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Apple AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case - White $279 Delivered @ MyDeal


Price drops for the Airpods Pro.
Ticketed price is $289, can combine SHOPAPP code to reduce it to $279.

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    Store in title please nephew

    • so that uncle above can go get one for ya

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    FYI: you need to download their app to use the code ‘SHOPAPP’. Else the price is $289.

    • Do you know if this can this be stacked with Shopback/Cashrewards 8% cashback?

      I am unsure but I think using Shopback/Cashrewards links to the Mydeal website but doesn’t allow to link to the Mydeal app?

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        Unsure about the MyDeal app. But just quickly looking, the ShopBack promo $10 off for signing up to MyDeal, and a further 8% back looks way better than this original deal. I’ll have a closer look after gym…

        • Thanks! Let me know tonight if ur successful in launching the Mydeal app through Shopback/Cashrewards

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            @ilovefullprice: Unrelated to the SHOPAPP code and the unique code given upon sign up (neither codes are listed on CashRewards or ShopBack), I'll just buy without code and with 8% cashback. 8% back ($265.88) still sounds better than just $10 off ($279) to me.

            EDIT: Cashback amount looks to be based on price before GST, so $21.02 back for a final price of $267.98.

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    Price matched at Officeworks and got one for $274.55 early this morning.

    • Any chance of uploading the price match receipt?

      • Never mind.. I just went down to my local Officeworks and they also price matched. Brilliant

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          Sorry, I just saw your reply. Glad that you were able to grab one. Cheers

          • @YouSirName: Do you know if Officeworks will match the price after payment but before pickup?

            I want to secure 2 pairs at Officeworks but can’t get down there until tomorrow morning.

            • @Gregors510: Unsure about that. I matched the price over the phone in the morning, paid and went to collect it in the evening.

              • @YouSirName: My local Officeworks would neither price match nor let me pay over the phone. So I told both stores that I spoke to that I’d go buy them from MyDeal!

                Fairly sure Apple honours the warranty anyway.

  • I went to buy these but I'm a bit hesitant because there's no model number listed. Is this just a grey import like Kogan?

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    I managed to pricematch at officeworks in person too!

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    Priced matched from officeworks today. Receipt here

    • Price matched at Officeworks Alexandria this afternoon no problem.

  • Amazon is now down to $290 if you want to price match that at Officeworks if they’re being difficult. I just bought from Amazon instead because I can’t be arsed going back to Officeworks after the debacle this morning.

  • Purchased via their app with the code for $279. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • Have you received airpod pro ? Mine is still showing ready to process in Auspost tracking.

  • Price matched with Officeworks over the phone a couple of minutes ago, paid and ready for pick-up.

    • Price match or price beat?

      • Price beat, $274.55 total.

    • Which store was this? I was told to call 1300 OFFICE but it’s a dead line

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        Called 1300 OFFICE around midday, spoke to a good bloke who was happy to beat the price.

        • guess ill have to try again earlier in the day then

  • Anybody had theirs shipped out yet?

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      mydeal status: Dispatched

      Tracking Status:
      Shipping information approved by Australia Post
      30 Sep • 1:08 PM

      • Thanks mate, just got my shipping notification as well!

        • Is it via Auspost? What is the status in there?

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            @ShoJo: Yep, AusPost. Same as yours:

            Shipping information approved by Australia Post, 7 Oct, 2:16PM

            • @herroherro: my shipping got updated

              Received and ready for processing
              10 Oct • 9:41 PM

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        I’m having the same issue as you. If I knew it would take this long I would have bought it elsewhere. The My Deal website now changed their listing to say it’s a presale offer and will be shipped out on 24th October 🙄

        • When did you ordered? I got a mail on 1st October saying it’s shipped and given tracking info. Now my order also updated as

          Special PRESALE Offer: Item will ship on October 24


          • @ShoJo: Ordered on 3rd Oct. I got an email similar to you and same thing on my purchased screen. How annoying!

            Gonna try and see if I can cancel my order

            • @Yospi: I am decided to wait, hope they will ship before Oct 24 ☹️

            • @Yospi: my shipping got updated

              Received and ready for processing
              10 Oct • 9:41 PM

          • @ShoJo: @Yospi

            Damn what the hell, same here!

            For me it says:
            Status: "Dispatched"

            but also

            Delivery: "PRESALE"

            Tracking number still unchanged:
            Shipping information approved by Australia Post, 7 Oct, 2:16PM

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              @herroherro: I thought I am the only one . I get the same status. I have got an email from them about the delay and offer a $5 coupon but I am not realising the delay is that long! This is my last deal with them!

  • Just wondering - are these aussie stock?

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    Won't be buying from these guys again, ever.

    1. When I ordered it was ships in 24-48 hours
    2. They then changed the next day to shipping October 24
    3. I emailed them to complain about false advertising, they ignored my email
    4. They marked it as shipped but AusPost tracking says they haven't received it yet

    Anyone know if a rep is on OzBargain? Very close to doing a chargeback - they still haven't responded to any of my queries.

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      Hey I was in the same boat. Though they updated delivery as "Special PRESALE Offer: Item will ship on October 24" my shipping started moving, but slowly.

      My current shipping status is

      Received and ready for processing
      10 Oct • 9:41 PM

      You can raise a complaint by clicking help. Also, you can contact customer care on: (03) 6120 6131.

      • Yeah I dare say these are all coming in a bulk order from China. Same deal for me, Most recent update is shipping information approved by Australia Post. Or Ready for processing. We won’t see any movement domestically until that ship outta China arrives. If all goes well…

  • They are listing a new deal $299 per pop with shipping on October 24, hopefully our order will ship with this lot.

  • I’ve got a new update from Auspost- “We’ve got it” estimated delivery on 19/10 to 22/10.

    • Mine was in that status from Sunday. No change 😪

      • +1

        You should be right as long as Auspost got it! It will be slow, I have an order ship from Sydney to Melbourne took 6 weeks - because of the mailing label damaged.

  • Finally have a delivery date - 28 October.

    Has anyone else received theirs? Are they legit?

    • Mine got updated to "Delayed – waiting to be processed for delivery" on 23rd October lol probably won't be buying from these guys in the future due to not being upfront with this being a presale

      • Yeah it’s pathetic customer service.

        I’ve reported them to Consumer Affairs.

        Half expecting some fake AirPods to arrive based on my experience with them to date.

    • Yes,I’ve got mine. It take 20days to deliver.

    • I received mine last week. It's genuine. Initially I couldn't find the warranty details in apple website(https://checkcoverage.apple.com), then I contacted apple support and they validated, confirmed and updated everything.

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