Youtube Premium 3 Month Trial Free @ Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks


Another perk available for free via the Xbox GPU sub. Only for new users so get ready a new google account lol.
Claim perk on app by 16th of Feb 2022 and activate by 17th April 2022.

Offer only available to new YouTube Premium subscribers in Australia. Must be redeemed by April 17, 2022 5:59pm AEST. Valid form of payment required. At the end of the trial, you will be automatically charged the monthly subscription price, currently $14.99. Full terms HERE.

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    Thanks for sharing but i like the VPN hack better šŸ˜‹

    • What VPN hack?

    • +2

      Yeah I just moved to Argentina myself so I'm hoping everything works once payment times rolls around.

      • its been working fine for my family acct for like 8 months

        • +1

          Nice one. My Netflix is due to expire end of month and hoping to go multinational and move to Turkey to renew :-D

    • Quick question, do I need to create a new google account for this?
      If I log in without my VPN on does that become an issue?

      Any info would help, cheers

      • Your better off making a family account and adding existing accounts to it.

      • +1

        After you sign up with VPN, you can use without VPN.

        My experience is upon first registered, your music recommendation will be based on the country you registered (like I got tons of Bollywood music when I first sign up using India VPN), it will eventually learn your taste and recommend something you like.

        If you care about your google account, sign up with a new account, and you get to invite 5 more family members, just invite yourself and your family/friend. If you don't care that much about your google account, just sign up with your main and you should be fine anyway(once you sign up don't change payment method or anything, as long as you don't cancel or change anything anymore, you likely won't get detected by Google).

        • Thanks so much!

  • Cheers for the heads up.

    • +1

      Thanks, I know most OzBargainers have probably redeemed a youtube premium sub, but at least for those who haven't can now get this.

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    AdBlock plus and YouTube vanced for the people without Xbox game pass

    • +4

      True, has saved me countless of ads. Though it's more challenging for people with TV streaming services

      • Very true. I like setting up all my aunts and uncles with vanced on their tablets, phones - seems like the mid roll ads are the most annoying from what they tell me

    • +2

      Just use Vance as a whole. YouTube app is total garbage now. If it weren't for my parents are also on my family account, I wouldn't bother paying for premium.

    • +1

      plus SponsorBlock

    • if only there was something to bypass ads on Apple TV, I'd be set

      • Would Pi Hole work?

        • Doubt it. YouTube are very good at avoiding the pinhole block.

      • AltServer beta supports sideloading to tvOS, but it's easier to use AltServer to sideload Cercube or YouTube++ onto an iPhone or iPad and then use AirPlay to mirror to Apple TV for ad-free YouTube.

        Another method that's overall the easiest option is to use a cheap Android TV box/stick and sideload SmartTubeNext. It includes regular ad blocking, autodetection and skipping of sponsor segments as well as auto-skipping for intros and outros.

        If you use this app, I'd encourage you to support your favoured content creators directly by buying merch, Patreon etc, since they will lose out on ad revenue. They'll gain more money from those methods more than YouTube anyway I'd say.

    • Does Vanced still require root?

      If so you may prefer Newpipe which can be obtained from Fdroid Market (an open source Android repository).

      It's a front end for the Youtube web interface so requires no special permissions.

      Also works on Soundcloud.

    • youtube vanced is perfect, im glad i dont have to spend a single dime to youtube, plus the auto skip of segments are great.

    • +1

      Use uBlock Origin instead of AdBlock Plus - better performance, no "acceptable ads" (i.e. companies pay ABP to get their ads unblocked) and more features like customisable NoScript-like blocking for the paranoid.

  • +8

    I hate the fact they are removing dislikes for videos.

    Such a dumb idea.

    • +8

      I dislike that

    • It still works on the app surprisingly, please youtube don't take this away too :(

    • +1

      Probably in retaliation to YouTube rewind 2018 like/dislike ratio šŸ˜†

      • Why was the rewind 2018 so disliked? I never bothered. It is kind of nobody cares video

    • just comment on that video to "like this comment if you dislike the video"

  • +2

    Iā€™m on the Argentina deal and I pay like $1.5AUD a month lol

    • +8

      Hello there fellow Argentinian šŸ‘‹

      Lovely weather in Buenos Aires today isn't it?

  • Wonder how many youtube subscriptions Virat Kohli's address has :P

  • Too bad this doesn't get me $3.60 of 3-months of Argentinian sub.

    • +1

      Well it's free for 3 months, and anyway after the trial people can switch to the VPN method if they wish. Personally I just use vanced for mobile + adblock for pc.

  • Anyone know how to install Venced on phone or TV? Device is not rooted.

  • I pay about $3 a month for family premium. Well worth it.

    So good not having to deal with ads on my TV, Xbox, Apple TV etc. or anything else which can't get Vanced on it. My kids on the plan and my sisters.

    Vanced was terrific as a mobile solution though.

    • I've got given the YouTube Premium for 3 months but were there any way to skip in video ads? I was going to go on a family deal with mates but most if not all of the channels i watch have sponsor or ads in their videos that would last anywhere about 30 to 1 minute… I thought Youtube Prem would avoid this?

      I know theres Youtube Vanced but its not avail to everything I have.

  • Is everyone able to just use their normal credit cards with the VPN trick? My payment didnt go through last month and now im "paused"

  • Thanks, every time I tried to sign up for the VPN trick I would always get errors so this will have to do for now.

  • +2

    Anyone using Android TV, try SmartTubeNext

  • It's only popping up with a one month trial for me which is odd :(

    • You may have used your free trial earlier perhaps, I know my second google account is eligible.

  • +2

    Been using SmartTubeNext and Vanced and have not looked back!

  • -1

    Stick to the adds, just do this on console, play the video, and back out 3 or 4 times and the video will play, you'll get a add between there and then.

    Some YouTubers have agressive adds, like seriously bad ones unavoidable.

    But on the phone just get a free version unlimited no adds, not gonna inform you where to go on getting it, that's on you.

    But once you click on this deal, after a month or so you'll not want adds at all meaning Google did what they intended override your sheer dislike for adds.


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    YT should never be a paid service, it relies on free content yet they charge their user base for the service, I have seen many many channels abuse the system where they get fake subscribers, but their content is devoid of having large numbered subs, but YT wants to charge people to watch their fake channels?
    It's richly ironic that such a service relies on free content that is mostly garbage to begin with but YT labels as Premium

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