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Toolpro Low Profile Garage Jack 3000kg $239.99 (Was $379.00) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


This jack is finally on sale again, not as cheap as it used to be (lowest it's been was around $180 a year or two ago). Has lots of great reviews as well.

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    Jack almost as strong as eBay

    • genuinely made me LOL.

    • eBay jack. can't beat it

    • eBay: "Hold my beer"

  • Would you say this one has a tonne of great reviews?

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    Continuing on the eBay jack comments above.. I recently bought an eBay equivalent to the OP listed. It was about 180 with discount codes, but it was lower in profile, 75mm lowest height.

    You certainly get a lot of steel for the money, it weighs nearly 40kg,!!

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    I have this Jack, it's been fantastic! Makes the little ones feel like toys.

  • Anyone got any recommendations on a good light weight 2t+ jack that won't break the bank?

    I've got the older King Chrome one of these that they used to sell and the bugger weighs about 55kg, looking for something slightly more mobile to lug around the property.

  • Bought this jack about 5 years ago, used plenty of times since. Absolute beast of a unit, everything about it is high quality, even the paint/powder coating looks new after lots of use.

    Get one.

  • Dies this have the lift height for an SUV?
    I would guess that it does for a normal sedan?

    • +1

      Sure does. I can lift our current model RAV4 onto the highest notch on my jack stands.

      • Thanks @Dogsrule!

        • No worries 👍

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