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[Club Plus] Chemical Guys Extreme Wash & Wax 1.9 Litre $19.99 (RRP $39.99) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Just in from the SCA Catalogue:

Chemical Guys Extreme Wash & Wax 1.9 Litre $19.99 Club Price (RRP $39.99)

I haven't used this before, but have seen their products on Youtube detailing products comparison (eg: Project Farm, et al)

Worth a try and compare to my usuals - Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax and Bowden's Own Wax Wash 2L

Let me know if you have experience of this product.

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  • +1 link for reviews

    4.7 out of 5🌟 from 13,311 ratings.

    • +1

      Top review is gold!

      • That guy really knows his washes.

  • +11

    SCA is launching the whole range of the vary famous Chem Guys cleaning products !

    • +8

      Cant wait to try them all (when they're on sale - ahem)

    • Wow, that's awesome, they get great reviews! I previously had to order them in from the USA

    • Will they be adding the iron decontaminant?

      • I can't see it as being part of the product range yet but maybe soon.

    • Wow that is interesting

    • Are all stores stocking it?

  • +2

    Yeah, they'll need to get competitive with bowdens. We already have a specialty brand thats Aussie made.

  • How would it compare I wonder, I'm due for new car wash and usually buy the Meguiar's yellow wash and wax.

    Would the Bowdens work as well as the Meguiar's wash and wax?

    • -1

      Significantly better.

      Bowdens has a similar philosophy to chemical guys; this is our product, and this is how you use it, and this is where.

      Meguiars is more for someone whos never had detailing experience, and might use the wrong product, or forget to tape-off plastics, or such.

      Both are great though.

      • Yeah I don't use a foam cannon, just the usual wash mitt and wash and wax soap, so I'm not super pedantic, but at the same time like a really good wash and wax soap.

        The Meguiar's hasn't been on sale for a while so I'm thinking of trying either the Chemical Guys or Bowdowns one as linked in the deal. Which one would you recommend?

        • Bowdens.

          They will all take significantly more effort than meguiars, but be a surperior finish.

          Remember a "wash wax" is only to be used as a 'booster shot' for your actual wax coating.

          If its been more than 6 months since your last wax, its time to do a normal wash, a wax, and then you've earned yourself another 6 months of "wash and wax" to keep the coating healthy.

          • @MasterScythe: Yeah I always wax every 6 months separately, so I know it's only a 'top up'.

            What do you mean by 'take significantly more effort than meguiar's'?

            Edit: read your response below…

            • +2

              @placard: Yep. All their "special" chemicals are just harsher; so overspray on plastics from wheels is 'risky' and soap can spot more easily, etc etc.

              Its just a more "pure" product, for lack of a better word.

              "This is wheel cleaner"
              I got it on plastic! It stained it!
              "Dont put wheel cleaner on plastic…"

              Megs takes the extra effort to make sure all their stuff is pretty noob friendly; but is often (not always, mind) less effective for it.

      • +4

        Meh. I have plenty of Bowden's gear and Meg's gear. I don't think Bowden's is better than Megs… Just grab what's on sale..
        I don't agree that Meg's is for someone with zero detailing experience. Plenty of their gear is excellent and used by detailers and shops in prep, etc.

        • +3

          Yes, but they have a dedicated line for those people.

          Its not sold in SuperCheapAuto, only in AutoBarn.
          The SCA range is full of surficants and lubricators so if you "didnt bother to claybar" you're less likely to scratch your paint with a grain of sand you missed.

          Bowdens is harder to use, but a superior finish. The wax is thicker, the wash has less lubrication to allow better 'pulling' power from the mit, the wheel polishes are agressive etc. There's a reason the only cars you'll see using megs at a show and shine are sponsored.

          I love meguiars, use it on my daily drive exclusvely.

          But if we're getting into the "this vs that" category, we need to really consider when it matters; and thats usually show and shines.

          The exception is the "ultimate compound" by megs; nothing has topped that.

          Ill reach for it wayyyy more often than my 3M 3stage kit.

  • How is this with foam cannons?

    • Its a wash and wax, not usually foam cannon material, but im sure it'll foam up.

      Canons are really only meant for the strip stage of a wash.

      From there, you switch to wide fan, and turn on the soap feed line at the pump, if you want to wash. If you lack a soap feeding pump, its hand wash time.

      • I don't usually like using shampoo type products in cannons (use the right product for the job yadda yadda ya) but all the descriptions I've read for this say it'll produce thick suds if you do it so they must advocate for it somewhat.

        • I use 25% strength CT18 in my cannon. Very good at removing everything ready for a wax.

          • @MasterScythe: Thanks for all your advice above! Would you recommend other products besides CT18 for a foam cannon prewash e.g from Megs, Bowden, Snowfoam etc?

            • @shrugies: Bowdens auto body gel.

              The clear gel. Its good because it has no additional oils like waxes, but its full of corrosion inhibitors, so anywhere it gets, will have some rust protection.

              It wont strip wax and oils like strong ct18 can though.

              • @MasterScythe: Thanks for that! I didn't know that.

                Is there a reason why you'd go for that over Bowden's snow/mega snow job?

                • +1

                  @shrugies: CT18? Because it's the strongest stripping wash you can get, without falling back to dish soap (which is full of salts).

                  I genrally only use the foam canon for full detail washes, where I will be waxing.
                  So anything that's already aged and has a weak bond is welcome to get the hell off my paintwork.

                  If I were to be using it as a lazy mans 'wash', thats where you make sure you've done a PROPER paste wax in the last 6 months, and use a wash&wax in a foam cannon to save time.

                  I think people really misunderstand what low pressure foam can do, and confuse it with soap, like on dishes. Bubbles lift dirt away as they form on a surface. PUTTING them on a surface is just air pockets….

                  Think of a foam cannon as a wide spray-can, you're placing things ON the paint, not causing a chemical reaction.

                  I got into detailing when my father started winning classic car show and shines for his paintwork. Its glorious.
                  However he had ZERO knowledge of how to care for said paint.
                  An artist, is not always a janitor, I guess.

                  So I took it upon myself to learn and test all the different tricks to keep competition winning paint good.
                  20 years later, I still love it :)

          • @MasterScythe: Used to always spray my old 4wd with CT18 truck wash after a good bush or beach trip, I work in a dusty grain environment…but the paint was shot and it was the only way to get the car clean.

            With my brand new ranger I just bought, I'm probably going to shy away from using CT18.

            I like the idea of a good snow foam cannon with a quality wash product.

            And looking for some good advice/direction from those more in the know on here.

            • @Spending2Much: CT18 is reformulated in the last 10 years or so to not contain formaldehyde. It's much gentler than you may be used to.
              It's still the go-to for exactly what I said above; a first stage to a proper wash, wax and detail.
              It's not really for use as the ONLY stage to your wash. But I wouldn't let age of vehicle put you off.

              I've seen\heard good 3rd party experience with Bowdens new Nanolicious range; the whole idea being that it does for ceramic coatings, what wash\wax does for a wax job; applies 'repairs' and longevity to the coatings. None of those '2 in 1' things are really designed to be used alone (they just market well like that for the lazy).

              My advice is to 'pick a system' for each part of the car.

              I love Megs interior detailing range.
              Bowdens Exterior range. (Plus Megs Ultimate Compound for any scuffs)
              and Turtles 'lazy' things (like spray waxes, 'quick' detailers, basic 2-bucket hand washes).

    • +1

      I use Turtle Wash & Wax (got a heap of it at a good price) in a foam cannon and the foam is almost as thick, and works just as well, as using a dedicated snow foam product.

      • Everything wll work, its about concentration.

        50% your wash and it'll be as thick as anything.

        Use the 10% or so concentration like canon mixes suggest and it'll look like dish soap bubbles.

        • +1

          I mix 100ml to 1litre of turtle wax and it foams perfectly fine for me, ymmv

          • @ahxching: About the same strength mix as I use in my cannon.

            • @Hithere: I also do the same for armour all wash and wax - I don't use these for their wax properties, more just a wash.
              As long as it provides lubrication when washing - then it works for me.
              I would then follow up with spray wax or so

  • Great to have an alternative and some competition to Bowdens. Hope the rest of the range goes on sale soon.

  • -1

    I just wait for rain and do nothing, the real ozbargain way.

    • +5

      Not a bargain when it introduces more contaminants than removing and to protect.

      • Yeah but his car was free on gumtree

        • +1

          Nah, they paid him to roll away

    • +2

      Save on products but spend more on a paint job? Seems like a real bargain…

      • +1

        Not everyone drives a Ferrari bro, plus I let the professionals detail that car

    • +1

      The ozbargainer would do the math and realise that even cheap kmart wash will prevent the need for a respray for longer; assuming you intend to keep your car for life.

  • +1

    Not that great. Also don’t recommend people to even use wash & wax products. It’s easier to just wash it normally, spray wax and it will last SIGNIFICANTLY longer, look far better, and better protection.

    • What spray wax though ,product wise just spray and forget?

      • +3

        Honestly, the turtle Wax and Dry has no right to be as good as it is.

        Its an odd recommendation considering how horrid turtle used to be in the 90's (never updated their formula for clear coats…) but now they have, and its annoyingly amazing, lol.

        • Plus one on Wax and Dry - easily available and cheap too.

    • Absolutely agree. I have a feeling these wash & wash products actually affect adhesion of the likes of Seal n Shine.

  • Any codes to get discount club membership?

    • You’ll get $10 credit for paying $5 to get membership. So you don’t even pay for it, you profit $5 if you plan to buy this.

  • wow, chem guys stuff is great from both a performance and value perspective. its the stuff that pro detailers in the US in their own businesses. And when i say pro detailers, i don't mean those guys you see at your typical car wash, i refer to actual details that do more than a cosmetic detail with minimum damage to your car and work on exotic and top end vehicles.

  • Used a few Chem Guys stuff, but not this product in particular, Great stuff

  • Got it! At my local they have a few only went out today

    Great price !

  • Can anyone recommend a pre-treatment for loosening brake dust. Of course it won't clean it 100% off, but hopefully loosens baked on dust.

    Such a pain to get off the wheels. Also because brake dust is so fine, it sticks to the cracks of my skin/hands and under the fingernails.

    • +1

      It will still require agitation, but this is exactly where 50:50 CT18:Water comes into it's own.
      If CT18 doesn't loosen it, nothing will (unless you move to an acid based cleaner).

      Just remember it's removing everything, so even on rims, cover the brake disk, and at the last apply a spray wax.

      • looks like a reasonably priced solution. I always thought it was for trucks. haha

        1L for $16, 5L $39 or 20L for $70 at Repco. What am I going to do with 20L of the stuff? lol

        I already have a couple of bottles of Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax which will last me years.

        Quick search shows it can be had for $45 for 20L or even as low as $10 for 5L.. so created a search.

        I cleaned the wheels for the first time in ages recently with Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax and had to really scrub to get all the brake dust off. Anyway not driving much these days, so can wait for another sale to pop up. I shouldn't let the brake dust accumulate and harden.

    • +1

      You can also try Brake Buster by P&S, it still requires some agitation to the wheels :)

      • Doesn't look like it's available at the local store, so $25 including shipping for 1/2L.

        • If you live in VIC Primefinish got some in stock and does pickups

    • +1

      Try this mate.

      Still requires a scrub but gets rid of most of the loose brake dust

      • Cheers… looks good. I wouldn't expect any product to clean the brake dust off without some sort of brushing or scrubbing.

      • Try giving purge ago. I've used both. Cheaper and gets better results for me. I save The IronX for the paint.

    • +1

      you should consider ceramic coating your wheels so it's much easier to just spray off

    • +1

      I like Bowden's Wheely Clean. The wife's A45 dusts the wheels up something pretty crazy after a week and it will get them spotless in very little time. Half a dozen sprays, quick agitation with various brushes and pressure wash off.

    • +1


      You should be using nitrile gloves when washing your car.

      • Probably. I wear just normal rubber gloves when cleaning the wheels but prefer washing without any gloves, that way I can feel if the paint is clean or if I need to scrub the paint (with my microfibre mitten) a little more.

        Plus I hate the feeling of wearing wet gloves.. it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me lol

    • +2

      Not something to be proud of unfortunately

  • CG have some good products but a lot of repetition. Hopefully they start stocking their citrus wash and gloss. That is their best wash I have tried.

  • Would be better if they can seal their containers.

  • Mmmmmmmm forbidden cordial.

  • Using chemical guys stuff from last 3-4 years, but directly from their au website, great stuff.

  • +2

    Just tried this for the first time.
    Not only does it produce a rich, glossy shine, it also foams up in the pressure wash cannon as well as Meguire's Gold Class and Autoglym Polar Blast.

    • Good stuff

    • AG PB is the worst decidated snow foam I've ever used. Need to use at double strength to make it effective as others.

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