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Shelly WiFi Garage Door Opener Kit $49 (Was $59) & Free Shipping @ Smart Guys


Hi OzBargainers,

We hope you are all keeping safe.

We have put together a kit to make almost any Australian Garage door opener smart, and controllable through Google Home, Alexa, Home Assistant, the Shelly App, MQTT or web APIs.

The kit contains everything you need to make your garage door smart - a fun project for those just starting their home automation journey and for seasoned automaters:

  • Shelly Uni (12v WiFi module with 2 onboard solid state relays and sensor inputs
  • 12v power supply with screw terminal adaptor - this will plug into the shelly uni.
  • Double power adaptor so you can plug in your 12v Power Supply at the same socket used to power your garage door opener
  • Junction box to house Shelly Uni
  • 3M mounting tape
  • Velcro cable ties for neat wiring
  • Screw Driver
  • Instructions suitable for typical Australian garage door openers

Full details on compatibility are available on our website and we can help out with any questions you have.

We hope you enjoy the deal and please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

The team @SmartGuys

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  • Hello can this be used with Letron sliding gate model ?

    If yes can I open the gate remotely via internet ? Is there any app for that.


  • No read switch to tell of the door is opened or closed?

    Not seeing much benefit over a cheaper AliExpress option or the not much more when on sale Amazon meross option ?

  • So I have 4 Pin on my garage door open

    I'm guessing I should try and short 1 & 3 together?

    • Should probably Google the manual and check before shorting pins :)
      (Though 1 and 3 is a good guess)

    • +1

      Do you have a push button on wall to open from inside?

      1. PB = Push Button
      2. PE = Photo Electric (door sensor beam most likely). Prevent door closing is beam broken.
      3. GND = Ground
      4. +24V = Power (for PE sensor, other remote devices)
      5. LMP = Lamp?

      1+3= 🤞

  • Don't these require a sensor on the door?

  • Hi i have gliderol glidermatic gts2000. I can't use the meross because thuis is the first generation. The manual here-

    Wonder if this is compatible with my garage door?

    • If the meross doesn work, this won't
      Same principle that it triggers the push button input on the board

      Does the ST pin on that board not trigger a start when bridged to ground?
      (Can't see ST detailed in that manual so maybe question for manufacturer before doing it/trying it)
      I would expect it to do the same as the S1 button which is a start command

      • When I tried to short ST and GND nothing happened. But according to manual it can take Gnd + Sen that will trigger the door. Doesn't do that when I shorted them but got a feeling it could be done.

        I was referring to pg 19 of the manual

        • Doesnt sen get used for an optical sensor to stop the door moving if it detects an obstacle.
          Wouldn't expect that to make the door move.

          Probably going to need to raise a query with the manufacturer, just enquiring if they support external push button via any of the pin headers (don't bother mentioning wifi modules like this as it's irrelevant, you just need to find out if any of the pins with a 24v or short to ground signal will trigger a motor start event)

          I assume the start button next to those makes the door move, so you could (if technically minded) work out what traces/pins from that button connect to and likely achieve the same thing by connecting to those.

          • @SBOB: My mistake I used a non conduct pin - obviously nothing happened. I tried again with A cable tie and it works.

            • +1

              @hksim: Then any of these solutions would work, including the meross.

    • For those with incompatible doors, like mine, which doesn't have a wired button input.
      Just use a spare remote and wire to that instead.
      I've done the same in my car wiring a dash button to a remote tucked up under the dash.

  • Hi, is this compatible with Homelink remotes?

  • Doesn't allow me to add to cart unless I select the door/windows sensor which almost double up to cost…

  • What's the name of the app to use with this?

    • -1

      Shelly Cloud in iOS app store

      • or the google play store.

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