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[PC, XB1, XSX, SUBS] Xbox Game Pass Addition: Marvel's Avengers


Marvel's Avengers coming to Game Pass on September 30.

I haven't seen it listed so thought I would share it. Hopefully this post helps more people than people it offends 😅

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    This is something i would never buy but will try out on Gamepass. I'm in for the single player.

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    XBOX Game Pass is proving to be surprising value.

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      I felt like this a while ago then they went ahead and added EA play and all these bethesda games.. its pretty wild

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      hell yeah. even Back 4 Blood is coming on Day One.

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      it's not surprising or novel at this point, it's been the best deal in gaming for many years now.

      The real surprise is that it's still a surprise to anyone and people are unawares.

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      2 months Game Pass and access to hundreds of games or buy one game. Hmmz.

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        Ahh the argument of buying vs renting.
        Buy= forever(however long that maybe)
        Rent = temporary ownership for a short period at a small percent of the buying cost

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          personally, i cant imagine wanting to play marvel thing for anything approaching 2 months, let alone beyond that.

    • Been awaiting stock for a while so non existent

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    For those who haven't played this, here's my personal major pros and cons:


    • gameplay is fun
    • the story stuff is excellent. Good writing, entertaining, Kamala Khan has great character development


    • much of the character writing is sub-par. They cast the two greatest voice actors in Nolan North as Tony Stark and Troy Baker as Bruce Banner, then they made them extremely boring

    • every piece of story you complete has very little resolution. It feels like it's saying "to be continued" which makes sense because the story continues with the next content drop. But those content drops are months apart

    • grind, grind, grind. After you finish the story stuff, all you can really do is grind. And the grind is one of the most boring grinds I've seen in a game

    • the levels aren't very deep. Usually you'll play a level that involves your average objectives. Run to a place. Smash some boxes. Fight some enemies. Run to the next place. Then you'll finish the level, and find out that the next 5 areas are all exactly the same as the last 5, but they've slightly shifted the rocks around so it looks slightly different

    Overall, I recommend this for the fun gameplay and great story. But be warned that there's a lot of boring, repetitive environments and not much interesting to do after you finish the story stuff.

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      So a pretty perfect game for a wam bam thank you ma'am game pass play through?

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        Yep. Just bang out the story stuff and if you don't want to grind, put the game down until the next story content drops.

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      sums it up perfectly.

      TBH, if you're a MCU fan but havent read much comics you'd probably love some of the story writing in this to learn some more about them too.
      Ms Marvels backstory and Modoks as examples.

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    There was a pre-owned copy going for $14 on eBAY and was umm and arring about it – but now I'll give it a shot.

    Hated the Demo though.

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    How do you know it’s available at 5 PM?

  • Glad I didn't grind the free play weekend on PS a few weeks back. Thanks GP! Been wanting to play through the story.

  • Thanks man, didn’t know this. I’m usually all caught up on Xbox content. Been wanting to play this, see what it’s like.

  • -1

    Weren't people getting angry when someone else published content added to other services like Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime in this site?

    Or they are just biased?

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    Just bought it from JB a few days ago for $15 lol

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    I just bought this damn it!

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      This is why I’ve stopped buying games. If it doesn’t come to game pass, I will just miss out. Not 100% game pass is a good idea… Microsoft needs to prorata refunds or something to encourage us to buy games without risking wasting money when it arrives on game pass a week later.

      • It would be good to see the data of release date vs game pass dates. I reckon 90% of the time, if it's not launching on game pass it won't be on there within a year. Which is the way it should be imo, if you really want it now then just buy it. But there are always exceptions, such as Superliminal which I had just bought on Steam the week prior so I was fortunate enough to get that refunded :P

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    Regret hard buying this game on playstation, its not as fun as i thought it would be.

  • cant see in game pass on iOS app, anyone else able to install?

  • Just noticed that the link takes you to the US xbox page. Is that an issue? Do they release different games in different regions for Game Pass?

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      I read it elsewhere but just tried to find a legitimate link so if its a US link, then don't worry. Most likely it's released in US time though so it will be out later today. So you can keep checking all day or just wait till tomorrow to play👍
      One of the mods here updated it to 5pm so most likely he pays attention to these things, I'm just a casual gamer that spends more time thinking about playing then I actually do finding time to play 😁

  • For some reason it still hasn't shown up as of 8:30pm?

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      Hmm yeah American link, probably tomorrow for us.

  • Was never gonna buy this. But will give it a spin on game pass.

  • Is there couch co-op on this?

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