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Ubiquiti UniFi U6-LITE Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Access Point (Dual-Band AP 5GHz 2x2 MU-MIMO) $149 (Was $179) Delivered @ Amazon AU


I have been keeping an eye on this on Amazon AU. Placed an order for couple of units.

Sold by Amazon AU.
In stock on October 1, 2021.

PoE Injector NOT included.

2 x 2 high-efficiency Wi-Fi 6
5 GHz band 2x2 MU-MIMO and OFDMA with radio rate of 1.2 Gbps
2.4 GHz band 2x2 MIMO with radio rate of 300 Mbps
Gigabit Ethernet, powered with 802.3af PoE
Compatible with UAP-nanoHD covers and recessed mounting bracket

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Note: POE injector not included

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      Thanks @Ghosts. added to description.

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        Your welcome!

      • Can I connect this to my Telstra Smart Modem?

        • Sure can. If you're going to use the same SSID, you'll need to manually choose alternate channels - eg on 2.4G use 6 and 11.

        • You can but you will need a POE switch or a POE injector.

          I would also disable your WIFI on the Telstra modem.

          Also, you would need an Unifi controller. To set up and manage this. But you could also download the free windows version.

          • @bulldoges: No web interface to do basic setup?

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              @abb: No web interface on the WAPs themselves but you can do it via Mobile app too from memory

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              @abb: Not at all. Must use the controller software.

              • @bulldoges: That's annoying, and kinda turns me off the idea of fitting out my house with Ubiquiti stuff - there's always a chance the software ceases to be compatible with my OS in 5 years time. At least they seem to have a version available for all the major platforms - Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows


                A bit more digging and it seems they support SSH, which restores some faith in the product!

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                  @abb: No its not true. You can setup the AP in standalone mode, which mean use your phone app to setup. So no controller required.

                  Its have some limitation, like you can only have 2 SSID (One for Main network, one for Guest network). For home user, that should enough.

                  You can see the guide here: https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012622613

                  • @sanglt:

                    use your phone app to setup

                    Which is roughly the same as requiring the controller app on a PC. Ubiquiti may stop updating the apps in the future, that's my concern.

                    Web interfaces (and SSH) last forever.

                    • @abb:

                      Which is roughly the same as requiring the controller app on a PC.

                      Having used both, I think they're very different in the sense that the controller software is far, far larger and feature-rich and is a much more involved process than simply downloading a small light phone app and configuring a device directly.

                      Ubiquiti may stop updating the apps in the future, that's my concern.

                      I think by the time that happens, the hardware will be long outdated.
                      I can still download Unifi controller software that can work with the original UAP from 2011, which I still have, but the hardware is so old that I have no desire to still use it.

                      Web interfaces (and SSH) last forever.

                      Sure, but I'd be a little concerned about running any network equipment that has been abandoned by the manufacturer. I'm sure more exploits like Krack will pop up in the future.

                      • @eug: Just adding to this, you can also put DD-WRT on a lot of Unifi APs from memory. So even once the Hardware is no longer supported by Ubiquiti, you can still make it functional and keep it secure as far as I understand.

                      • @eug:

                        I'd be a little concerned about running any network equipment that has been abandoned by the manufacturer

                        Eh, seems wasteful to create e-waste just because manufacturers give up on old stuff.

                        Sure if there's a critical vulnerability I guess, and you can't load DD-WRT or similar. Especially if you have WiFi door locks or murder bots. (I don't)

                        Good to hear they keep old devices supported in their software!

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    Picked up two of these last week from Wireless1 after my patience ran out waiting for a deal.
    … do I need more? ;-)

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    Despatch in 1 to 2 months…

  • I currently have the UAP-AC-LR, would this one be 'faster'? I have gigabit internet and standing next to this thing best speed I can get it 500mb

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      Depends on a lot of things but… I have both a UAP-AC-LR and a U6-LITE and in my experience I get better throughput with comparable or better coverage on the U6-LITE. However, I do have to mention that the reason I have both is that the LR started getting flaky so your situation may be different.

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      Have you got any Wi-Fi 6 Devices? The 5ghz band on this unit does have a higher radio rate of 1.2Gbps so technically it would be faster on 5ghz devices but you'll lose out on 2.4ghz devices.

      Assuming you don't have any Wi-Fi 6 devices it's probably not worth the upgrade.

      2 x 2 high-efficiency Wi-Fi 6
      5 GHz band 2x2 MU-MIMO and OFDMA with radio rate of 1.2 Gbps
      2.4 GHz band 2x2 MIMO with radio rate of 300 Mbps

      5 GHz band 2x2 MU-MIMO and OFDMA with radio rate of 867 Mbps
      2.4 GHz band 3x3 MIMO with radio rate of 450 Mbps

      • Thankyou. The internet works fine at the house but recently when I went to 1gb internet I noticed the xbox get about 250mb at best and its ~4m away from the access point. Albeit through a wall and pantry.

        Other than the phones, I wouldnt expect many wifi 6 devices in the house. I still use LAN for PC but still blame lag for failure.

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          None of the Xbox's utilise Wi-Fi 6 so no real gain there. This might offer slightly faster speeds on 5ghz but likely the issue is the wall and pantry between the devices dropping the speed. I would suggest moving the Xbox to a wired connection to better utilise your connection speed rather than upgrading your AP.

          Might also be worth mapping out your current coverage and seeing where it falls over, this can be done fairly easily with a laptop and some free software (do a quick google search).

        • Not all services will provide downloads at 1Gbps so this may not be an issue with your WiFi and more on the Xbox online services side.
          One way to confirm would be to cable in the Xbox assuming the ports on your router are 1Gbps too and not 100Mbps

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      There is an excellent write up here:


    • We have this and the U6 Lite - U6 Lite is a bit faster, however the LR does better range, especially 2.4G. The "handoff" between the 2 UAPs is brilliant, even if you're streaming music no interruptions.

  • Nice

  • Awesome thanks OP. Cant wait for these bad boys to arrive.

  • can I plug these into any poe switch or do they need the ubiquiti switch to work? TIA

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      If switch supports PoE 48v (802.3af) it will power it. Should be most PoE switches. Max power consumption is 12w.

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    Pay particular attention to the 48v PoE requirement on this one. My PoE switch wouldn't power it, nor would the injector from an AP-AC-LITE. Had to buy a dedicated injector for about $30

    • Thanks for this. I would have been caught out

    • Good catch.

    • We have a DLink DGS-1008P POE switch which has which has 802.3af needed for the U6-Lite. It powers a couple of other POE devices including a UAP-AC-LR.

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      Pay particular attention to the 48v PoE requirement on this one.

      Hmm, there's nothing special about the PoE requirement. It uses industry-standard 802.3af which even a $54 TP-Link SF1005P switch supports.

      My PoE switch wouldn't power it

      What switch do you have?

      nor would the injector from an AP-AC-LITE

      The UAP-AC LITE supports both standard 802.3af and 24V passive PoE. To save cost, the included injector is the cheaper passive kind.
      The U6-LITE supports standard 802.3af and 48V passive PoE. It won't work with a 24V passive injector.

      Both APs support industry-standard 802.3af which is used by pretty much everything else - CCTV cameras, VoIP phones, downstream switches, etc. There's nothing unusual about its PoE requirements.

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        Good catch. For some reason, I thought my Dahua DH-PFS3010-8ET-96 wouldn't power it, but now I remember that the issue was that it was limited to 100Mbps.

        I was caught out by it not being compatible with the passive injector from the AC LITE though.

  • Same price at MWave right now by the looks of things

  • Much difference going to 4x4?

  • That's a WAP!

  • Is this the latest and greatest? Will it work with the 16 port poe switch?

    • This is the 'LITE' version. There is also a U6-LR version with 3Gbps aggregate data rate compared with 1.5 on this unit. See https://ui.com/wi-fi
      However, unless you've got a lot of wifi6 devices, you may not get much difference in practice.

  • I have a TP-Link TL-SG1008PE (https://www.tp-link.com/us/business-networking/unmanaged-swi...)

    Its supports:
    Standard: 802.3at/af (30W)
    PoE+ Ports: 8 Ports
    Total PoE Budget: 126W

    Will this AP work on my POE Switch?

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    This might be a dumb question but can I set this up so that it functions as a 'mesh' network with my current WiFi modem? I'm an Iinet customer and have their standard NBN modem in our front room, and have run a long ethernet cable to the back of our house (long skinny house). If I connect this to the cable at the other end, will it be able to set up as mesh so I can easily move around the house and not manually switch my network? Or not possible?

    I curently have an old D-Link WAP in the back room which was around before mesh was a thing, and we constantly have to manually switch networks depending on what part of the house we are in.


    • Since you already got a hardwire to the wap at the far end of the house, the front and back waps are not on mesh mode. All you need to do is to advertise both waps with the same SSID (usually on different channels). However since the make of front and back are different, the handover is usually troublesome. I would get two of these (maybe the LR one if you got lots of walls) with the same make and control them with the same controller.

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    Using this in my studio. On Gigabit NBN, this provides just under 800mb/s over wifi 6 to my iPhone 13 pro max.

  • Does anyone have thoughts about how this price will compare with Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Other deals in the next few months? I'm keen to pick a couple of these up, but not in any real rush, so happy to wait for the best price this side of Christmas.

  • get this or wait for Pro ? or UDR ? —- have UDM base at the moment.