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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 36 Months $125.09 (New Users), $140.04 (Expired Users) @ MTCGame (Brazil/Turkey VPN Required)


Before proceeding ensure your Game Pass subscription is fully expired, auto-recurring payments disabled, and Microsoft account set to your current country of residence

A great deal for those new or with a fully expired subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and want to try Xbox Cloud Gaming which has just been released today.

If you have never used the $1 first month offer, this will cost in total $125.09 for 3 years. If you have a fully expired subscription, but have used the $1 first month offer previously, it will cost $146.70 total for 3 years.

Edit: As suggested by chorong, Gamivo has 5% off with code COOLIFE

Turkey MTCGame
Brazil MTCGame

Normally Ultimate sub would cost $15.95/mth x 36 months = $574.20, or $80/yr if purchasing cards from JB HiFi and following this same process without the need of VPN.

Please note:
  • This method is verified as working, as I've just completed it myself.
  • This only works if your current subscription has FULLY EXPIRED. New users will work fine and will get the deal $14 cheaper. If you have an existing subscription THIS WILL NOT WORK, and you will have to wait until your current sub finishes.
  • You will need a Microsoft account. Ensure auto renew/recurring payments are cancelled, and account details (especially Country) are set correctly before proceeding.
  • 36 months is the maximum that can be subscribed at once, though you can subscribe less if you wish.
  • If you wish to subscribe for 36months, and you are offered extra free months at all during this process, decline them as you can not exceed this limit and will be unable to enter your third 12 month code.
  • You will need a VPN (Comments have said that Windscribe for Chrome extension works). Although MTCGame listing says the codes are Brazil, mine were actually Turkey codes. Ensure your VPN has access to both countries, just in case.
  • Some have said MTCGame asked them to do a rigorous ID verification process to purchase their keys, there are some other options listed by f4te in comments for purchasing 12 month codes.
  • If you get RiskPolicyRejected error while redeeming codes, you need to keep trying. Try this method or this method from the comments.
Please read above and all steps below carefully before proceeding:

1. Go to MTCGame or Gamivo Edit: As suggested by chorong, Gamivo has 5% off with code COOLIFE
or CDkeys following dowey's instructions
(some other options listed by f4te in comments) and make sure country is set to Australia and currency to $AUD at the top of the page, purchase up to 3x12month Xbox Live Gold cards for $48 AUD each. Gamivo and other options prices will vary slightly.

2. You may need to verify phone number. It took roughly 45-50mins for the code to be received in my email, so don't stress too much. You will receive images of the codes all in one email. Type out all the codes into Notepad (they're in format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX with a mixture of letters and numbers). Note that my codes were labelled "Xbox 12 Aylık Gold Üyelik (Türkiye)", and I had to use Turkey VPN to redeem.

3. Connect to your VPN (Comments have said that Windscribe for Chrome extension works), go to https://redeem.microsoft.com/?wa=wsignin1.0, login to your account (you will probably need to verify email address via security code sent to your email) and add each code. If you get an error about the wrong country, try changing to Brazil/Turkey VPN, or using an Incognito/Private window.

Edit: If you get RiskPolicyRejected error while redeeming codes, you need to keep trying. Try this method or this method from the comments.

4. Once all codes are added, go to https://account.microsoft.com/services/ and verify that you have up to the maximum of 36months. Mine said Subscription expires "September 29. 2024". It is IMPORTANT you verify all your Xbox Live Gold codes are redeemed successfully before proceeding.

5. Disconnect VPN, we will no longer need it.

6. Now that we have 36 months of Xbox Live Gold, we need to upgrade them to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. On the same page https://account.microsoft.com/services/ click on "Upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate" as seen on this picture

7. You will be taken to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate page to join. This should be the link in case you need it. First time users will see $1.00 price, expired users will see $15.95 price. Click join.

8. You will see the following dialog that you will be upgrading your membership, don't stress about current conversion ratio, etc. As long as your new renewal date matches you're good to go. Mine said "Your new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate renewal date will be: 30/09/2024"

9. Pay the $1 for new users, $15.95 for expired users via Credit Card or Paypal. Once done refresh the Services page to verify you've been successfully upgraded to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You will also see next charge "9/30/2024, AU$15.95" or similar, pictured here.

10. Once all has been verified, you can click "Manage" on the top-right and Turn off recurring billing, in case you forget later. Its this page if you can't find it. Once your subscription lapses in 3 years, hopefully you'll still be able to repeat this process.

What can I do with my subscription?

Happy gaming :)

Credit to previous deal for the inspiration, and /r/XboxGamePass wiki for verifying the steps.

Edit: Some are reporting issues needing to verify details before being able to purchase from MTCGame. Please know that you can buy your codes from anywhere, and use this same process, MTCGame was just the cheapest that I could find.

Here are some other suggestions from f4te

If anyone has other suggestions for cheap 12 month codes please feel free to post them :)

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    Someone buy this guy a beer!

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      You first

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      Sure, if he meets me in deep rock galactic (included with game pass and highly recommended!)

      • rock and stone brotha

    • google chrome is a botnet

  • +2

    amazing work. Thx for sharing :)

  • +4

    Great write up!

  • -1

    I found xbox cloud gaming to have enough latency to be unplayable during the beta on all the games I tried, even on a super solid connection. Hopefully they've made it better since the beta.

    • +4

      I had the complete opposite experience to be honest.

    • Have tried around 5 or 6 games today on it and latency is almost unnoticeable for most of the games I played, very good considering I'm in a regional area. Probably comparable to having your TV set to a non gaming mode. I'm on TPG 50mbps FTTN connection, only about 100m to the node. I'm connected to my router via ethernet which may help a little. Blew me away that they could actually do this so well considering the remote server has to receive an input from the controller at my end, then compress the video before sending it back to me. Crazy stuff.

      • +1

        Yeah I'd actually agree, latency's pretty good considering the work that's going on behind the scenes. I found it to still be unplayable for Forza and FPSes although maybe they're a bit more latency-sensitive than the games others have tried.

  • +5

    Holy crap, cloud gaming is legit! Pity I'm on 4G so the input lag was too much but other than that it looked like I was playing a game on a local device (tried grounded). If nothing else it's a good way to demo a game without downloading and installing the whole thing. My mind is a little blown right now.

    • input lag was too much but other than that

      I feel like that's a big point that you're trying to dismiss.. if not the biggest. It's maybe the most important thing lol

      • +1

        My internet is 4G wireless home internet. I'm sure 5G or NBN would have less lag.

  • +1

    Anyone know if this store is trustworthy? Googled and saw a few reviews saying they just took the money and did not deliver their giftcards

    • +2

      It worked great for me, I had to wait 45-50mins for the codes and then they turned out to be Turkey and not Brazil codes, but all worked out well in the end.

    • +1

      I can confirmed it worked for me as well.

    • +1

      My experience suggested to me they are as dodgy AF.

      Though I eventually got a refund, I regret giving them ANY personal information. Even if you do get your product eventually, the real cost is where your personal information ends up.

  • So the Project xCloud is not needed any more?

    • +5

      included in gamepass ultimate and available to all australia now, just tried it for an hour or so :)

  • +2

    Can confirm this works and tried it a couple days ago. Very happy with the price.

  • +1

    Does this work with an active subscription?

    • +3

      Unfortunately your subscription must be fully expired

      • +1

        Damn mine just renewed 2 days ago… Will bookmark this guide though, just canceleld it. Hopefully still works in a months time

  • +9

    I ordered some Turkey codes from Gamivo recently to do the same at a slightly cheaper price. Codes were sent instantly and no need for phone number. I also got the $1 upgrade even though my subscription had just expired

    Kudos for the extremely detailed post though

    • +2

      Do you mind linking me the exact code you ordered from Gamivo?
      Having too many issues with mtcgame.

      • +9

        Their prices are based in Euros so it fluctuates a bit due to exchange rate but if you scroll down under the offers section there are codes for around $44


        • +3

          Thanks legend, codes delivered instantly and worked perfectly!

          • @iDrownFish: I ordered two from this link but unfortunately the seller i chose sold out and sent me a blank key. Now trying to get a refund

            • @iacka: Update: got credit on my account quickly from there support team, I originally purchased from Turgame (which did not send me codes). I ended up purchasing from PriceAxe which worked fine

        • Ordered 3, worked perfectly. Thanks!

          • @Tacosaurus Rex: Hey mate, which supplier did you use?

            • @D1Vad: I used Turgame an hour ago and it worked fine for me

              • @balders: Got code straight away, but get error trying to apply to my MS account :(

                • @D1Vad: same

                  • @Jimothy Wongingtons: Maybe MS caught on, and now we stuck :(

                    "Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. The error has been recorded and we will investigate. Please try to redeem your code later.

                    Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. The error has been recorded and we will investigate. Please try to redeem your code later.

                    • @D1Vad: I'm getting the same message :(

                • @D1Vad: oh no seems like lots of people have the RiskPolicyRejected message now, bad luck MS must have caught on!

                  • @balders: My ultimate subscription expired last week . On the same day it expired i used a vpn to activate 12 months of gold (turkey)
                    Then bought 1 month of ultimate from jbhifi (digital code)
                    When i first activated my ultimate code it said it was going to exchange my gold to ultimate.
                    I selected "continue" and received an error message.
                    Someone had posted they had a similar issue on an old forum post on here and the solution was to wait 2-3 hours and try to activate Game Pass Ultimate again.
                    So i waited about two hours tried to activate Game Pass Ultimate again and it worked perfectly.

                    TLDR: Wait 2-3 hours after receiving error message then try again and it should work.

                    • @Steve89: Is it the same RiskPolicyRejected error?

                      • @tarutso: I don't remember the exact error message that appeared but i don't think it said "RiskPolicyRejected" .

                        The error message i received was when i tried to activated my ultimate code it said it was going to exchange my gold to ultimate.
                        I selected "continue" and received an error message.

                        And to fix that error all i did was wait.

    • -1

      Do these codes work in the Aus region? Says they are region locked on the site. Thanks!

      • That’s the point of the VPN in the guide.

    • Got 3 from them and worked great… just a heads-up that TunnelBear doesn't have Turkey as a free location but I used WindScribe.

  • Great timing thanks, my GPU expires today!

    • +1

      Just imagined a world with GPU as a service and a shiver ran down my spine. Guess that’s what cloud gaming is though, so we’re not in the clear.

  • -3

    Will enjoy my free 24 months xgpu from Telstra one s bundle deal first. Back in 2 years

    • I thought you were talking about some fancy cloud GPU for a moment

    • +1

      The One S bundle that you pay a monthly fee for? Not really free

      • No monthly fee, mate.
        That is different from current gen console (series X/s) All Access.
        Those last gen consoles from Telstra reward,comes with a redeem code, which is not require further payment and is not linked to the console it comes with.
        ( i paid 270+2000pts, sold the new one s for 260—bought a used one X bundle for 250—sold the bundle for 350, actually made some money and still have the 24 months code on hand)

  • What's a good VPN to buy? I want to get this.

    • +2

      I used this one from a recent deal and you dont even need to buy it since it gives you a 7 day trial

    • +2

      The Windscribe Chrome extension apparently does the job, and it's free: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/windscribe-free-pr...

      • Cool. Will try this when I get home.

      • Confirmed, worked no issues. Thanks!

      • thanks for this tip worked great and now i have access to a free proxy. cheers!

  • +1

    Worked perfectly, saved me lots of $$s for my sons sub, thanks OP

    • +3

      I just purchased on eneba using the seller Turgame. All codes were received instantly only needed mobile number for sms verification.
      Used the free Windscribe Chrome extension for the turkey server and worked no probs.
      Total cost was $136.51

    • +3

      @iambRad @f4te Thanks heaps for the approach posting. It worked for me.

      I went through the steps outlined in the description except I made the purchase via:

      No verification and I got my codes within 3 mins.

      And then activated via VPN (SurfShark Turkey). I'm one happy guy - Kiddies can play Disney Adventures and I can play my grown-up games now :D

    • Also used eneba and Windscribe Chrome extension (free). Super easy and no dodgy identity theft…

  • +10

    I recommend avoiding mtcgame, such a headache to deal with and they were asking me for phone number, id, passport and a selfie… lol
    I used Gamivo from the link eldub provided above and delivered instantly without any bs verification

    • +2

      Hey, so MTCGame just asked the exact same thing of me which I'm not comfortable doing. I'm assuming you have verified with them before? It just seems sketchy to me.

      • way too sketchy, I just told them to cancel and refund my order then went to Gamivo link

    • +2

      That's weird they only asked me to verify my phone number once that's about it. No need photo ID etc.

      My 2nd purchase doesn't require verification afterwards.

      • So is this anything to worry about. Do you think I'll receive my codes?

        • +1

          I bought 5 codes total. Bought 1 to try and applied to my daughter Xbox account and it went through fine. They did ask to verify my phone number online with SMS code on my 1st purchase.
          After I verified it was legit I bought 4 more afterwards and applied another one to my daughter Xbox and went through again. This time without phone verification.

    • Gamivo suck. They automatically debited my account a month after I cancelled some subscription and refused to reimburse me. I had to go back and forth with them and threaten to report them to Paypal and leave a negative social review at which point they refunded the money and cancelled the subscription.

  • Already have 3 years subscription from old method, but thanks OP for the info that Cloud Gaming is now live.

  • +2

    I must add that a good VPN makes a big difference. I explained this method to my friend who attempted it just last week. He kept getting geo restricted errors. I ended up taking his Xbox username and password and doing the redemption myself using Getflix VPN. He was using PIA.

    • I see his problem. Why would you use any company calling themselves Pain In the Ass (PIA)

    • PIA worked fine for me

  • +10

    THIS is the absolute epitome of what OZB is.

    Didn't need it, didn't consider it, wasn't even interested.

    Bought anyway.

  • How is cloud gaming on a telstra 5G connection?

  • +1

    I couldn't add the codes. It says: This code can't be redeemed. It was purchased in a different region from your account.

    Even though my VPN is in Brazil. Is it because my Outlook account is a US account? I could just make a new Australian one.

    • Try Turkey.

      • Worked a treat. Thanks mate for giving me the idea.

  • +1

    How easy was it to buy the subs from mtcgame?

    Over on the Netflix thread, some had to do the ID hokey pokey to get theirs and as a result, I decided to go with G2A as it had none of that.

    • +1

      I'm in the middle of that hokey pokey right now. This is what they said after I spoke to them in chat.

      Dear Customer, Our system needs a verification step from you. We need to know that your payment information belongs to you. For this verification, we need a selfie while you are holding your credit card with ONLY LAST 4 DIGITS AND YOUR NAME VISIBLE, your ID card with YOUR NAME AND PHOTOGRAPH VISIBLE and a paper with MTCGAME and today's date written on it. We don't ask for your payment information, we already have it in our system. We just need to verify that you are the same person with credit card owner and id holder. Credit Card name, ID name, ID picture, and your face should match so it will be a verification. You can hide your credit card's expiration date and first 12 digits. Don't forget; an MTCGAME employee or manager will NEVER ask for your FULL CREDIT CARD INFORMATION or CVV code or EXPIRATION date.

    • Feel free to purchase your codes anywhere.

      Here are some from f4te from the comments

  • Thanks! Mine just expired yesterday

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