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Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 49" Curved DQHD Gaming Monitor $2699.10 Delivered @ Samsung Education Store


First Post :)

I haven't seen this deal round here here, Still pretty expensive but at least it's something.

Samsung default price is $2999.

For those who don't know about the samsung education store, in order to redeem this discount you must have a ".edu" email attached to your regular samsung account.

Have Fun :D

Edit: Goes in and out of stock quite often but restocking is usually quite quick

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  • +1

    this monitor get discounted rarely

    • This is a new model.

  • +2

    when a monitor costs as much as a high-end PC : O

    • Tbf it's actually like you're buying two high end monitors when you buy one of these bad boys. I love it.

    • +1

      This monitor will remain high-end for 5+ years. High-end PC won't be high-end in about 1-2 years.

      • +1

        I mean OLED TVs are a thing, and OLED monitors are right around the corner.

        Burn in risk is minimal if you actually pay attention to brightness levels for SDR content, and appropriately use true dark modes, set monitor standby and desktop and settings appropriately.

    • 3k pc is not high end anymore unfortunately, a high end GPU eats 80% of that if not all of that cost.

      • not necessarily. my 3080 was 1139. and my whole rig is 3000. so about 40% of the cost.

        • Can you get a 3080 for that now?
          A 3090 is 3k on its own now

          • +1

            @Spendmore: that is crazy - much better off getting a ps5 for 750 rather than 3 to 4 times for just to play games at HiGhEr fRaMe rAtEs

            • +1

              @prettyflyforawifi: Yes it certainly is crazy, and yeah the 3080 seems to be the sweet spot for price Vs premium performance.
              A 3060 will set you back $800 for a decent one.

              • +2

                @Spendmore: I recently bought a 3060 ti for $999!!! Pretty good for an inflated price

        • not sure what relevance prices from nearly a year ago have now?

      • That situation will be correcting itself over the next 12 months.

        Chip supply is already increasing.

  • +1

    I can’t access the Samsung edu store to check, but isn’t this the same monitor at Centrecom for $2499?


    • +2

      Sounds ssexxy

    • +4

      That's the old version.

      No Mini led.

      • +1

        Cool, be helpful if the OP included a few more details.

        • Model name is at the bottom of the post. Tbf there are a hell of a lot of details you could add or just click the link/ google the model.

    • Different model.

      Samsung Store = LS49AG950NEXXY.

      CC = LC49G95TSSEXXY.

  • +9

    Owned a g9.

    Had constant issues with flickering.

    most games either didn't support the resolution, didnt support the resolution AND 240hz, or if it worked, the performance suffered due to the resolution.

    I literally started a Facebook page dedicated to troubleshooting this monitor, has about 200 members.

    Complained to Samsung after months of waiting on updates for promised fixes.

    Ended up getting it swapped over for the neo a few weeks ago.

    The exact same issues.
    Totally unusuable.

    Insanely frustrating.


    Would highly reccomend against purchasing this monitor.

    • those were my thoughts when i first saw it. theres no way this thing is practical as a gaming monitor.

    • -1

      I have this monitor new one and very happy with.

      I normally put up multiple screens during use of my PC - which is set up with 3090, and I have no issue at all.

      It is definitely one of high end monitor, and you should have a high end set up for its performance.

      • I have a custom loop water-cooled i7 3080 system.


        I doubt you have 0 issues if you're running it at 240hz, full resolution, HDR, and with gsync on.

  • +4
  • I currently have one, don't purchase if you have a problem with minor scanlines. HDR is currently not working well, but will be sorted with a firmware update over the next few days

    • For anyone considering buying this, I would definitely wait for Samsung to deliver a fix rather than trusting they will. If history has shown us anything when it comes to these monitors, there's multiple issues that people had hoped would be fixed with firmware that not only have they not fixed but the issues have persisted into their new model…

  • You must remember this is the extreme edge of cutting edge technology, it's inevitable to have issues.

  • was it because of this post it went out of stock? :D

    • It seems to be back in stock now if you're still interested.

      • +1

        Thanks! Bought one at epp and was $150 cheaper

        • Epp?

          • @Sopzo: Hey! Sorry. It's Samsung's online store but for their partner companies (e.g. Microsoft). Epp I think stands for employee purchase program.

            • @Oauiii: Juat a price comparison, the Samsung staff EPP has the NEO G9 for 2k. Sending samsung my resume as we speak.

              • @DontBeShy: Haha wow! That's even a better price. I got mine for 2550

                • @Oauiii: Hey @Oauii, how did u go with the Neo G9? Did u receive it and is it any good?

                  • +1

                    @DontBeShy: Bro! It's good man! It is so immersive. It will take me some time to get used to the HUD being on the extreme sides of the monitor. But the immersive Ness is worth the negative.

                    I am a noob when it comes to hdr so I don't know how it compares to a normal hdr400 monitor or an oled TV.
                    I've just been playing cyberpunk for now and it is amazing.

                    • @Oauiii: What video card u using to drive it?

                      Heard there's a recent update release that sorted alot of issues mainly the massive issues with HDR.

                      • +1

                        @DontBeShy: 3080 atm. Yes there is. I updated my firmware before using it.

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