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Get $5 off Your First Shout ($10 Min) with Shouta App


Get $5 off your first Shout using Shouta - a nano-gifting App that let's you Shout your mates coffee, drinks of anything else as a token of your thoughts. When you send a Shout your Shoutee (recipient) gets instant access to a prepaid, digital Shouta Mastercard so they can spend their Shout wherever Mastercard is accepted. All Shouts are customisable with an image and message and it's the perfect way to say 'thanks', 'congrats', I miss you' and more in a fun, instant and thoughtful way! Send to anyone in Australia.

Use coupon code OZB5 at checkout and get $5 off any Shout*

*New users only. Limited to 50 Redemptions. Shouts must be $10 or more. Valid until 30 September 2021 11:59pm AEST.
T&Cs apply: https://www.shouta.co/coupon5

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  • +2

    Can I shout my friend a hooker?

    • $5 off a hooker is not much of a shout.

      • +1

        more of a whisper?

      • +1
      • It's like 30% if my maths is correct.

        Lets do the maths together.

      • $5 is all my mom allows me to spend.

  • Hmmmm nup

  • Finally someone discovered a gap in the Oz market for a tipping app like Venmo?

  • When will you have a referral program? :)

    • We plan to work on this soon! Thanks for your patience

    • +4

      Yeah seems so weird there's no referral program, I mean the whole concept is about shouting your mates etc. Would have thought it was the first thing they implemented. None of my mates would be bothered getting a new app unless there's an incentive

  • +1

    Nice, but limited to 50 redemptions? Probably already gone at this rate.

  • +1

    What's the credit/debit card fees for sending money?

    Never mind, it's 7%

    • So if you send someone $100 and you need to fork out $7 on fees?

  • Limited to 50 Redemptions each or in total promo. lol forget it.