This was posted 3 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Patriot Viper Steel DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 4400MHz PC4-35200 RAM $156.39 Delivered @ Patriot Memory AU via Amazon AU


Cheap and fast.

Seems to be 8% discount, but not sure how long this will last.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • how this performs vs 3600mhz rgb ram?

    • Depends on latency, this is 19
      Probably 3600 with Latency 14 would be slightly better, but if found much more expensive.

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        This ram runs at 3600 cl14 easily.

        • I'm looking for something like what you are describing, however the timing in amazon description is :
          timings: 19-19-19-39
          Where did you get the 14 from?

          • +3

            @yaaNaa: You can change the timings in bios. I have intel so I want to run the ram in Gear1. If I run 3733mhz its unstable. 3600 is stable and got it to cl14 very easily. Could probably go lower but the benefit is very minimal.

            Buy cheaper ram 3600 cl18.

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    Wow it's gone up slowly over the last couple months

    • Was $199 for the last few months until this deal

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        Could have sworn it was 139 in June close to prime day

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          You are right

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          I bought it late July for $144, looked in Aug and the price was $199. Perhaps few in my case is last 50days, classic internet over exaggeration.

        • just checked, $273 for 2 packs late june for me. Glad i jumped on it when i did

      • Yep been at 200 for a couple months

  • Quick question while I'm here, is B-die such a big deal anymore with the newer gen Ryzen? I'm waiting for a deal like the previous Umart one but I want 32gb with at least 3600MHz and I've got a Ryzen 5600x just sitting here waiting to be used lol.

    • You could just use it… It's not like you have to do much lol

      • Nah I have a custom loop that needs some maintenance and it's going to be a sff build so ram clearance and all that I've kinda been waiting for a deal so I can work around with the hard tubes.

    • Pretty much everything on B-die scales with voltage so no IC compares when it comes to ease of overclocking.

    • +1

      I bought 2 sets for a 32gb total

    • If it's just for games, 32GB still offers no benefit. Much better off with the fastest reasonably-priced 2 x 8GB sticks you can afford.

      A few demanding games are slightly faster with 16GB than with 8GB, but there is no performance improvement above 16GB (and most of these games aren't using more than 10 or 12GB, so it's unlikely we'll see even a small benefit from 32GB until the next console gen in 7-10 years).

      See benchmarks:

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        Give Star Citizen or Space engineers ago. You'll see the benefit of 32GB quickly. They'll chew up 20GB.

        32GB also good for muktiasking and gaming.

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          Yeah multitasking for me is a bit of an issue hence why I want 32GB. I'm finding it difficult with 16gb to have Lightroom on my other monitor and to play a game and a few other things in the background.

          • @majik: 110%. Those who say 32GB aren't enough are looking at benchmarks and not real world scenarios. They don't understand how people really use computers.

            • @Clear: Yeah I would gladly pay an extra $100-$150 so that I don't ever hit the ram limit in my system as that cab be infuriating unless you are trying to use your pc less aka self imposed restrictions like going for smaller storage so you hoard games less etc.

              For a lot of multi taskers 32gb is the new safe minimum.

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    Bought for $135 in June, good Ram, running @CL14

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    Anyone got any good guides for how to down clock this and tighten the memory timings?

    Atm it’s running at 4266mhz CL19 (XMP profile 2 on my Asus B550 board)

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      I did a bunch of research on this a while ago when I bought the same kit. It depends how much you want to min/max it, I preferred to set something only moderately tight because there are diminishing returns as you try to squeeze every last ns latency out of a kit.

      This is the guide I used, but I didn't change every timing… just got it down to about 45ns latency and stopped there:

      (I run the kit at 3800 16-16-16-34, though I did get it to boot fine at 4000 CL16)

      • Oh that’s great! Thanks so much for that.

        I’d be happy with 3600 with CL16 timings. 3800 would be perfect as it should be possible to match it with the infinity fabric I think.

        • +1

          I don't know a lot about Ryzen but I have seen people say that getting infinity fabric to 1900Mhz (which you'd need for 3800Mhz sync) is pretty hard. You probably want to shoot for 1800Mhz IF and 3600 CL15 or something on the DDR4, but consult more experienced AMD peeps on that.

          If you just want a safe and easy setup, no need to go through the 50 settings in that guide I linked. Just set frequency to 3600Mhz, IF to 1800Mhz, set SOC voltage to 1.10v, set DRAM voltage to 1.45v (very safe for B-die) and tighten primary timings to something like 15-15-15-32 and see if it works.

          But as noted, go look at the AMD reddit or something if you want more in depth advice.

          • @aelix: Thanks for the help mate!
            I did give it a little try when I first set up this new rig. Just changing clock speed and IF, but hard locked and I had to clear cmos lol

  • DDR5 Coming out soon…

    • +7

      Yeh anyone who buys DDR4 for their system that requires DDR4 is a moron. Much better off buying DDR5 and shoehorning it in, preferably with a sledge hammer. Amazes me the stupidity of some people on the internet.

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    I've got this at CL14 3800MHz running smoothly. Good RAM.

  • Probably not the best place to ask, but would faster ram increase my gpu usage? I got a 3080ti and a 3700x with 32gb of 2666mhz c16 memory. I am constantly getting low cpu and gpu usage in games like warzone, rust and uplay games.

    • Yeah it's probably your ram bottlenecking your system, 2666mhz cl16 is slow for a ryzen system. Your 3080ti and 3700x are a good match otherwise.

    • Memory speed would cause less than 10% peformance difference in most cases. Low GPU usage sounds like other issues. Try wiping the driver using DDU and running the standard driver instead of DCH.

      • While that may be true for average frame rates it shines in 1% and 0.1% lows. When I overclocked from 2666C19 to 3733C18 my games didn't stutter nearly as much if at all compared to before.

        • You're not wrong but low GPU usage is a driver issue that happens every now and then, even with ticking clean install during NVIDIA update. I've experienced it with every generation of GPUs since Kepler.

          And fwiw when I had an RTX 2080 the standard driver offered much better frame consistency than DCH, which stuttered a lot in certain titles. Despite NVIDIA's claims they should function identically.

          Regarding the 1% lows, OP can make up his own judgement with the help of this article:

          • @Junk Sifter: Digital Foundry… enough said. Also they only tested THREE games, all of which are GPU biased.

      • I tried the standard driver, didnt appear to make a difference, still low gpu utilisation

    • u dont have vsync on with a low res / low refresh rate monitor do you? cuz that could definately explain low gpu usage

      • Im playing at QHD with 165hz monitor, v sync off. Its driving me nuts that I can only utilize half the performance of my gpu

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