuzz: My current router is an old basic Optus router, it's quite crap I got it for like 20$ 3 years ago, second hand… I guess it's time to upgrade, but with what is the question

        • Getting a connection out country? That used to be my job. My suggestion is a genuine high gain directional 4g antenna, aimed at your closest tower.

          You'll never be able to do much about ping; thats a limitation of distance.

          But at over 1000kms from the closest tower, a high gain was allowing 200/200 on a Telstra 4GX sim with a nighthawk.

          When a dust storm blew, there was no saving it, and pings were at best in the high 50's. But if you cant get NBN to run you a reliable connection; thats the cheapest and easiest solution.

          Also, look into SkyMuster; the official NBN solution.

          • @MasterScythe: Well, I'm not in the middle of the desert… I'm in North East Victoria, 20kms South-West of Wodonga. We have wireless NBN here, but unfortunately, it sucks

            • @deedend: Do you get a phone (mobile) connection OK?

              Do some speed tests, you might find a plan like the 500GB plan from spintel is faster over 4g than your NBN (and cheaper).

              Also, try better antenna on your NBN link.

              • @MasterScythe: Oh, that's interesting… I'll try with the antenna then, I'm on Exetel 500Gb/month wireless NBN

                • @deedend: Yeah so 500GB at 50Mb, over optus 4g through spintel, for $59. If you get optus reception at home, you might have a much better time.

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    Around $80 on Aliexpress? No deal even at that price.

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      Yeah. Getting tired of SpAmazon…..

  • Does this have vlan tagging?

    • Yes.

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    You would be better off getting a Huawei AX3 Pro (2x2 in 5ghz band), or Xiaomi AX6000 (4x4 in 5ghz band) if you want a half decent Chinese name brand router. The GUI may be in Chinese, but it is easy to navigate with google translate.

    • +1

      I got the Xiaomi AX1800 (Redmi AX5) for $59 and it has better specs (faster processor and more memory) than this. Very happy with it as my old router was struggling to cope with more devices being used concurrently. Waiting on a good deal for the Xiaomi AX6000.