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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB $1799.00 / 512GB $1949.00 after $700 Trade-in Bonus, Even with Minor Damage @ Samsung Store


Get a bonus $700 off the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G when you trade-in, even with minor damage.

Order now! Receive a Flip Cover with S Pen when you purchase the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G from the Samsung Online Store. Hurry, available for a limited time only! (Expired)

50% off Samsung Care+

Can also use a $50 Sign up voucher and $100 chat code!

Also $500 Trade-in Bonus, even with minor damage for Z Flip3
Receive a bonus Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Silicone Cover (Expired)

Also $350 Trade-in Bonus, even with minor damage for S21 Ultra 5G

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  • $500 bonus for Z Flip 3.

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    Who's the target market for this phone?

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      Doesn't sound like it's you

    • Sheep

    • Me! I'm a sucker for quirky tech, first phone to perk my interest since the Oppo Find X

  • What's minor damage…

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    Sorry what is the chat code?

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    Already placed the order yesterday evening costing $1329 including $20 trade in value for my old device and after stacking all four vouchers. So the total would be $1349 for a 256gb variant if i am not charged the $60 admin fee.

    • What were the four codes? Bonus trade in, 50 off 350, 100 loyalty, and ?

    • Would like to know how you bought it down to $1329 as well.

    • Could you please help to know which 4 vouchers. I think it will be $1649 after $100 chat code + $50 subscription voucher + $700 trade-in bonus.
      Thank you.

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        This deal had following codes
        CDS (S20 broken discount) $200
        ODS (S8 broken discount) $100
        EDS (loyalty voucher) $100
        Sign up Newsletter $50

        Not sure if it is applicable for this deal as well.

        CDS needed a Broken (or prove it is broken) S20 or above for CDS ($200).
        For ODS code, I think it is S8 to S10 series broken or non working any samsung phone.

        You had to use another email id since u can only get one per email and to get cds maybe find photos of cracked s20s with the Emei present.

        You could try gumtree, facebook marketplace or ebay for like cracked samung phones and hopefully find an EMEI one aswell

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        • Do you mind sharing a screenshot of the price please?

            • @sahilk: Thanks, however it is not readable due to very low quality but from what I can gauge it is for S21 Ultra and here we are talking about Fold3?

              • @nadan: As I have mentioned above the codes were working for other deal not for this deal.

    • What's the fourth voucher?

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        replied above

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    For reference, $1999 + $300 trade bonus for EDU

  • stupid question here, if my phone is worth $100 in trade-in, does it mean I get $800 trade value in total?

    • Yes thats correct

  • Does this work Samsung education or other partner portals

  • Anyone know if my Note 10 with crack worth $0, will I still get the $700 trade in?

    • Yes you will get $700 bonus.

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      Don't think so. Needs to be more than $0

      Bonus Credit Offer: You are entering into these Bonus Credit Offer terms and conditions with Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd (“Samsung”). For a limited time, when you trade-in your existing eligible device, you will receive an additional bonus credit $700 off that you can use towards the purchase of a Galaxy Z Fold3. Bonus credit is in addition to any trade-up credit. Your existing device must be listed here [] and have a value of more than $0 after assessment. Bonus Credit Offer is only available at Samsung Stores and the Samsung Online Store, and is only available while stocks last and is subject to limited availability. Redemption of the Bonus Credit Offer will be on a first come, first served basis. Eligible devices and pricing are subject to change. Bonus Credit Offer ends 28.10.2021

      • Ah, OK. Thanks bro.

    • U won't be able to get the bonus since it valued $0.
      All u have to do is reinstall the trade up apps, and do it all over again, but this time tick everything is fine with the phone, then it will add the value > $0 (from previous)

  • Trade-in values are very low!! … they are only fair or slightly better than gumtree/ebay value with this $700 bonus.

    Many will be better with EDU pricing and sell old phone on gumtree/ebay.

    • I don't think you could get a good price on gumtree for phones with minor damage. Samsung is accepting phones with minor damage.

    • The thing is you don't need to return the trade-in phone, just have to pay for that value.

    • As with all Samsung trade in deals, the value comes from triggering the bonus discounts and stacking other codes. You don't actually return the phone (you'll just have to repay its value)

      • What do you mean? We dont need to post our used phone to them?

        • Majority are not returning their phones. You have to pay the value of your phone back but you get to keep the bonus credit Samsung gives. I'm still wait g on my s21U but I'm not returning my old phone to trade.

          • @krisspy: Thanks. Got it. Thats what I will do then take the $700 only.

  • Apparently the battery life is straight up trash for the Flip/Fold. Can anyone confirm?

    • I was gonna get my wife the Flip3 but after watching videos and reading about its battery life, I got her the S21+ instead.

      • Bad decision .. Flip3 is amazing .. snapdragon whips my S21U with responsiveness .. convenient to fold when required but I leave open quite a lot .. lighter weight than S21U and better size (although noting you are referring to S21+).

        • I don't think you can judge it as a bad decision. On battery life alone it is a wise call. My Flip 3 barely lasts longer than 4 hour SOT (based on my usage of course) and my S21+ lasts about 6-7 hours SOT.

          Regarding your point about responsiveness between the Exynos and Snapdragon, it's hardly a game changer here. Tit for tat really given performance for majority of basic tasks are line ball.

          • @crazycs: Responsiveness is important for me but I agree most people won't notice or care ..

            I don't know why technically, but the pixel 5 is more responsive than three S21U .. the pixel 5 just whips between apps and screens ..

            I use wireless charging .. scattered around house and work .. never been concerned with flip3 battery .. would be happier with smaller battery

        • I didn't get her the ultra, just the S21+ variant which seems to have good battery life in comparison to the Flip 3, Fold 3 and 21 Ultra.

          Also she only uses it for YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, browsing, and calls, along with candy crush once in a while, and I know she'd prefer a phone that has longer battery life that shorter battery life, especially once that battery starts to age, it will still hold up longer than the Flip 3 in 3 years time.

          Also the performance difference between the Snapdragon and Exynos SoCs really is only noticeable after extended heavy use such as gaming, otherwise based on what my wife is using the phone for, it really makes no difference.

      • My wife went from A71 to Z Flip 3 and she has no issues with battery life. A71 has amazing battery life but she's not a heavy user and has no issues with reduced battery life. She is super happy with the phone.

        • Battery degradation won't show up this quick, it'll take a year or two before it's noticeable, depending on how you use and charge your phone.

          • @Trishool: No one here is talking about battery degradation. It's not like battery degradation is isolated to the Flip 3 only so I don't see why you even bring up that issue since it'll apply to all phones, unless your phone magically runs off the mains power.
            Besides, most people won't keep their phone for longer than 2-3 years.

    • My screen on time for the Fold 3 is similar to those numbers, but I wouldn't consider them "straight up trash".

      However, I can say it is noticeably worse than the S20/S21 Ultras. I think I'm learning to put up with it for the other advantages though.

      One thing that irks me that's almost never mentioned is the charging speed. It's 25 W super fast charging, which you'd expect to have similar charging speeds as the S20/S21. Nope, it's noticeably slower…likely because of the dual batteries behaving differently from a single battery. I've gone from being able to plug in for 10 or 20 minutes to needing to leave it in for 30 or 40 minutes. A full charge takes easily over 1 hour. Super fast charging on the S20/S21 Ultra spoiled me.

      Again, I'm slowly learning to live with it. I think my device use time has increased as well since some things I do on the tablet are now done on the Fold 3 as well. All in all, it's getting more use time with slower battery charging and lower battery life. But I'd still take the advantages over these (at 1 month in).

      • Does the screen easily get scratched/marked with finger nails? I checked a couple of YouTube reviews, the screen durability is my biggest concern.

        • Well, don't use fingernails on it haha
          Yes it marks easily with fingernails, but I don't have a habit of scratching my screens with them.
          The durability is less of a concern for me now than before I got it, because when it's in the pocket, it's always closed so the inner screen is protected.
          The thing's also built ridiculously solid when closed.

      • What are the advantages, in your opinion? Thanks in advance

        • Browsing, reading, and media consumption is amazing. Even emails and calendars are so much better. Everything that benefits from a larger screen.

          It requires a change in mindset. It's a completely new form factor and should be thought of more like a portable tablet than a phone. It's quite mediocre as a phone (when closed). I got the hang of using it most of the time in the open state, with the closed state just to browse through headlines and messages.

          If you treat it like a phone, you're probably not going to be happy with it.

          When I first got it, I was quite frustrated with how bulky the closed state was, and the small and strange outer screen. But when opened, it becomes a ridiculously thin portable tablet that I can even hold one-handed in one orientation (mileage may vary). It's slightly thinner even than the S20/21.

      • Fair enough but in my opinion you shouldn't have to put up with any downgrades compared to your older devices when you're paying $2.5k.
        What's interesting is how Samsung thought it was acceptable to release Fold 3 with 1/3 less battery life compared to the Fold 2.
        And even when you switch to 60hz, the battery life is still 20% lower.

        • I agree with the not putting up with downgrades part. That's part of the "culture shock" I had when I got it (see my other reply).

          However, as I said there, it needs to be thought of as a new form factor, and not a "phone upgrade" per se. I was a little frustrated when I first got it because there ARE noticeable downgrades when compared to a phone in the closed state (smaller screen and super thick). But I realized that's because I was coming from a phone-to-phone mindset.

          You wouldn't buy a tablet to replace your phone and complain about the giant size and lack of portability. This needs to be thought of as an extremely portable tablet more so than a phone. I'd love to see those little factors improved over time.

          In short, I would recommend it for anyone for the "portable tablet" concept, but not if you expect a direct upgrade from a standard smartphone.

          I can't comment on Fold 2 -> Fold 3, but I don't know if the difference in battery life is really as significant as in that list.

    • How interesting - I have a fold 2 and the battery lasts forever!
      Wayyyy longer than any other android I've had (xperia, note 9, g5 etc.)

  • +1

    They don’t want my iPhone6s plus … T_T

  • Trade in code never work for me…

  • -1

    I'm so keen for these foldy gimmick phones, love a good gimmick. It's a good trade in value for my find X2 Pro as well. Had a look at the reviews and I'm just not sold. I think it's missed the fast charging, the good resolution, decent battery life. Might wait to see what gimmicky shit Oppo find out with.

    • It is not a gimmick .. Flip3 is a huge upgrade to my S21U.

      Find 2 Pro doesnt even have wireless charging WTF?

      When you have the Find X2 Pro, I guess you need good battery life when you don't have the convenience of wireless charging :(

      • It's totally a gimmick and I love it, just want something better.

        I don't need wireless charging. It lasts all day remaining between 80% and 20% and it has 65W charging. I've never been in a situation where I've thought "Damn, I wish I could put this phone down on a wireless charger instead of the hassle of plugging it in!"

        If you've got a wireless charger you've likely for a power point out USB for a charger it cable. My car has wireless charging but it's also got a bunch of USB ports so no problem for me.

        • -1

          "where I've thought "Damn, I wish I could put this phone down on a wireless charger instead of the hassle of plugging it in!"

          You don't even think about charging at any time in your life with wireless charging .. leave a few scattered around the house and it feels like I never need to charge my phone and my battery never drops below about 70% .. charging was something i did pre-2013 .

      • +1

        Honestly wouldn't consider it a huge upgrade to an S21u. Yeah the screen is bigger, but in a box format. Totally doesn't benefit you if all you do is consume videos.

        Other than the screen and the processor, every other spec is basically mid tier.

        I'd love to run dex mode natively on my phone, but the durability is not worth the trade off just yet for me.

        Ps: you can't wirelessly charge when you're using the phone😉 having 100 chargers scattered around doesn't negate the fact it has a small battery

  • +1

    I just put in my trade-in code for the my Samsung S10 which had a normal trade-in at $95.

    But they didn't give me the apply the bonus $500 at the bottom of page. :-(

    You need to check the bonus amount by searching for your phone on this page:

  • Just waiting for my $50 code and I'll bite the bullet for flip 256gb $540

  • Wonder if you still could get away by selling your old phones in gumtree to get more money instead of sending it to samsung and still don’t even pay anything more to Samsung for non trade ins phones

    • +1

      Was still working last month when they had the s21 deal. Still waiting for my s21U to arrive but I have no intention of returning the phone I used to trade in. Some commented you only pay the admin fee if you return the wrong phone

      • So you mean just get the $700 trade in code from a phone and then even you send out another broken one they just charge you for $60 admin fee?

  • On Chat now obtaining the $100 loyalty bonus.

    Trade in for my S20U 128 is $320 + $700 bonus sounds good.
    Still waiting for the $50 subscription bonus email

  • +2

    Got offered $410 for Z fold 2 lol. I think I'll give the 3 a miss. Not a significant upgrade compared 2 is to 1.

    • Better off with EDU purchase and sell Fold2 on gumtree

    • Same here
      They're shocking 😂

  • I cant seem to checkout.. Used different browsers and tried on my phone it gets to the personal details page then when I click "checkout" it returns to the top of the page with "Please enter valid details to proceed"
    Tried calling 1300 number but no one available until tomorrow.

    Edit: for some reason the page did not recognise the auto filled fields.
    I entered all details manually and I managed to get through the checkout process..

  • how long does it take to get the codes after emailing them? anyone know?
    I've sent on Friday and haven't received anything back, was hoping to get at least a confirmation email…

    • my code for $50 off took about an hour today.

    • Try use the live chat on Samsung site. I got mine that way. Good luck

  • any luck about not returning the mobile phone you traded in? their value is pretty low for my note 10 plus

    • i remembered ppls said if u dont want to send out, that you need to pay the trade value +60$ admin fee (incase ) , u can still keep the bonus

  • Keep getting error when entering trade-in
    Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

    • Have you used the phone for trade-in previously? That could be the reason.

      • Yep, I used it once. So you cannot use it again with same IMEI?

        • No, it won't work.

  • Has anyone recieved their device yet? I placed my order on 1/10 and its still showing preparing dispatch.

    • Same here. Impossible to contact support chat to get an ETA, just times out. For what it's worth, I selected click and collect from Highpoint.

    • I ordered on the 3rd and got an sms today saying it would be delivered tomorrow.

      Just checked the startrack site and it left Sydney today and is in transit to Adelaide.

      • +1

        Same. Received an update 2 hours ago, eta tomorrow. Fingers crossed now!

        • Hey mate, noticed you managed to bring down the price to $1349, what's the fourth voucher you used?

          • +1

            @jogsan: Live chat $100
            Old device loyalty $100
            New device loyalty $200
            Promotional $50

            • +1

              @Ryan1991: Thanks mate

              • @jogsan: All good bud. Which voucher you still after anyway?

            • @Ryan1991: How long did you wait to get the CDS and ODS code?

              • @Pham Nguyen: Chat person gave me straight away after i sent the email with the pics of device and once they validated it with the voucher department. Just make sure its during the business hours.

                • @Ryan1991: That's wonderful.
                  I've been chatting with some agents and they said that after 30.09 they are not allowed to give the code during chat. All we have to do is to send the emails with voucher code request and wait for their validation team in 2 or 3 business day.
                  May I know when you requested those code, before or after 30.09?

  • anyone else having an issue paying?
    " We are sorry but your transaction could not be completed at this time."

    • I didn't get any error, the page just didn't load after pressing buy. I can now see the payment taken from the card but no order placed.

      • did you also use 4 codes + trade in?
        are the items still in your cart?

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