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Free Encrypted 2TB Cloud Storage for a Year (Payment Card Required, Valued €107.88) @ Internext


Received an email from Ivacy for 2TB online storage and the code is generic.
Online Storage = use at your own risk

  1. Go to internxt.com to sign up for their standard free account
  2. Go to Upgrade now!, and select yearly 2 TB plan
  3. Upon checkout, use the coupon code IvacyVPN, and card details, address (burner in my case)

Note: Card detail can be changed but cannot be deleted.

Ivacy says to Simply upgrade to any of your preferred premium cloud storage plans but for maximum savings (+€100 in savings), you should choose their yearly 2 TB plan.

Could be lifetime! My instance (and for some others) showing lifetime 2TB)

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  • Thanks OP!

  • Why not S3
    Google cloud storage etc?

    Hell glacier ?

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      • S3 and Glacier are far cheaper depending on either workload but

        • Far cheaper than $0 ?

          But saying that, I would not trust this with my data :-)

          • @tm001: Hah yeah. Far cheaper tha their 'valued at'
            You can get free storage heaps of places from box.com to Microsoft .. most.more trustworthy

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    I just did this and now it says lifetime 2TB, not just for one year.

    • Needs a credit card to subscribe. Did you enter the details?

      • Yeah I used a disposable card, that I just cancelled ;)

        • Wondering which company you use for disposable credit card?

    • My profile says exactly the same thing… not sure what to think.

      Guess I'll find out in a year if they try to debit the card and it declines so my account is cancelled

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      It is lifetime, so long as it can bill your card for a lifetime.

  • Needs a credit card to subscribe

  • Just signed up and tried uploading a file — speeds seem pretty horrible (unstable, avg 5 Mbps upload on a solid 40 Mbps nbn connection). The product seems to be "decentralised" cloud storage, but this is barely advertised anywhere. Seems kinda shady to me.

    • Just over 42 days to fill up the storage.

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    Thanks OP. Porn collection thanking you

  • Very slowwwww

  • Be careful. Once you put in your credit card, there is no way to remove or even find it on the site.

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    Use a disposable card and use this space with encrypted containers with veracrypt.

    One use case is to have it as your backup storage but keep everything in encrypted containers

  • +10

    Worth reading the first comment:

  • Signed up with a visa e-gift card with $2 balance left and it worked.
    Let's see what will happen.

    • Didn't work with my MasterCard gift card, unfortunately. Used, zip pay temporary card.

    • I tried coles Gift master but it wasn't accepted

  • I always use my comm bank pre paid holiday card its free and you can get 2 cards, i use them for all my online shopping just incase balance always $1 until i buy something then just transfer in app its instant.

  • The maximum file size you can upload at a time is 1GB unfortunately

  • Code still works, just signed up. Signed up using Apple Pay from this deal and it worked without issues, had ~40c left on the card.
    Showing as 2TB Lifetime

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