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$140 Cashback + $0 Annual Fee 1st Year + 50,000 Bonus Points for New AmEx Platinum Edge Card @ Cashrewards (Excl ANZ Max Member)


I stumbled upon this in my CR app and couldn’t find it posted here, nor can I see an expiry date for the CR in the app. ANZ Cashrewards Max members are ineligible for this offer.

Also, $0 Annual Card Fee in the 1st year + 50,000 Bonus Points
so basically, even without the bonus points (which I think most of us might not be eligible considering the 18 month clause) you can pocket $140 in CR and cancel the card, sounds like a good deal to me. I hope I am not missing anything here.


CR Terms:
Special Terms
The cashback offer will be paid to the Cashrewards member if the customer is approved for a new American Express Platinum Edge Card. Cashback will be paid to your Cashrewards account after 95 days of being approved for your new Platinum Edge Card.

You must have an active Cashrewards account to which the cashback can be deposited.

To be eligible for this product you must:

Have annual income of $50,000 or more.
Have no history of bad debt or payment default.
Be aged 18 years or over.
Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident or hold a long term visa.

Amex Terms:
Bonus & Eligibility. 50,000 Bonus Membership Rewards® Points are only available to new American Express® Card Members who apply online by 19 October 2021, are approved and spend $1,500 or more on eligible purchases on the new Card in the first 3 months from the Card approval date. Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the proceeding 18 month period are ineligible for this offer. Eligible purchases do not include annual Card fees, cash advances, interest, balance transfers, fees and charges for traveller’s cheques and foreign currencies. Please allow 8-10 weeks for the Bonus Points to be credited to your Account after the spend criteria has been met. This advertised offer is not applicable or valid in conjunction with any other advertised or promotional offer.

The American Express® Platinum Edge Credit Card will have a $0 introductory annual Card fee for the first year of Card Membership. Available to Card Members who apply by 19 October 2021 and are approved. After the first year, the annual Card fee for the Card will be $195 per year. Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any other Consumer Credit Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the preceding 18 month period are ineligible for this offer.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4039)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • Wonder if it's able to be stacked with this randomly targeted deal

    • need to apply via CR to get the cashback, so might not be able to use the targetted link?

      • Then the targeted deal is better because you're getting 100k sign on bonus and no annual fee.

        • +2

          Yes, if you are targetted and also can make the eligible spend. Else this might be better.

      • True, it seems to be a different link so quite unlikely

  • What's 50k points worth ??

    • Based on some comments in the other posts, seems like ~$250 in gift cards or statement credit.

  • Link just stopped working for me

    • Link still working for me.

    • +1

      Hi Tdsr. You must be an ANZ Max CR member? Please see section 3 of our Max terms towards the bottom of the page :

      Offers for some merchants in Financial Services other than ANZ and some merchants in the Adult category are excluded from Cashrewards Max Offers. After you have registered your eligible ANZ issued credit or debit card in the steps set out in clause 1.2 Registering for Cashrewards Max, offers from these merchants will not be displayed to you.

      You can access the offer only from a non-Max CR acct, or view it from a logged out browser:


      • +1

        This seems pretty messed up.

        IMO this should be brought to people's attention in a much more prominent way than hiding it in 20+ pages of T&Cs. There should at least be specifics about what deals/merchants Max members are missing out on.

        Are Max members still eligible for this deal, even if it is hidden from them?

        • +1

          It makes sense that financial products that aren't ANZ are excluded or not shown (alongside adult products which ANZ wouldn't want to associate with), it would have been a directive from ANZ as part of their partnership to promote their own products rather than their competition I would have thought.

          You can unlink your ANZ card from your account and then complete the offer I believe to be eligible as TA mentioned above. If you want someone to blame, it would have to be ANZ I would have thought considering their involvement and push for the MAX offering.

      • this amex offer is related to ANZ max CR?

      • for this amex offer, if I am one existing amex card holder, do I still get $140?

      • Thanks for the clarification

  • Currently Amex give bonus 100k pts for Platinum Edge but only 50k pts if apply through referral link/CR.

    You will lose 50k pts is worth $250 so this is not a deal, even with $140 cashback you still get less than applying directly on Amex site.

    • As noted above, the 100k bonus linked in the previous deal seems to be specifically targeted, and most people only see an offer of 50k points.

      • -1

        Nope, just go to Amex website, it is showing 100k bonus pt as I’m typing this comment.

        • Congrats, you are targeted. I just went to the Amex website 3 times using chrome on laptop and phone, including one in incognito. It said 50k every time. Read through the thread linked above, most of the commenters only saw a 50k bonus.

          • -1

            @djkelly69: Oh you are right, not sure how I got it there. When I use incognito mode it show 50k pts, surely there is way to access the deal.

      • You have to use VPN or different IP to get the offer. I can't get it with my vpn connections.

  • This works for existing Amex card holders?

    • There is nothing in the CR terms to say it doesn’t work for existing customers, so I am hoping it will. Can someone from CR confirm this please? TA?
      However, the Amex bonus might not work as it explicit mentions 18 months non-customer.

      • You won't be eligible for the bonus points or introductory fee as per the T&Cs at a minimum. At best anyone who holds or has held an Amex in the last 18 months would be looking at a net $55 fee after factoring cash back.

        personally, don't see the point of paying $195 to get $140 back.