This was posted 7 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Tile Mate, Slim, Pro Sport, Pro Style Bluetooth Tracker Device US$4.99 Each (RRP US$24.99) + US$6.00 Delivery (~A$15.20) @ Tile


Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device with 1 year battery:

All in USD:

Mate (2016) $4.99 RRP $24.99
Slim (2016) $4.99 RRP $24.99
Watercool Dream $30.00 RRP$62.99
$6.00 Delivery Fee

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    I smell fire sale. Tile is in trouble.

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      They had a good innings

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      Doubt this is a fire sale.

      It looks like these are just old stock - 2016 models with non-replaceable batteries (and hence landfill after 1 year).

      • So the battery would be run out on these already, or doesn't it wear down the battery until they're registered?

        • I doubt they'd use up the battery until activated, but even if that is the case…

          If your Tile's battery dies before a year has passed from your purchase date, we'll replace it free of charge since it's covered by our worry-free warranty.

          Of course you may need to consider the allegedly parlous financial situation Tile are in thanks to Apple and whether they'd actually honour that warranty…

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          The tiny lithium batteries in the tile will have degraded over the period of 5 years. Don't think it will last 12 months.

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    Oh man. I would never rely on Tile for location based tracking of lost items, but it sure is awesome when you lose your keys down the side of your bed in the morning and need to ping it.

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    If I'm not mistaken the 2016 tiles are the ones with the non replaceable battery. They are essentially disposable items. Please correct me if I'm wrong?

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      Don't know about the 2016 but the 2017 sport were also not-replaceable but you can easily split the device and put a new battery in.

      • I wouldn't call cutting with a dremel "easily".

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          Warm it up to soften the glue and pop it with a screwdriver, dremel not needed. Though as I said thats the Sport, no idea about the Mate and others.

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      that is correct. the 2020 updated version has replaceable battery.

  • Is this somehow rechargeable or battery can be replaced?

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      You'd need to crack the case open with a dremel. You'd easily be able to re-use the guts for if you're a nerd and can find an application for use, but for day to day use you'd want to get the latest one with a replaceable battery.

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        wow they're disposable.. crazy..

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          The amount of disposable stuff we go through is frightening ah.

  • Any decent deals on 2020 ones?

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    Have one and it's a peice of crap

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      I am disorganised enough that I NEED one in my wallet and on my keyring.
      very useful for some one like me

      • Not very useful when it doesn't work though

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          I must be lucky then, because it has worked every time for me (and I've used it quite a bit!)

          • @shmahoo: It works reliably for me too. And I’ve had a few. I got them back in the day when they didn’t have replaceable batteries. They’re definitely more responsive now with the newer versions though

            • @rhino015: I Stand literally I'm front of mine and it can't locate it.

  • I think the price is excluding taxes.

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    I had a few of these. When I needed to use it the battery was flat and was useless. The app didn't notify me that the battery was dying.

    Swapped over to airtags and they are so so much better. Just ordered another 4 of them bring total to 8.

    I don't really feel sad for Tile. They had the product for years and didn't really innovate after the first release other than adding replaceable battery, which kind of indicates they were looking for disposable / replacement $$$. Oh - and the subscription model to get the extra features was another grab for money.

    • wow what do you use 8 for?

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        Car key. spare car key. house key. One in backpack. Next 4 will be for Work security key, leave one in the car just for fun. See if I can get the cat to eat one. And my ID badge for work.

        • haha nice!

        • +4

          See if I can get the cat to eat one.

          I’m sure someone’s already put it in their p**sy

          • @NDjokovic: And with international travel opening up next month, catch a show in Thailand to see it too!

    • air tags are waaaay too quiet

    • +1

      I got 4 of the replaceable battery ones and they were also terrible. Bluetooth was never working when I needed to actually find something (tested multiple devices) but often pressed the button by accident when it was on my keys and couldn't turn the noise off. And no notifications when batteries needed replacing.

      I got them as a price error at JB, so the 4 pack cost $25ish rather than the $100ish it should have been. Still felt ripped off though!

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    For those who want to be able to crack these open to re-use the Tile Pro Sport is probably the easiest to break open and swap the battery out with minimal collateral damage if you're technically minded.

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      I cracked my previous tile open (2006 mate) and despite being careful and following refused to register again on the app with a new battery.

      • It used to be, and probably still is, that if you de-register them you are stuffed… but if you just replace the battery all ok, though it will forever tell you the battery is flat because that was based on a timed event rather than the battery actually being flat.

  • Are there any other good recommendations for Android users other the Airtags?

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