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La Clinica All-Purpose Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml $2.99 (Was $19.99), Soodox Vytal Antibacterial $2.99 & More @ Chemist Warehouse


I noticed that Chemist Warehouse has a good discount on some of their hand sanitiser at the moment

The two that stood out were
La Clinica All-Purpose Fast Acting Hand Sanitiser Gel 500mL - $2.99
Soodox Vytal Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser 500mL - $2.99

Both say they are Australian made. They seem to get decent reviews.

I thought I'd buy one of each to try them out.

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  • Woolies has Oz Care for $2 per 1L bottle

    • All sold out or most of the stores sold out

    • Oz care

      No such thing at woolies. I guess you mean OzGuard? Which is 750ml and worse…..

      Made in China and full of only chemicals…

      VS (la clinica)

      Made in Australia and has some half decent ingredients, in addition to (obviously) alcohol

      96.5% Aus ingredients

      You'd be a Muppet to buy the one you mentioned

      • Australian product better than China, sure.

        But the ingredients are practically the same lol. Alcohol, glyercin, aloe, and a bit of the exact same acrylates in both.

        They’re more or less the same product.

        • Considering the OP called the product Oz Care, I'm not even entirely sure what product they were referring to…. Woolies does not sell such a thing.

          Me commenting on ingredients was not in comparison of a fictitious product (eg Oz Care)

          I'm saying at least the la clinica has some good ingredients, where a lot of sanitisers don't and they dry the crap out of hands

  • I got some hand sanitiser from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/643301

    I am good for hand sanitiser for a while. Lol.

    • A hand lotion called "lovemee". Slippery is it?

      • +1

        Also burns a little on sensitive skin. :)

  • Thanks. Got one.

  • +1

    I find La Clinica to be one of the best, and best smelling.

    I ordered another 3. At this price it's a steal.

    • I do like the fragrance, it is pleasant and not too strong.

  • Just noticed: Try FREE FAST DELIVERY – Limited time ONLY – Delivery from your local store within 24 hours!

    • I wonder how they make any money out of these free fast deliveries. They are almost like Amazon Prime speed or better.

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