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UV Sterilisation Toothbrush Holder $39.99 Delivered @ Revolight


About the UV Toothbrush Holder:

Revolight has sourced a limited number of UV Toothbrush holders (over the Chinese holidays) directly from the manufacturer to provide a great price (all inclusive including GST and shipping) for customers.

【 Available Colours 】 Black or White
【 Intelligent Toothbrush Steriliser 】- UVC toothbrush sterilisation holder that can hold and sterilise up to 5 toothbrushes. Bathroom clock display.
【 Features 】

  • UV lights effectively treats surface based bacteria on toothbrushes. Toothbrush disinfection process only takes 3 minutes.
  • It will automatically repeat treatment every 6 hours.
  • Internal Lithium Battery charged via USB port. Unit can be detached from the wall for charging.

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  • +1

    Cool idea, does it work ?

  • +3

    Few questions:
    How does it stick to the wall?
    How do the toothbrushes stick to it?
    How does it get power?
    and most importantly: What does the picture with orange rings and an orange grid on surfaces meant to represent?

    • If I had this kind of acumen, I would have made it to Harvard

    • Looks like it's a classic sticky pad. Toothbrushes appear to just hang by their necks…
      USB port on the side, you could possibly charge with a portable USB Battery, if an outlet isn't nearby?
      I believe the rings indicate that the UV turns off if you're standing in front of it, to avoid turning you into a Purple Hulk Creature.
      See Video link in post, where I'm getting these assumptions from. ;)

  • Also interested in how it gets power….

  • Internal Lithium Battery charged via USB port. Unit can be detached from the wall for charging.

  • +1

    Got any scientific proof this actually works and does anything?

    • +1

      For this price, i doubted.

      • +2

        Kmart sold UV sanitizers for $5 (or was it $2.50?)

        They do work.

    • +1

      Specific to this brand, no, but UV sterilisation of toothbrushes (7 minutes) can be much more effective than 12 hours in an antibacterial solution.

  • +9

    I have lived for 50 years without this. Going to gamble that I will continue to survive without one. Each to their own….

    • Excellent point.

      Even though this gadget might work (well seems plausible it does), can't see why we would need it in our lives now…

      Having said that, man probably said the same thing about seat belts and any other safety/health things In The past

      • True, no idea how this might affect health going forward too.


        • +1

          It's guaranteed to destroy toothbrushes though.
          UV and ozone will degrade the plastic over time

          • @edrift: Dont know about you or anyone for that matter plan to have said toothbrush still be in use to the point that uv and ozone has degraded the plastic material.

    • +1

      Yes but how many times have you gotten sick in those 50 years? and I guess more importantly, how many of those times were because of your toothbrush?
      Though I'd wager on zero.

  • Toothbrush in dark enclosed space with UV treatment, or open ventilated spot with maybe sunlight?

  • +1

    Pass. We need more germs. Too much cleaning. No. wonder why we get sick so easily

  • -1

    Use of UV-emitting devices is carcinogenic to humans. There is no chance that this forms a light proof seal against various sized toothbrushes. Even their pictures show UV leakage as some sort of proof that it works!

    • +1

      its on for 3 minutes every 6 hours, in a corner of the bathroom. If you're that afraid of UV, I wonder how you live?

      • -1

        Afraid, no, I just choose not to put unneeded carcinogenic devices in my house.

  • Another option is to throw them in the dishwasher.

  • +1

    Tis seems to answer most of the questions posed here:

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