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Ducky One 2 RGB White TKL Mechanical Keyboard Kailh BOX Jade $149 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Ducky One 2 RGB White TKL Mechanical Keyboard Kailh BOX Jade

Been looking for a mechanical keyboard and this came up, the switches just aren't for me though

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    Comparable models were cheaper previously from PCCG?

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/633669 Ducky One 2 SF RGB Mechanical Keyboard $109 (Expired), One 2 Mini (Kailh Switch) $104 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear

    or is there another row of keys difference


    Comments on different types:

    marantz on 24/06/2021 - 23:32

    Got the Ducky One 2 SF RGB Mechanical Keyboard Kailh BOX Brown with pbt caps and have no complaints at all

    Moving from a full sized to 65% wasn't that big a switch but going to a mini might be harder.

    Paid $111 + shipping a month ago

    Chiyomaru on 24/06/2021 - 23:38

    I definitely prefer TKL for work, but I use my SF when I work from home and 65% is almost as good after I set up my macros. I used to use a 60% KB at home and I got used to it, but having arrow keys makes everything easier imo. So I would definitely recommend the SF over the mini

    marantz on 25/06/2021 - 00:12

    Didn't realise how often I use certain keys like print screen. This don't have a dedicated key and need to use FN + another key but got used to it pretty quick.

    No dedicated arrow keys are something I can't live with tho

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      Was gonna give my 2 cents but you already did it for me! Hahaha

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    The Ducky SF is a good alternative to this, and has been around $50 cheaper. SF has the arrow keys and home, end, page up and page down buttons, much like a laptop keyboard. TKL doesn't offer too many additional benefits, unless you use a lot of the function keys.

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    The problem with Ducky keyboards is you only ever buy a new one out of want, not need.
    My original Ducky Shine has been going strong for about 10 years! I even spilt a beer on it once and it never skipped a beat. Besides a bit of dust and food crud, it looks and acts as it did the day I purchased it.

    I love the look of some of the new models but I just can't justify it.

    have a +1 for Ducky :D

  • Is this model hotswappable? Some people probably won't like the Box Jades.

    • It doesn't look like it's hotswappable. normally they would be quick to include that as a selling point if it was.

    • Ducky only has one hotswappable board I think, which was their limited edition one (the grafitti one, Year of the Rat I think? I cannot remember for certain).

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    I have had 2 Ducky keyboards…

    both have had keys randomly stop working… my other one, was the number 6 key on top row and on the one i currently am using.. the { key

    cant get them to work again.. but i keep using it because I love the actual keyboard.

    I would/hope to definitely buy another one, but lost my job at start of covid and havent got another one yet, so luxury :p~ ill still with my faulty one for now.

    Havent used them in awhile now, but i stopped using PCCG because of their delivery costs. hope it is better these days.

    • It's kinda weird because that sounds like either the switch problem (replacing the switch could help) or a PCB problem (which I have no clue on how to fix).
      Switch problems I think are relatively rare.

      I am saying it's kinda weird since I've seen people talk so highly of the Ducky brand. Every time I see a deal on Ducky, I see people talking about keys not registering.

  • For $139 you can get the following TKLs also:


    Both discounted from $189, like the one posted by OP.