This was posted 3 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Switch] Sid Meier’s Civilization VI $14.38 @ Nintendo eShop


Lowest price ever, and it’s digital ver!
After over 300 hrs I feel the performance on switch was not that bad. IMHO, it’s way better than X-com 2 and NBA 2K

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    It's the kind of purchase that I make and it just gets added to the game queue, which I might get around to completing in a decade or so.

    Bought. Thanks OP.

    • Not sure if you are going to complete them in a decade. Sure thing is you are going to keep buying games in the next decade.

    • I think I've bought them all for PC when I see them under $10. Haven't loaded a single one of them in over a decade… I guess that's another example of how much money I save buying stuff on OzB that I don't need.

  • Thanks OP, tempting for 14 bucks…$23.30 for those that want a physical copy:

    Sid Meier's Civilization VI for Nintendo Switch

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      It’s showing $35.97 for me on Amazon, did it expire?

      • You have to go to other options and click US Amazon. Strange it’s gone down to $23.01 but $7.55 Delivery now…was free with $49 international spend.

  • As someone who loved Civ 3 back in the day, how hard is it going to be to pick this one up?

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      It’s easy. But it’s definitely the worst in the franchise

      • Which should I play of the modern ones

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          Civ 4. Still the best.

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          Still prefer Civ 3 after playing the sequels, the cartoony graphics didn't improve any of the gameplay

  • i have the physical copy, but tempted to buy a digital copy at this price. then sell the physical copy?

    • Are you able to transfer the save files over? Are they linked to your account in some way?

      • its civ, thats the last thing i would worry about.

  • I found the switch really struggled to compute the actions of AI at the end of each turn from the mid game onwards. Had to port my save over to PC to finish the game.

  • I've played 230 hours of this game and I feel like I'm only beginning to scratch the surface. It's so fun to play and even more fun if you play with a few mates who like it too. Highly recommend.

    • Are these 230 hours with or without the expansions? Because that number easily gets WAY higher if you have the expansions. I have the game and all the DLC on PC and it says I have 690 hours on it and there's still a few leaders/civ's I haven't played…

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        With all two major DLCs and almost all the expansions.

  • I bought this the other day. Still learning.

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