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Suntory -196 Hard Lemon & Vodka Can 4 Pack 330ml $15 (Was $20) + Delivery ($0 C&C or Free Shipping over $100) @ Liquorland


-196 Double Lemon is made from Shochu, Vodka, soda and lemon, and uses Suntory’s unique Freeze Crush Technology™ that freezes and crushes real fruit to capture every bit of all-natural lemon flavour. With only 0.3 grams of sugar and 110 calories per can, -196 it the perfect drink option to kick start your night out.

Limit of 5 per cart.

If you're missing Japan, this is the next best thing to Strong Zero that you can get easily in Australia and without paying an arm and a leg. Decent strength at 6% per can too.

The 10 pack is also on sale for $41 however it works out to be $4.10 per can while the 4 pack works out to be $3.75 a can.

Don't forget to combine this with 10% Cashback
* 5 x 4 pack (20 cans) = $75 - 10% cashback = $67.5 or $3.38 per can

Amex also has targeted cashback of $10 for over $100 spend if you are buying other things.

* 5 x 4 pack (20 cans) = $75 - 10% cashback - $10 Amex cashback (if you spend over $100) ≈ $57.5 or $2.86 per can


  • 10% cashback expired on the 30th of September for Liquorland, currently only offering up to 3% through Shopback and Cashrewards

  • First Choice Liquor has the same deal as Liqourland with similar cashback (up to 3%).

  • Thanks Kooratz for also mentioning that Westpac CC can get $10 cashback for $50 spend at Liquorland till 3rd of October.

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  • +34

    This is good stuff but obviously less alcoholic than the real Strong Zero. Has a stronger lemon flavour that way at least. Good for cocktails or slushies too.

    Fond memories standing outside of Lawson's with Strong Zero in one hand and Onigiri in the other.

    • +8

      Stahp! Man I really miss Japan now…

      • +6

        Next to my hotel in Shibuya was a small laneway with a line of vending machines at the entrance. Every morning there would be salary men with a can of BOSS in one hand and a ciggy in the other. Then late at night you'd see the same. I swear it was the same salary men every morning and every night.

        So many memories.

        • I've long held suspicions that you were from Japan, or China, or at least your parents :)

      • For relaxing times, make it a Suntory time
        - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38UlEzCgxoQ

      • Natsukashii~

    • +1

      Fond memories of riding three hours from my house to Shibuya for New Year’s Eve and getting smashed off Strong Zeros and having to catch the train back with my bike (big no-no unless you have a bike bag!)

      • +2

        Hopefully you weren't drunk and loud. This one time in rush hour heading down the stairs to a platform all you could hear was 2 Americans amongst the crowd comparing their Strong Zero to Mike's Hard Lemonade.

        • +3

          Absolutely not! It was dead silent on the train and I wasn’t going to be ‘that person’!

        • +1

          That may have been me. I apologize.

        • +2

          Not just gaijin that make noise. I remember being woken up while staying in Takadanobaba by Waseda Uni students chanting "wa, wa, waseda!" and passing around a 1.8 liter bottle of sake. ;)

          With that said, Chuhai's beat any hard lemonade. I miss Calpis Chuhais…

          • @mattomatic: The kids get rowdy in baba. You liked the Calpis? I just couldn't get into it.

    • I was looking forward to this release, but found myself just missing Strong Zero instead. Got myself some 9% grape Strong Zero from an asian grocery and was much happier (despite the cost…)

    • To be honest, when the chu hi alcohol arms race started, there was definitely a trade off of flavor for strength (and sugar reduction). I still prefer regular 6% lemon or grapefruit to a 9% anything. Unless you need to get wrecked quick.

      • +1

        Yes the grapefruit was great. I also liked the Ume!

        • Absolutely. Pineapple were fantastic as well. They also make an "ice smoothie" version, basically alcoholic slushy in a pouch. Great way to survive the humidity.

          • @philotex: You mean https://ibb.co/0fLqjg0

            They also had beer slushies at an outdoor garden last time lol.
            They weren't amazing but took away the bitterness for anyone who dislikes that part.

    • +1

      Strong Zero 9% Alcohol before head out.

      • +1

        I remember slamming one of those when I got into a town after being forced off my mountain hike by a ferocious typhoon with lightning.

        It rained so hard and so long it gouged out the path several feet deep.

        Man I miss Japan.

    • Great story … zzz ssssnnnore.

    • I'll never forget telling my brother about strong zero's and him exclaiming they're "Tokyo Woodies!"

  • These taste really good.

    • I was surprised when I saw this on Liquorland website. Ordered 2 pack 4 cans over the weekend. Not sure why 10 cans pack is $43 ([email protected]), and these are $15 ([email protected]).

      When I read carefully the packing, this 196 is made in Australia. NOT made in Japan.

      IMO, taste a bit salty, may be I read from the nutrition label, sodium is 176.5mg per serving. Just taste different from Japanese made.

      If you really want the Japanese taste, head to Tokyo Mart in Sydney. Get a made in Japan -196, which is $8 per can. damn expensive.

      P.S. Damn it, I got AMEX offer. When I using AMEX to pay, it kept declining. I used the new subscriber newsletter $10 off instead. Require at least $50 purchase.

      • is the new subscriber code generic or random?

      • it's not uncommon for deals to not carry through the whole range. it's kind of derpy but it is what it is. in store the 4pk price ends tuesday oct 5 i believe, and is/was a 2 week run for a counter special. 10 packs are month long sale

      • Ahhh ok then. Not sure what that’s got to do with my comment.

      • Just like most other beers that are brewed under license in Aus.
        Don't know many people that would pay 2-3 times as much just because made in japan.

  • These are amazing!
    I can just see them eventually being discontinued, like all good things…

    • -1

      Nah, everyone I know is drinking them right now. Probably selling well. Good word of mouth.

  • Most good asian grocers stock the real ones, around $8 a can though.

    • Yeah it's really expensive to import from what I've heard

    • +4

      Wow, they're $1.30 a can in Japan.

      • wow, they're 20 cents in India

      • +1

        Yep, you can buy them at 7/11 when the alcohol vending machines turn off after midnight.

  • Thanks OP! These are bloody great

  • +1

    Got one of these for free with a recent order.. Wasn't impressed, unlike other OzBers it seems.
    Tastes like low alcohol flavoured water.

    • +2

      I think it's more the nostalgia they can taste

  • +1

    Interesting. I love lemon flavoured alcohol. Was hooked on Ruski blacks before they discontinued them.. not as much of a fan of the normal Ruskis and other lemon flavoured vodkas

    These look like a good alternative will give them a try.

  • +1

    damn thought i was getting 196

  • +1

    I love these, at 1.6 standard drinks per can it's the best low carb/keto option bed the other seltzers. Really fresh tasting, I have my fridge stocked with them all the time now.

    • You're bedding seltzers? huh?

      • +1

        If you're not drinking in bed are you really living?

        • true :)

  • Cheers OP, bought when I normally wouldn't have to try. Will smash them on a warm day.

  • Better value than Boozebud (if there are no discount codes involved) even if you buy the 30 pack from there which is $119 or $3.96 a can.

  • Great deal!

  • Always wanted to try. Thanks OP

  • Reading strong zero, I thought it is a zero% alcohol drink.

    Oh well, back to solo I go

  • +1

    These look better if you drink it from the can as it's easier to believe all the freeze crush bullshit.

    I bought a few of the 10 packs, and I poured a can into a glass and then drank it, which made me think "why don't I just buy a bottle of sprite and a bottle of vodka, bottle of Shochu in true ozbargain style"

  • Err, is the cashrewards really 10%?

    I just clicked through and it's showing 3%…

    • Looks like it ended 30 Sept

    • Mine said 3% then came through as 0.7%

      $0.48 for a $68.20 purchase.

      • Surely you can dispute that with them?

  • +1

    I grabbed these from First Choice last week for the same price if that’s more convenient for anyone

    • Yes, got some at the same price 2 days ago at First Choice.

  • Ordered some of these yesterday from boozebud, got 30 for about $107 including shipping… This deal might be better? I haven't done the maths, but oh well… Hope it's as good as people say!

  • Really enjoying these atm and their coffee in a can is amazing too, both low on sugar also

  • -1

    A young staffer tried to upsell me on these at the checkout. He succeeded. Got ripped off - they suck…. lollie water.

  • Japanese UDLs..
    $2 a tin is the right price for beers :D
    Get some voddy and make your own

    • Do you make everything in your household from scratch?
      I'm guessing you bake your own bread daily, or grow your own rice ?

    • As someone who used to do that with Hoyt's essence…No. Just no.

  • +4

    Don't forget westpac CC can get $10 back for $50 spend @lquorland till 3 Oct.

  • Would rather drink these in Japan where they are made better, sold (far) cheaper and better variety.

    Not sold on drinking them at massively inflated prices, even with rose tinted glasses they just aren't that good for this price.

  • Grabbed some of these from first choice the other day.. Decent price.. But all I could taste was that strong artificial sweetener flavour and the lemon notes reminds me of Salvital..

  • Love them, been jumping between these, Asahi cans and various gin home mixes lately.

  • +6

    Had a few of these in Tokyo with mates… well the type of drunk these got me were something else - it felt I was drugged more than drunk. Walking round shibuya totally disoriented was quite an experience

    • +2

      Comment checks out with Forum ID :-D

    • +2

      Are you me? Am i you? Who knows.
      But that sounds familiar for sure :P
      They really do hit hard. They especially make a "great" chaser for smashing down the $3 bottles of whisky they sell at convenience stores. You definitely "wont" regret doing that i swear. A piece of me died that night in tokyo.

    • +1

      treat of a story

  • Can anyone confirm if these do that geometric "dent" pattern when you crack it?

    • +1

      They don't, unfortunately. You want the Kirin hyoketsu 氷結 chu hai. Fingers crossed those eventually make it over here at a reasonable price.

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