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eufy HD 4 Camera & Home Base Security Kit T8807CD3 $889 Shipped @ Amazon Au, $880 + Shipping / Pickup @ Bing Lee


Eufy Cam Wire Free HD Security 4-Camera Set, (T8807CD3) - finally on sale, $880 at Binglee

About this item
100% Wire Free Installation
Year Long 365 Day* Battery Life
Full HD 1080P Waterproof (IP66) Camera with Night Vision
Facial Recognition
Free Local Storage, No Monthly Fee

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Why didnt you make the post about Bing Lee since its cheaper there?

    • +1

      Scotty gets more bucks in his pocket from amazon !

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      should be cheaper if you use Amazon gift card,there is no Binglee giftcard

      • You should have mentioned "chaper with Amazon Gift Card"

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    Eufy product line is so confusing…
    Which one is the latest?

    Eufy Cam Wire Free HD
    EufyCam 2 Pro
    Eufy Cam 2C
    Eufy Cam 2C Pro 2K

    Why HD version is expensive than 2C 2K?

    • 2c battery can last about 3 months

      • I had one of my 2C lasted 277 days since early Jan 21 monitoring my side entrance.

        • depend on how much traffic, mine is just over 3 months for side entrance.

        • My side one of this version, still going. it's almost 2 years since first charge.

  • good price. paid 970 one year ago

    • 799 in march also Bing lee

    • got any feedback/ review on this?

      • I purchased mine 3 weeks ago
        I did some little digging beforehand and eufy ticked all the boxes for me:
        Competitive price, no subscriptions needed, wireless and long-lasting battery life (same company with Anker)
        The app works great too- and easy DIY installation

        There are websites that compare each eufy version so just have a look which suits you best.

      • close to 6 month battery when monitor busy main entrance.
        continue recording during power outage .
        instant and clear voice communication over the camera.

  • Is it possible to buy a home base separately? Thinking of sitting cameras with another person. Thanks

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      You can't buy a standalone homebase- it always comes with a unit: cameras or doorbell. Try looking at Facebook marketplace there's always people getting rid of them

      • Thanks! I ended up buying 2 x 2 camera / base packages…

    • I have one for sale for $150. Brand New and unused.

  • Can you compare with this products??
    Harvey Norman has this one similar price with solar panel
    I was not sure which one is better…

    Swann Xtreem Wire-Free Security 4-Camera Value Pack


    • +1

      No contest, get these over any Swann product. You can get solar panels for these for ~$40 each.

      • +1

        Where do you get the solar panels for $40.

        Everywhere I look on the Web, the Eufy Solar panels sell for $99.

        Please let me know

    • the main difference I see here is with Eufy, the base unit holds all the recordings, with Swann, each cam holds its own storage.

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    Just spent hours on eufy base with 2 2c cameras.. Very unstable. Often can't connect or can't record.
    Returning to bunnings this week.

    • +3

      That's odd. Is the Homebase close enough to the cameras? Mine have been going strong for over 3 years now

    • +2

      Try changing your router wifi channel on 2.4ghz

      • We changed the wifi channel and the closest camera to the router become very unstable. Switching back resolved issues.

    • +2

      I agree with cute as ducks - it sounds like a WiFi problem.

      Running cameras and doorbell with my Netgear Orbi mesh network and they work fantastically. The app should tell you the WiFi strength at the install location during the process.

      Having said that, if you don't wish to upgrade or improve the WiFi a wired system may be better.

  • is this the older version? homebase different to whats included here:


    • Yes, homebase 1 is standard as opposed to 2

      • From memory i think homebase 1 has better specs.

        • Good to hear, I pulled the trigger on this haha

      • homebase 2 supports homekit if you want to view the cameras in realtime from within the home app.

  • Why would you get this instead of the 2K version, which is cheaper?


    • The difference I remember was battery life for the cams and also the homebase

      • 2k version has 6 months battery life and Homebase v2.

        Doesn't make sense to pay more for the older version. Unless I'm missing something.

        • This has 1 year battery for cam, older base has features the new ones do not anymorebi forgot what it was tho, I think battery back up?

          • @mikedenoob: The 2C Pro has a spotlight, this one does not.

            • @gadgetguy: Light on a battery cam will not help with battery life. Kind of a pain to take out and charge and reinstall. I also do this with my doorbell, will be worse with cam since your likely going to install in highspot so will be a chore to get down and put back up for charging..

              I was going to get this till you brought up the resolution difference. Last I checked the difference between the models, I had made up my mind on this model.

              I got the doorbell which is 2k and I also so have the spotlight cam which is only HD, you can definitely tell the resolution difference in footage less pixelation on the 2k so I might go for the 2c pro now.

              • @mikedenoob: I'm going to install a solar panel charger on each of my cams so battery life will not be an issue. Best of both worlds - no wiring, no recharging needed.

                This is a good video:


                • @gadgetguy: Cool didn't know you could do that, expensive tho, any deals?

                  • +1

                    @mikedenoob: Haven't found any deals yet - JB sell them so possibly using discounted gift cards.

                • +1

                  @gadgetguy: Make sure you get the eufycam solar panels. I killed my cameras because they were constantly charging for a period of time using after market panels, fortunately warranty kicked in.

  • Quick impressions on dodgy minimum disclosure of security breaches
    Non-transparent disclosure.

    Australia / New Zealand users seeing other random logged-in account feeds simply from (a "bug" 🐛) opening the app


    Same dangers of trading-off plug-and-play convenience for less technologically-savvy / time-free individuals.

    Also see other Chinese manufacturers kicked out of security camera industry groups + cyber security government warnings (maybe partially politically-driven, though supply chain risk still makes sense)

    • the company claims it only affected a small number of users: just 712 people across the US, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina.

      I noticed and reported it to them at the time. I reckon the above is PR spin, and that 712 AU/NZ customers reported the problem in the 100 minute window between their server upgrade and the fix. I reckon 100% of customers were linked to the wrong HomeBase units, and 99.999% didn’t notice because they were asleep in the other countries at that time, not looking at their phones.

      During our latest internal server upgrade at 6:50PM AEST on the 17th of May 2021, a software issue was identified by our engineering team at around 7:30PM AEST and was quickly resolved and fixed by 8:30PM AEST.
      Whilst 99.999% of our customers were unaffected, this issue did affect a very limited number of users.

  • +1

    I bought mine as a refurbished bundle via the Anker AU website - They're on sale at the moment too

    It's $874.00 on their website, same bundle of 4 cameras:

  • Might be a dumb question but can these replace traditional home security systems with alarms when triggered?

    • Short answer is no. Eufy has some sensor linked to their Homebase which can scream when sensor got tripped.

  • How do you unlock/lock it? If it’s only from app - is it worth getting the eufy keypad?
    Please share your experiences…

  • I bought the 3 camera and homebase kit from JBHIFI, they price matched Amazon AU. JB listed at $839 and they matched Amazon's $729, conveniently I paired this discount up with 15% off TCN gift cards purchased last year :)

    • Hi mate,
      How do you arm/disarm the system?

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