Alienware AW5520QF 55inch OLED Gaming Monitor $2,699.54 (Was $5,998.99) Shipped @ Dell


Although no-one buys this at full price but Dell online store is listing this monitor as overstock at the moment and is offering 55% off full price.

You can also get 7% student discount code - don't remember how they authenticate but yes there's additional 7% student discount (got once while studying on a discounted item).

Also don't forget the cashbacks…

No doubt this is an awesome monitor (for games not for work related).

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    Better off getting the LG C1 at that price which can double as a TV

    • -2

      agree. still would prefer a monitor in place of TV. I have tried both and I like alienware as a good option for monitor instead of a TV.

      Both have a 120Hz panel but still monitor works better than TV.

      Now the TV is sitting on one side of the corner.

      • +7

        no hdr and low nits? its objectively worse than the C1 for no actual benefit

        put your 55 inch C1 on a VESA arm, woah now its a "monitor"

        • exactly, the Alienware is a scam for OLED.

    • +2

      At the end the OLED panel in that Alienware monitor is LG :)

      • :)


      • +2

        except very low peak brightness, no hdmi 2.1, more expensive.

    • +1

      and the LG C1 65" has been around 2900 a few times recently

  • +5

    Looks like a good screen on first looks, but lack of HDMI 2.1, lack of HDR , dim screen (400 nits)… it's not great value…

    • ProArt-Display-PA32UCG - this one tends towards PremierColor series of Dell monitors

  • +1

    The picture of the panel on the desk (presumably ~60cm depth) with the mouse and keyboard is ludicrous.

  • GIGABYTE AORUS FO48U is better as a monitor, hoping it comes down to 1.5k range one day :)

  • Can it be used as a TV screen?

    • yes, but expensive

    • it doesn't have a tv tuner but can act as smart tv with apple tv/google chromecast kind of stuff…

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    I wouldn't recommend this monitor but if you must, you can get it for $2399 via Dell eBay with code PDLTW20.

    • +1

      Even though it is not a great monitor, I will always appreciate a good coupon stacking on an already reduced item. Well done!

  • Only 55?

  • +3

    There are rumours that LG will be releasing a 42" OLED panels next year. Not only will it be cheaper but I think the size is better suited as a monitor.

    • No HDR on this either - feels like a weird product. Would be so unusable as a monitor unless you're sitting quite far away
      Good price though if you have a use for it! But feels like an OLED TV Would still be better

    • there is a C1 48". I guess that would the job as monitor.

      • +1

        I'm using a 48" C1 as my main computer monitor, and love it.

    • Any rumours of a 30"?

  • I've been using a 43" ASUS PG43UQ monitor on my desk for months without any problems. I do however think 48"/55" would be far too big for a desk/chair setup and more suited for a distanced cabinet/couch setup.

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    stop scamming people, the LG oled is way better and for cheaper price and real HDR. hardware unboxed did a good review on the LG Oled.

    • Looks like you’re targeting me for posting this. 😳

      I have no association with Dell except I use few items (purchased with my own money) and like them.

      You can pass if you don’t like.

      • Ryxxi isn't saying you are scamming people, he means Dell.

  • What differences between TV and monitors? I didn't get it. Would it be the lag of monitors are within 5ms?

    • Many differences.
      Panel, pixel structure and text readability, etc.
      Tv is focusing on video quality only.

  • I'm using u4320q and u2720q(vertical) very satisfying me. Maybe both LG IPS panel but ultrasharp series is factory calibrated and no defects. Much better quality than LG's monitor.
    Also have another unopened u4320q but no space to install so considering sell it or using it instead of TV in the room.

    • u4320q is a great monitor….