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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 12.5" i5/8GB/128GB SSD $777 Delivered @ Microsoft


Microsoft is finally matching the cheapest price seen from HN/JB/etc, available in all colours too.

You get free shipping from the MS store to boot!

EDIT: Ice Blue is out of stock now. Sandstone and Platinum still available.

For more options, try visiting Harvey Norman

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  • will cashback work?

    • +2

      Shopback have 10% cashback on Xbox gift card.

      • It's not showing 10%, is it app only?

      • Will shopback still hit if I pay with 10% off xbox gift card?

        • No idea, last time I preorder controller using gift card, it was tracked, but not sure whether it will be confirmed at the end.

      • So you can use Xbox gift cards on the Microsoft site to buy hardware?

        Because I can get the gift cards for 9% off through Suncorp app which I'd rather than cashback though shopback.

        • +1

          Yes why not, my Xbox series X was paid by gift card

          • +1

            @ce5himm: Cool, just didn't want to be stuck with $700 worth of gift cards I can only use on Xbox live lol.

            • @brad1601: Some people did thinking they could change the payment for the xbox console preorders

              • @Sammyboy: Ouch!

              • @Sammyboy: I almost had a heart attack when the voucher option didn't appear. Turns out that you have to redeem it in your account first before reaching the payment screen.

    • +1

      8% via ShopBack assuming this is over 6 months old

  • +1

    Remember match it if you have the iPad trade deal

    • whats ipad trade deal?

      • +3

        Expired, I did the iPad trade deal and bought the Surface laptop go for $1099 and today MS refunded me the difference but still waiting for the iPad credit.


        • +1

          If you paid 1099 then you didn't save much compared to this deal, am I correct?

          • @Dienk:

            If you paid 1099 then you didn't save much compared to this deal, am I correct?

            Still better because my iPad 3 trade value is $438 from that deal.

            • @superforever: If MS didn't refunded the difference, then the Apple iPad trade in would only be worth $125.
              Lucky this deal came up in time for MS to refund, but who can predict.
              Pity the iPad trade in offer has expired.

              • +1

                @congo: So for people who bought it for $1099 with the iPad trade in deal, just ask MS Support for Surface Price Guarantee, they will refund the difference of $322.

                And if CExchange works out it would be another $454 trade in value for iPad 4 for example

                Which means $1099-$322-$454 = $323 for an i5 Surface laptop GO, that would be the best deal ever for laptops of this spec

        • Yeah gotta say thanks for yourself pointing out the surface price guarantee refund process which is very easy.

          We are now on the same boat, waiting for CExchange for the best Surface laptop go deal for $323 all up!

        • thanks @superforever for the reminder.

          the Ice Blue color was out of stock when I called MS for refund, but the lady processed it without any hesitate.
          So my price for the laptop go is $1044.05 - $267.05 - $421.45 = $355.55.
          now also waiting for the iPad credit :)

  • +2

    hmmmm. Shopback shows 8% cashback for surface products not released in the last 6 months.
    I wonder if this qualifies..?

    • +1

      Well it would under that criteria wouldn't it?

  • Looking for MS Surface for presentation use and taking notes for meeting, for zoom meeting, will it be a good one ?

    • -1

      A surface pro would be good for notes. Not this laptop

    • Taking notes with keyboard or pen? If with keyboard, then this would be more than good enough. The 4 core cpu would make light work out of everyday tasks, and the keyboard is very good.

  • This good as a student laptop for web browsing, zooming, presentations etc?

    • +7

      Yes, this model was pretty much created for exactly that

      • +1

        And light gaming?

        • +5

          Depends on how light, it only has UHD graphics not Iris Xe or Vega. It can still play GTA V at 720p30 which is respectable I guess.

    • +7

      It's a perfect laptop for uni/student use or for those on a budget, and at this reduced price, it makes it an excellent option. Things to note: there is no backlit keyboard, screen resolution is meh ((1536 x 1024 (148 PPI)), keyboard spacing and feel however is great-excellent, no Windows Hello (face unlock), but there is a fingerprint scanner in the keyboard (which works well), lightweight at about 1.1kg. Speakers are good/above average, video and battery life for playback are good. At full RRP price, there are better laptops to consider, but at this price - it is a very worthy contender for your consideration.

      • Since you might be wearing mask windows hello won't be so good. Fingerprint wins

    • +2

      No backlit keyboard so not great for students in dark rooms

      • +1

        Not sure what the fuzz is on backlit keyboard. You shouldn't be using a laptop in a dark room it's bad for your eyes

        Might not think it's a big deal when you are a student you will feel it when you age

    • Yes, if you like the size. I personally prefer something larger.

  • +3

    Compatible with surface pens?

  • -1

    this or Surface Laptop 3?

    • Laptop 3 is a lot more $$ but should last longer.
      The GO version is mainly for students (battery life, portability) or budget minded folks.

      I personally would pick the Laptop 3 or Surface Pro as they have better builds, storage and screens (201ppi vs 148ppi), but you would have to pay a lot more for it.

      • Personally think only the Surface Go and Laptop Go are at the best price points. Other ones are NOT worth it.

        You can get better specs with all other vendors, its overpriced and not value for money

      • thank you :)

      • thanks

  • Thanks OP, just bought one for the Mrs.

  • +1
    • Personally prefer Surface Go over Ideapad Flex 5.

  • Clueless dad here.

    How would this compare with the new ipad?

    Wondering if its suitable for the kids and a bit of use from me.

    • +1

      depends what you are using it for.
      This would be good if you are running light windows applications and you need the portability.
      However if you are just web browsing and only running web applications the iPad is probably better.
      Also iPad has better apps for kids, and you will have to wait a while till windows 11 runs Android apps so iPad would be better for kids.

  • Why is this classed as expired? It is still available in 2 colours

    • +1

      That’s my fault, I reported it as expired but didn’t realise you could click on the other colours to see the stock for them. Someone far smarter than me has now fixed it up. Cheers!

  • The ice blue colour kept going in and out of stock. I finally got one and paid with 10% off xbox gift cards, I hope my shopback 8% upside shopback hits aswell.

  • Is the SSD upgradable?

    • Is the SSD upgradable?

      It is surface, touchscreen would be very difficult to open it.

    • Possible, I think a moderately challenging mod for an technically able individual.
      - Should give your SDD read/write speed a moderate boost if you buy a higher end SSD.
      - Obviously voids the warranty.

        • Should give your SDD read/write speed a moderate boost if you buy a higher end SSD.

        I forgot it is a laptop, I am still thinking Surface Pro

  • OOS now

  • I bought last night and my order still says pending, anyone else??

    • Holidays

      • What?

        • It will take a few days and now is Sat and may also because of long weekend

          • @superforever: ahh ok, Do you know if 8% shopback will still be valid if you pay with gift cards?

  • All 3x colors back in stock @ Microsoft
    Enjoy shopping& 60 days price promise :))


    • Do you know if 8% shopback will still be valid if you pay with gift cards?

  • My order still says pending 🙁

    • +1

      You know it is long weekend right?

      • -1

        Not in Victoria

  • Just want to let everyone know cashback still tracks with gift card payments

  • -2

    Order is still pending, its been 5 days now…..

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