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Telstra Pre-Paid Starter Packs: 12-Month $300 200GB for $234, 6-Month $150 90GB for $117 Delivered @ Simonline


$300 SIM for 234$ only expries 2022 Nov
activate before 29 Nov 2021 and got 50GB bonus data (Totally 200Gb data)

$150 SIM for 117$ only expries 2022 Nov
activate before 29 Nov 2021 and got 30GB bonus data (Totally 90Gb data)

We also have boost 300$, boost 200$ , Vodafone 250$ long life sims at same discount ratio

If you have any questions, please let me know or contact us via [email protected]

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  • Telstra network, just saying 👌

    • Australian network. just saying

  • Ordered: Telstra 12 Month Pre-Paid SIM: $300 200GB - $234 last time it was on OZB, no issues at all with this company (also got 2 boost promos from another sale with fast delivery).

  • Can you call Telstra and say you bought it thinking it was a top up and get it added to the last 12 months prepaid starter kit I am currently using?

    • you can definitely do with Boost, I have done this in past, never tried with Telstra.

    • I am not quite sure, there's a few sucess stories but it depends on the customer service you speek with and your luck.

    • I have done this once with Telstra. You may have to activate the new SIM and the credit will be move to the old Sim

  • If I remember correctly, I need to call boost to get them to send me a blank SIM if I want to port over from Telstra prepaid?

    • If you chat online, they will be able to sort this out. I have done this in past without having to get a blank sim.

      • +1. Just I was porting from T to B.

    • Port to another provider and use a few days and then port back. we have an option there "add 30$ vodafone sim pack" for only $3.9 after dicount.

      • This is unnecessary.

  • Is telstra supporting esim for prepaid?

    • Yes, 100%. I have been using a pre-paid eSim in my iPhone for the last 11 months…

    • +1

      Not this moment, was supporting esim before July 14th. but after new system kicks in, not be able to do that anymore.

      I heard it will be availabe around Xmas time if everything go smooth.

      Vodafone do support esim this moment.

      • You mean for new activations ?

        • +1

          If you have an exsiting telstra service which was activate via the old system. You still might be able to use esim.
          New activations or the new plans, you can't.
          If a customer service tell you that you can, you still can't. they are just not well trained.

          • @simonline: I have had a pre-paid eSim with Telstra for 11 months… you are saying my eSim will just get cut off ? whaaaat?

            • @ozzieozzieozzie: No, it won't be cut off. you can continue use it.

              As you are use a sim activated 11 months ago, that must through the old system. so you can continue use it. but please don't change your plan etc to avoid unexpected drama.

      • Would Vodafone eSim allows you to add to Apple Watch cellular?

  • +1

    5G ?

    • No 5g at this moment either (used to have access), at least offically no 5G.

      There's might be exemptions, which is telstra selected customer trials. But you need to be lucky.

      • Do you know how this works? One of my friends is on this same Telstra 365 day prepaid plan and be gets 5g

  • My boost plan about to finish. Can i change to Telstra?

    • yes, you can, via transfer to another provider and use a few days and then transfer back to telstra.

      I heard some customers say they transfered directly to telstra, but I am not quite sure.

  • So the Boost $200 plan seems to best deal on Telstra network? If I don’t need much data.

  • Do these sims support the apple watch cellular with the extra $5?

    • +1

      I don't think so, only postpaid plan allow you to share data.

  • How hard is it to convert a Telstra post-paid plan that is out of contract to this?

    • port to vodafone (select add vodafone 30$ sim cards for 3.9$ option), use for a few days and then port back to telstra.

  • expries Nov 2022!!


  • My current Boost doesn't run out til Dec but seems like a good deal. Thanks

  • I was able to port from Telstra to Boost in February by launching a chat on the boost web site. Talk to them and they will update the SIM in the pre-paid kit with your existing number.

    You do not need to buy another sim and port out and back in. The information being provided here is incorrect.

  • Is there any difference between Boost and Telstra prepaid?

    • Just the international calls, afaik. Boost seems to be more generous.

  • Shame about not offering 5G on these prepaid plans… :(

  • I ordered 2* $300 Telstra sim from this company last week for the first time. It is great. Definitely i will order again maybe next year.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one. Perfect timing. My Boost SIM is about to expire. Rather than porting out and porting back in to Boost, this is a better option.

  • +1

    Excuse my ignorance guys, dumb question, but looking on the telstra website at the $300 sim kit, it shows up the 200gig data allowance, but states

    "Pre-Paid Mobile plan inclusions:

    Get 200GB data on your first recharge when you activate on Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile plan. 150GB from your second. For use in Australia within 28 days."

    Does that mean after 28 days, you're out of data?

    • I was looking at the same $300 sim kit and almost bought one, but after seeing what you have written above, i'm not so sure i will. It definitely does say "For use in Australia within 28 days" surely it is a typo?.

      Well spotted Stoodoo!

    • Oh, I did not see that and bought one. Would be great if OP can confirm. It will be a major disappointment if 200GB is only valid for 28 days.

    • On website it says 12-month expiry.

      • Yes, indeed it does say at the bottom of the webpage 12 month expiry, though doesn't say for what. Whereas almost at the very top of the page its states 200gig for use in australia within 28 days. Bit of confusion with that.

  • looks like they have corrected it, now it says 12 months expiry on the top of the page as well..

    • +1

      Thanks for the update. Received mine today. 2 days from the order. Pretty good.

    • -1

      Nope, I'm still seeing 28 day expiry on the data on the telstra Web pages. Have sent an email to sinonline to get this clarified.. I have taken a screenshot, but do not know how to post it up. The only thing holding me back from this deal, is the uncertainty of the data expiry. Otherwise, I'd be straight onto it.

      • The $300 pack has always been 12-month expiry. Just a typo.

      • @Stoodoo: are you checking this page? >> https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/prepaid-mobiles/off...

        I see only 12 months expiry ? am i missing anything ?

        • +2

          Thats a different webpage than what I was looking at which was this one:
          which came up as the link when googling telstra $300 sim. Thats weird. reading through the page on your link states 12months expiry. Wonder what the difference is between pages. Anyway, I prompty received an email from simonline, stating it is indeed 12 months expiry on this prepaid plan. Fantastic deal, thankyou simonline.

  • Nice deal, thank you

  • Got one, thanks OP

  • can this sim work with the Telstra Pre-Paid 4GX Wi-Fi Plus hotspot modem?

  • Err so can i buy this and add it to the 149 days i have left on my current one and keep all the bonus that got migrated over From MAX ?

    • Don’t think so. This is a starter pack, getting a new number or port-in. So not for existing customer of Telstra.

  • Got excited - any deals for recharges for the 12 months?

    • +1

      Better port out then back in. Carriers trying to increase customer base so no incentive for existing one.

  • Great company, will do business with them again :)

  • Do you have more plans with more data?
    or pls tell me about some data boosters in case if i need more data

  • I am wondering is this company still running?

    After ordered , I did not receive any confirmation email, and they did not reply my request email.

    • my bad, it is my email did not receive it.

  • No worries, we process our ordered same day if it's before 12:00PM and next business day if it's after.

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