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Nike Romaleos 4 SE $189.99, Nike Savaleos $119.99 + $9.95 Delivery ($0 with $200 Order) @ Nike


Nike Savaleos - 29% off
$170 $119.99
Colour Shown: Chile Red/Black/Magic Ember/White
Style: CV5708-606

Nike Romaleos 4 SE - 29% off
$270 $189.99
Colour Shown: White/Bright Crimson/Pink Blast/Black
Style: DJ4487-121

4% cashback on sale items from cashrewards

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  • +10

    Great shoes. These hardly ever go on sale so a good bargain.

  • +9

    Very rare to see romaleos on sale. Would buy but the back looks a bit like a vag

    • +10

      No they didn't. Weightlifting shoes with a heel lift have been around since the 60's.

  • dont forget cashrewards :)

    • +1

      thanks. i believe its 4% cashback on sale items.

  • Is there any difference besides the colourway in the SE compared to the standard version?

    About $70 more so I would hope there's additional benefits..?

  • +6

    Will these work good for my 2kg dumbbells?

    • +1

      Yes, good upgrade from your dumbbells. If you fill some sand in them, you can continue making progress for long.

  • +2

    Do you lift bro?

  • Rom 2s for life, I've been using the same pair since 2015.

    • rom 2's are goat. 4's sucked

  • I don't imagine them to need replacing ever. You only ever use them for powerlifting, which is for a few sessions at the gym per week with minimal walking around.

    • +2

      I would argue they're more for Oly lifting. Powerlifters only need these if they have awful ankle mobility.

      • I have used legacy lifters 2 for a while for squats. I get knee pains with them and agree that they are for OLY lifting.

      • +1

        I put oly and power in the same group. There's a lot of overlap and I did both. I don't see a reason why these shoes can't be used for either.

        You are right with it being more suitable for the dynamic nature of Olympic lifting, though.

    • you will, the cheap glue will disintegrate and it will seperate and fall apart.

    • +2

      Exercise world is bigger than just gymbro’s. These are designed for and aimed at Olympic lifting.

  • I tried these they have a heel

    I squat bare feet instead that works for me.

    I had a collapsable arch, but now the arch has adapted over time. But have long femurs and short torso so have to almost good morning squat it, to keep the bar in alignment with the perpendicular line from my laces

    • +2

      Wearing a raised heel squat shoe like this is actually a benefit if you have long femurs.
      It will allow your knees to provide more clearance for your femurs keeping your torso upright.

      Ankle and hip mobility, raised heel squat shoes and coaching are the answer to you squat form. Squatting barefoot is definitely not the answer.


      • thanks will give it a try again

        i think i stopped using them cause the pain of the arch support taking the weight and digging into my flat foot

        • +1

          Not too sure about the Nikes but if the inner sole is replaceable you may be able to use an inner sole that suits the arch of your foot, something less aggressive. I did this with a pair of DoWins as they were essentially flat.

          • @MasterBates: yes thanks Master, the inner soles do come out, squat day is Tuesday so will see if i make it through the day and have energy/time to work out, am on my own and have home schooling starting back for my two kids and back to work after 2 weeks off..

      • This is such gymbro, haphazard advice (not yours the original commenters) Not saying his fault obviously, but worrying nonetheless. YouTube gymbros strike again…

  • Anyone actually used the 4s? I've heard mixed reviews re them being tight as f*&^ in the forefoot regardless of straps positioning

    • +1

      I bought the SE about 3 months ago, I love them, will get lots of looks as they are very white.
      Yes dont go with people saying "go one size down"

  • are the 4’s the new ones?

    what does the se mean?

    • +3

      SE is Olympics edition, Nike are not legally allowed to say olympics.

  • +2

    The 4 SE are amazing - huge upgrade over the OG Reebok PR Lifters I upgraded from. I was gonna be mad at how recently I bought them full price, but my size is OOS, so I’ll save my rage.

    If shopping for lifters 10/10 would buy.

  • I bought the Romaleos 4 a couple of months back to replace my aging Adidas Adipowers. The heel is slightly larger than the Adipowers and are a bit tight around the forefoot (probably could've gone half a size up instead of my usual TTS US9 in Nike shoes) but can highly recommend them especially at the price too considering I paid full price for it. I mainly use it for squats and bench as a reference.

    • @ftweet Dredging up an old thread here, but I'd love to know how you find using lifters for bench? I tend be on my toes once my arch is locked - do you find better grip and more stable base wearing lifters then regular soles? I've never tried it with lifters but have seen it done.

  • +1

    well i bought the se even though the colour isn’t great imo thanks op good deal

    bought a $15 pair of crew socks to hit the $200 free shipping

    cashrewards tracked for $8

    so total $197 delivered not bad

  • With the rigid sole, these also make good cycling shoes for someone that wants to be a little more serious but isn't confident/comfortable with changing their flat pedals to clipless/cleats.

    Good bargain, thanks OP.

  • Been waiting for these to go on sale for an age now. Thanks OP!

  • I have the adidas adipower (originals not 2s). Any reason I should change? I can't find a huge amount of info on these this the romaloes 4

    • Really a very wide question. General advice is no tho, if you don’t have any complaints with the adipower.

      These are more if don’t know if you need it, you don’t sort of items.

      But to give you some more leads, if you are doing Olympic weightlifting and wanted a little higher heel than adipower, than yeah might be a good idea. But if you are occasionally squatting not-so-challenging weights in the gym, adipower is plenty good.

      Also actually OG adipowers are more Oly oriented anyway, and many world level lifters use it, so i am inclined to say no in all the cases.