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60% off Avanti Groovy Ice Block Mould A$5.98 + Delivery @ Choicenter


Turn plain fruit juice into cold treats using this fun six-piece Avanti Groovy Ice Block Mould. Its specially made base keeps your moulds upright while in the freezer and even lets you enjoy one frozen delight at a time. Experiment with different flavours and make summertime more exciting with this popsicle mould from Avanti.


Set includes six ice moulds with a tray holder made of BPA-free, sturdy plastic
Each handle comes with a nifty drip catcher to prevent melted juices from running down your arm
Wipe opening lets you fill each mould easily with milk, juice, cola, or cocktails
Mould tray lets you take out one ice pop or frozen treat at a time
Perfect for making healthier summer treats, fruit juice popsicles, and frozen yogurt without preservatives

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    These seem like a good idea until you find out half of them don't come out and you get just the stick. (Generally speaking, not speaking about this brand specifically)
    More likely to happen when you're making healthier options such as blended fruit drinks that aren't as compact as sugary drinks.

    I always wondered why they don't design the stick more like an upside down T so it can't do that. There's an idea for someone.

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      depends on the.design. IKEA ones are good have been used them for 3 years. they have three holes on the stick, which provide quite some grip when pull out it.

      • Drill

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      Just run the whole thing under warm water before you attempt to pull them out. It'll melt the surface enough to pull them out easily. If it doesn't, run a little more water until it works.

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    Delivery being double the price of the item really kills this

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    So even with your "60% off", it still makes it $18 including shipping yet the exact same one from Amazon is under $15 every day. In fact, I found them on many sites including ebay and they were all $15-$20 including shipping at non sale prices, so how is this a deal and not a ploy?

  • $12 shipping lol

  • I'd suggest using cordial to make these instead of sugary juices, though you can water juice down of course.
    If you use limited cordial kids will get less sugar and be just as happy to get them especially on those hotter summer days.
    Of course you could add more if your kids are going next door/elsewhere for the rest of the day.