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[Android, iOS] Free $12 Byron Bay Digital MasterCard @ MYY app


Had an OzBargain reminder to get my free Furphy from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/650369

I noticed in the app there was a free $12 MasterCard for Byron Bay Premium Lager. Follow the prompts and add to your digital wallet.

It seems to be similar to the previous $15 MasterCard offer, which could be used anywhere:

Enjoy responsibly!

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  • Anyone else able to find the prompts in the app?

  • Step 5: Enjor your rewards…

  • +2

    I think I have found the T&C for this, but I still don't know why it's not showing for me.

    Start date: 01/10/21 at 09:00 am AEST
    End date: 31/01/22 at 11:59 pm AEDT or once all gifts available are exhausted

    Entry is only open to NSW, QLD and WA residents who are 18 years and over.

    • -1

      I’m not in these states so not eligible. Not sure how they check locations, phone location or zip code in registration?

  • fyi, this time round, they don't show you the card details and require you to add it to Apple Pay or Google Pay

    • They did that mid last round.

    • -1

      Why is that a problem?

      • can't buy gift cards online

        • -1

          Um, just pay in store? Also it seems you can request physical card by emailing your details to support.

          • @DainB: can't get 3% off wish egift cards "in store"

            and some online stores obviously don't have a physical store you can just walk into.

            • @tdw: Don't you think it's a bit too rich to demand another 3% on top of free money?

        • +1

          You can with Prezzee cards via the App
          Edit: Not sure about android but it works on iOS

          • @CC123: i bought 3 gift cards from prezzee before they blocked any further purchases. lol in prezzee jail again.

            • +1

              @tdw: Wait for around a month and it will work again. Same thing happened to me lol

              Do they no longer have custom amounts? I thought you could enter your own GC value

              • @CC123: i don't think so. e.g. wish gift card i can buy either $10 or $13. why $13?? lol
                their own prezzee card is $10 or $15 denominations.

    • How did you find the offer?

      • +1

        on the front screen, there is the Byron Bay offer, under the Furphy offer

        • +1

          Damn, targeted!

          • +1

            @Dealhunter967671: I think it's geotargeted, definitely not account targeted. thats what it shows when i'm logged out and works fine with new and existing acc

            • @skido: Where are you located? Postcode? I'm in NSW, can't see offer.

    • +1

      I've got the offer but it seems to not work when adding to Google Pay.
      Clicking on button just opens up GPay app and card is not added..
      Tried uninstalling GPAY app and reinstalled but no card is added..

  • I'm getting a pop up saying starts soon 11/10? Which coincidentally is when lockdown ends in NSW. Think we've got a delayed start.

    Edit: that's only Furphy's

  • +1

    No 'Byron Bay Premium Lager' offer showing for me.

  • Just furphy for me too

  • Not showing for me.

    Is this only for new accounts?

  • Offer geo-fenced to north shore? but it available in WA… lol

  • +2

    Update: took the chopper to VIC, locked in my fuel, and then over to Perth for a Lager ;)

  • Getting "incorrect operation, please redo it again"

    Anyone else get that error when filling out the form?

  • Showed up for me. Had the $15 and now the $12

  • +1

    Tried in WA and NSW. Nothing except Furphys.

  • Does not accept 049 Telstra numbers…

  • "Byron Bay Premium Lager"….owned by Lion Nathan (Kirin in Japan) since 2016 and made in Sydney.You can't beat clever marketing.They'd never sell it if was "Logan Lager"….but then again,maybe they would….lol

  • Worked for me with no issues here in WA, straight into apple wallet on iPhone. Thanks OP.

  • Worked for me thanks op

  • Does not work in SA

  • Couldn't get it working using fakegps

  • The form isn't going through for me. At the top it says mobile number but there is no text box. Anyone have the same?

  • +1

    I managed to get the offer, but when clicking the Google Pay button, it redirects me to the Play Store. I already have Google Pay installed (and use it daily). I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it's still taking me to the Play Store.

    Is anyone else having issues with adding the card to their Google Pay wallet?

    • Yes, having exactly same issue. On some reason bar you need click does not say save to wallet as before, it's just GPay logo and it takes me to Play Market.

      • Yeah my bar says gpay as well instead of "save to wallet". I emailed support but they haven't gotten back to me with any response

        • I used same account on other phone and it works fine there, no idea why.

    • Hey mate did you manage to resolve this issue at all? Im having the same problem

      • +1

        Nope didn't get any responses from them through email and I couldn't seem to find any other method of getting hold of them

        • +1

          Ah thats a shame. I've sent them an email too. Might give it a go on a different device like DainB did and see if that works if i don't hear anything from them.

        • Can confirm, changing phones worked. after opening google pay, i went back into the myy app and "save to phone" showed up and i was able to save the card

  • excellent! more free money. works on an existing account, too.

  • Still doesn’t work here in SA. I think it’s targeted!

  • Not work in NSW. Works in QLD.

  • Worked for me in QLD - I just had to refresh the app once I'd installed it by pulling down.

    • Did this several times not working in SA

      • Entry is only open to NSW, QLD and WA residents who are 18 years and over.

        However the offer still isn't there for me and I'm in NSW (and yes, the app is updated and I've refreshed by pulling down). I wonder if the lockdown has anything to do with it… will set a reminder for this for the 11th.

  • Has this expired?

  • -1

    Now I got the James squire gift card. Can someone please explain what I can use this card for???

    • +1

      You can add it to your Gpay or Apple Pay and use it anywhere that accepts Gpay or Apple Pay payments

  • They may have just released a new batch or digital cards. Saw the Byron Bay offer today in the app and managed to get it in both Android and iOS (having missed the last offer).

  • New promotion is out.

    • And got the Byron Bay offer again! 🤩

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