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Ozito 700w Airless Paint Sprayer $248 (Was $299) @ Bunnings


Bunnings price match to Aldi's airless spray gun.
"Ozito 700W Airless Paint Sprayer - Bunnings Australia" https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-700w-airless-paint-sprayer...

These are reviewed very highly for the price.

Love Aldi, but never had much luck with their tools.
Always prefer the Bunnings price match. I have a heap of Ozito tools and love them.

Of course I paid $299 for it just yesterday…. :-(

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  • Can you use other manufacturers tips with this? Also is there an extension available for this to increase the reach?

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    would anyone recomoned this over say, a more traditional compressor and air gun set up?

    my thinking is along the lines of
    "yes, i want to buy this, because i want to paint the fence and rooms, but when i'm done with it, what do i do with it?"

    whereas if i buy a compressor, i can use it for other things, like inflating tyres, removing wheels, using air tools, etc

    • i think you answered your own question…"but when i'm done with it, what do i do with it?"

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        Paint the neighbour's cat!

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      You're not going to save any money by going down the air compressor painting route, as painting house paint with an air compressor is not as straight forward as you're implying.
      Traditional paint guns that run off compressed air don't hold large volumes and require constant air pressure, so a large air compressor ($$$).
      If you want to paint house paint, buy or hire one of these.
      If you want to pump up tyres and use a few air tools, go buy an air compressor.

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        Also worth noting you can't really get enough constant air without a 15A circuit.

        All 10A compressors aren't going to deliver enough air to paint say, a car. Probably OK for a fence etc though.

        Unless much more efficient guns are available now days since i last looked into this (It's been a very long time)

      • I agree with what you said above, my only hesitation is that to 'hire' one of these will set you back $220 a day…..

        I'm assuming it will take someone more then 1 day to paint a house + fence… etc..

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          Spray paint drys fast. One day is fine if you've done the prep and start early. The one you hire will probably be a much better unit than Ozito brand.

      • You wanna paint a car looking at minimum 18cfm 100 litre tank , 15amp 3hp motor anything less your gonna run outta air.

        Airless paint sprayers are NOT for painting cars or anything other than water based paints.

    • You mean an airgun with reservoir? I wouldn't consider that for painting a ceiling or fence. The airless just load the paint up while the reservoir will be difficult to handle on big surfaces and messier with refills over large surfaces.
      The refills are great for doing car body work and the likes

      Edit: as above

    • I would suggest you do some googling on the pros and cons of airless v air compressor paint applications. From memory (couple years ago now), with airless a better finish can be achieved with less overapray.

      Edit: bunch of people faster than me above

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      I used this to paint an entire Fence as well as roof tiles.

      Much cheaper but you have to refill many times which can get annoying.


      I have used a similar one (but different brand) to respray a car in acrylic paint. Actually turned out really well and you couldn't tell it's been resprayed

      • Got pics? That's impressive I figured it'd turn out like shit.

        • Nothing that'd clearly show the quality and shine.

          To paint the car I used this:

          Used professional automotive paint, single pack not 2 pack.
          Metallic silver followed by clear coat. Most of the work is in the prep and sanding. Spraying is easy.

          I did both sides of the car, plus boot lid (car got keyed).

          For fence and roof with the Ozito it comes out as expected. Looks good. No brush marks.

          • @edrift: Good to hear! I've painted a motorbike and various car bits and pieces myself in acrylic / single pack clear over base but never an entire car. Figure that would be much harder lol.

          • @edrift: I did an entire car with the Cigweld as well (got it from BigW for about $50 IIRC). Likewise metallic plus clear coat. The worst part was probably the poor seal between the paint canister and the nozzle. Next time I'd probably use a better spray gun and compressor combination, but it definitely did the job. Agreed that 95% of the time was spent in prep and 5% in painting.

          • @edrift: Airless paint sprayers aren't for painting vehicles, whilst you may get away with an average job, simply not right tool.. it'll never atomise paint, it'll never be any good on anything but water based paint, ie fencing, roof, ceiling etc. Water and automotive paint big big no!

            Hell if it worked I'd save heaps.

            My satajet gun was $1100.
            My devilbiss gun$700
            Compressor and hoses filters regulators around $2000.

            • @Wayne7497: @edrift wasn't talking about using an airless paint sprayer for automotive painting.

              • @dcash: Nope the cig weld is what 20yrs ago was referred to as HVLP, an airless sprayer would have 10x power. HVLP today is a whole totally different kettle of fish.

                Painting a car takes a whole lot of air, something the cigweld doesn't have, n airless painters haven't any either, hence why they are Air Less. It's about quantity of air and atomisation that produces high quality auto finish.

                Sure car might look good to you , but any professional would gag. You only get one chance Painting, before whole bunch rework is needed if you stuff it up.

                This is why all Auto Body Shops use compressor/ HVLP gun.

                • @Wayne7497: You've just contradicted yourself, because I said that edrift wasn't talking about an airless sprayer, and you've just confirmed it by stating that "an airless sprayer would have 10x power". I never suggested the Cigweld would do the same job an automotive spray shop would. I never even suggested that you'd have to be a "professional" to know the difference. Of course a $50 glorified vacuum cleaner connected to a plastic sprayer isn't going to give professional results. Depending on how bad your paint job was to begin with, it can however give a surprisingly decent result. FWIW I did the entire car (sans vinyl roof) with no "rework" needed. Nobody thought it was a professional job costing thousands, but at the same time nobody believed it was done with a $50 sprayer from BigW.

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                  @Wayne7497: I painted it 20 years ago in my carport. I had no idea what I was doing and I don't think YouTube existed back then to tell me how.

                  But honestly it turned out very well.
                  No runs, no patches, no one I asked could tell it was resprayed.

                  It involved lots of wet sanding and polishing afterwards I admit

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                    @edrift: I believe you. I did mine around 20+ years ago too. I bought a Haynes type book entitled "How to spray paint your car" or something along those lines, found it fairly useless, and just did what appeared to be common sense. I was more than happy with the result. I bought the paint from Hunter Holden at Top Ryde for about $200 IIRC. Sanding, priming and masking was the most time consuming part. I do have to say that you were game to do it in a carport!

            • @Wayne7497: I used a crappy cigweld easy sprayer for my car.. Uses air but not a compressor.

      • Hey Edrift,

        I too want to paint my roof tiles, how many times did you feel this up? and how big was your roof?

        Thank you

        • I think the cannister is maybe 600ml and 4L of paint needs to be thinned with 10-20% water. So do the maths.
          4L maybe does 16-20sqm?

          Not sure how big my roof is.

      • very interested in this now. if you could share some pics it would be great, thanks.
        Seems to have either 'very good' or 'total crap' as reviews. So would be a matter of luck, could easily get a lemon.

        • Ozito one was well worth the $40.

          I would only recommend using it outdoors though. Have tried it inside and it's messy

          • @edrift: How messy it will be? I painted one of my wall with a "black widow paint formula" for projector with a roller but the coats was uneven in some parts of the wall.
            Will this give me an even coats? Thinking of repainting the wall using the $40 ozito.

            • @ronaldo0917: It'll give even coats, but you need to cover everything for over spray

      • thanks for this link. Looking at the comments quite a few happy people painting the fences mostly

      • other than refilling - how does the performance compare?

        • It's fine.

          For the roof it's far more portable than using air hose and compressor (I have that too)

          If you are going to paint a lot of stuff, buy the proper tools

          If only a once off or twice off, the $40 gun will do fine.

      • I was looking into using that 400w paint gun for spraying a car (once-off job)
        When you did it, did the paint come out runny or with heaps of overspray? (That was my main worry)
        If it did, was that all fixed with wetsanding?

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          To clarify I used the cigweld easy sprayer.to do the car. Came out perfect. No runs. Good atomization.

          I did need to wet sand and buff to get the mirror finish.

          I havent tried automotive paint in the Ozito spray gun, but the design is similar so i can see it working for that too.

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      I, eh, still suffer the post-acquisition uncertainty syndrome following the impromptu acquisition of a Ryobi band saw a few years ago now. I mean, I did use it a couple of times to cut stuff and such, you know; I can't remember exactly what right now.

      But the bastard takes up a large chunk of the workbench in the garage and it pains me of late, along with the Ozito dirty water pump and the Ryobi mulcher that I test on some continental cucumbers every now and then for a cheap thrill…

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        Diagnosis complete: Ozbargain Syndrome

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      The reason you don't use air for painting a fence or house / inside or out is the level of thickness of the paint each can use. Air sprayers need paint to be thinned out alot where airless can take thick paint.

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        I second this. I have a HVLP setup with a large compressor and I was going to use it to paint my house.
        I started with one wall and it took me forever to paint it. I thinned the paint to manufactures recommendation but it wasn't enough. It had to be thinned more and even then the paint was just too thick and wouldn't flow out the gun. The wall needed like 6 coats.

        I ended up getting an airelss and now I understand why everyone was saying you cant paint a house with a HVLP setup. It can be done but you are not going to get the same quality (due to excessive thinning) and it will take forever.

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          100% I went off a friend's advice who did the same as you!

    • After doing the fence and rooms, strip naked and paint yourself blue.

      You know you want to

    • Imho, you are better off using a powerful Wagner gun from Bunnings that can spray the standard undiluted paint - you then don't have to worry about diluting the paint in the correct ratio for the gun setup you propose to buy depending on its capability.

  • Anyone used this before? How is this compared to brush or roller? Is it easier or messier or maybe hard to use (not as easy as you thought)?

    I am planning to paint my whole house. I think it's worthwhile but I thought I asked first.

    • when the pros use an airgun, they will still generally use a roller because the airless is still not perfect… im thinking of painting the exterior which wont need a backroll.

    • I personally went with brush+roller, as I did small sections of the house at a time.
      Too much prep work with sprayer, needing tape/plastic/floor covering for internal work where you're living there. It's also not super even either.
      Fences, brick, maybe different story.

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      I have not used any of these before but imagine it be easier to spray on the non-flat surfaces than using a roller or a paint brush?

    • It all depends on the house. Are you keeping the existing flooring? If so you'll have to protect the flooring. Do you plan on using a different paint on the ceilings than the walls? If so you'll either have to mask up, or spray a little bit short of the ceiling and finish the rest with a brush and roller.

      Painting with an airless gun is good if you need to paint several coats, like you'd have to if you are painting a light colour over a dark colour. The painting is quick once you've masked everything.

    • Depends if the house is empty or if you need to paint in sections because of moving furniture around to paint. You must consider time spent to set-up the gun and cleaning the 7.5m hose and gun after each use.

  • Has anyone used on of these to paint a rendered house? Would you recommend it over using a roller? Thanks

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      my guess is roller would be much harder to work with to fill all those render crevices. but then I aint no expert.

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      are you repainting a rendered house? it would work for normal external paint like weathershield but render paint like Acratex is too thick for this machine

      • Acratex Acrashield spec sheet says .019 to .021 spray tip @ 1000psi, so in theory all you should need to do is get the right size spray tip and this should work.

  • How would this be to spray some shipping containers also what paint can I use from bunnings

    • Yes would work perfect, 515 put out a lot of paint though, I would consider getting a let output tip from ebay

      • Can you send me the exact link of what i would need

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    This has been one of my best purchases for home renos. Initially rented one for 300 a day, then found this for under that price, I wouldn't recommend for everyday use, but for a full home reno perfect. I've painted, Roof, roller shutters, brick walls, garage metal roof garage walls, colourbond fence. Tip that comes with it puts out a lot of paint and isn't really suited to this machine I would go a 310 or similar from ebay.

    • Great to hear. I'm planning to do most of the same. Thanks for the heads up about the tip.

    • Do you have any link you can recommend for 310?

      • just ebay 310 spray tip, can get from bunnings but they are about 70 bucks

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    I have recently painted my house whole house including tiled roof and brick walls. My neighbour is a professional painter so had some advice and tips. I used this sprayer, not bad, did a pretty good job, pretty easy setup. Then he let me use his Graco gun. Completely different worlds. If you are doing one job, hire the Graco or a similar gun, easier, better finish and so much quicker. We did a lot of the brick ( smooth textured) with brush and then final roll. Turned out excellent. Overall this unit isn't bad, no where near the good quality ones. Probably good on jobs that need a sprayer or the jobs that can be back rolled.

    • I'd been considering buying the Graco for a bunch of small to medium jobs around the home. Couldn't really justify the price. Have ordered the Ozito. Hopefully it will get the jobs done well enough at less than half the price of the Graco.

      • I bought the Aldi version of this a few years ago to paint my colorbond roof. It turned out to be easier than I thought, most of the work in the prep, spent days getting it clean and undercoated. 200+ square meter roof took about 2 hrs per coat. The tips that come with them are usually crap, I spent about $70 on a good tip and it worked well. Had to be done under no wind or you lose half your paint, i had a few start/stop attempts due to wind. Sprayer/paint/ancillaries cost me a bit over $1k, I had several quotes for $5kish so I had a crack myself. I have recently put on an addition with new colorbond to match the painted stuff and it matches really well, can barely tell the diff.

        • Thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like it will meet my needs well.

        • What paint did you use for painting colourbond? I have the basic zinc color on roof and planning to paint it using Dulux Weathershield

          • @MAQ: I used haymes paint but dulux should be fine.

      • Would this Graco not be a better option at the price point compared to the Ozito?

    • Wouldn't it just be the tip that controls the quality of the finish? As long as the motor can maintain the right pressure, it should be the same?

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      absolutely, but $300 can't compare to $6k+

  • is this over kill to paint my small model car?

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      Yes. You'd be looking for a small air brush kit for model work.

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      2 second on a gun n whole model would be inch deep in paint lol not even close for model painting

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    Thanks OP. Been wanting an airless sprayer for some time. Couldn't justify the expensive units. This will hopefully do the job well enough.

  • for a millisecond I read the title as 'Powerless Paint sprayer'… who'd want that? :)

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    Seems they're price matching Aldi at $249.

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      that's the only time bunnings reduce their prices, thank you competition

      • Amazon same, well not always

    • Yes, that was the first line of the deal.

  • i thought it was Doc Ock

  • bunnings one has only one year replacement warranty. While Aldi one has 3 year warranty.
    from the look of spec, is the Aldi one more powerful?

    Why does one buy the bunnings one then?

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      Returns to Aldi suck. You’d just get a refund and you have to stand there with your d in your hand while people line up to buy groceries.

      • +1

        Hahaha. Couldn’t have described the process better. Been there, some that. I now avoid Aldi electronics/tools like this for your exact reason

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        Also, if it dies mid project, it will probably no longer be in stock at ALDI, and you'll have to go to Bunnings and pay FULL PRICE for the equivalent model. If you'd bought at Bunnings you just exchange it and be on your way.

        • Yep, this is the real reason for this type of stuff.

  • I bought one of these last year and used it once and it was excellent. I then told everyone at work and a colleague indicated they went through a product recall for electrocution!

    I ended up getting a refund (they didn't have new models available) and bought a Graco instead. I hope this is the new version (without the hazard risk) as it was great for beginner painting.

    https://ozito.com.au/safety-notices/ shows the recall and which particular models were affected.

    • +2

      Bunnings arent going to sell a model with an active recall, they are careful like that.

  • How does this compare to HVLP sprayers like Wagner?

  • Anyone have any experience with Aldi's "Deco Style" outdoor paint thats also on sale? Gotta paint a whole lot of fence and its a lot cheaper than the well known brands

  • Perfect for Doctor Octavius dress ups

  • Looking at this to use to redo the internals of a house and also restain our deck.

    Would this be a good fit, or would something a bit more like the Wagner Control Pro 150 (HEA) be a lot better? I know it would be better, but is it twice the price better?

    Cheers for the help

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    I had one of these and used it for spraying the ceiling and walls in a house. Be ready for lots of cleaning up and mist everywhere. Either I didn’t know how to dial it in OR the unit is like that. FYI - spraying is not as fun as those YouTube clips that claim to spray a whole room in a few minutes…

    To be honest, paint roller and brush wins, in my books.

    I ended up returning this unit mid way through the job as it overheated.

    This may be a good solution if you plan to spray the fence.

  • I had this unit and painted my fences with it. Fine for outdoor use. I think very tricky to use indoors (spraying in general indoors is difficult - proper setup a lot of work). Very easy to get uneven spray, semi blocked nozzle etc, which is fine on a fence. I ended getting my money back as there was a recall for a electric shock fault, so got to use it, and return for free!

  • +1

    Painted the roof of a 3 bedroom house with this, worked fine, no issues. Money saved was fantastic, about to paint another roof.

    Paint under $500
    Gun under $300

    2 half days to complete, including pressure washing.

    Cheaper then 3-5K I was quoted.

    The flow of paint comes from that hose, goes into the bucket of paint, you don't need to top it up btw. I did add about 1ltr of water to a 15l tub of paint and that worked well.

    • What kind of paint would you use? I am thinking of painting my roof too (cement tiles).

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        I just tried looking it up but I can't remember the name of it, it's a dulux paint, designed for roofing, it's about $250 for 15L, I used 3 tubs of it and probably needed 4, it was a windyish day which didnt help. If you know someone with a trade paint access, you can get it for 140 I believe it was. (40% off), that's how i did it.

        • Dulux Weathershield? That's the most popular one.
          I have a colorbond roof and I talked to Dulux about using this paint, and they said that I should use a primer and then Dulux metal paints, which adds up to a lot or $$$.

      • I used Taubmans as it's self priming, UV resistant and has a 20 year warranty. It works on cement

        You only want to have to do this job once every 20 years.

        The most time consuming part is pressure washing the cement tiles clean so the paint will.adhere