expired Unlocked iPhone 4S 32GB $679.90 Delivered - Shopping Square


I know it's Shopping Square - not the most reliable/honest seller. And this phone will be stock from Hong Kong so will take a while to be delivered. But it's actually a nice price for the 32GB 4S at the moment. I'm not a big fan of Apple myself so this deal isn't for me, but I hope someone will get a good deal out of this! Available in both black and white.

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    Apples to apples, think personal choice is a factor. I have iPhone 4 and I'm pleased with it but I hate the size of screen, but am pleased overall with it after jailbreak lol

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      thats my beef with iphones. you gotta jailbreak it to actually get it decent - which being unofficially supported makes everything so much more inconvenient and can sometimes be a bit buggy.

      i have an iphone 4, without a doubt will be switching to android for my next phone. iphones are way overpriced and ios feels frustratingly restrictive.


      Yup I wouldn't touch an Iphone without a Jailbreak and all the tweaks. Mind you apple steals most of the tweaks in IOS updates.

      I got an Android phone after I busted up my 3GS. It seemed pretty unpolished to me and lackedd a lot of good apps compared to the Iphone. So now back to an Iphone 4 jailbroken and won't be getting an Iphone 5 until that's jailbroken.


    Looking into buying one. Can anyone give an insight of shoppingsquare's "reliability/honesty" issues?


    Thats quite cheap for brandnewww

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    you'd be lucky to get that phone before Christmas…


    Please look into this Forum before you order http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/765749


    out of stock??


      Looks like the special price is gone, it's now $729.95 + shipping, nothing special at this price point now.


    680 delivered is a good price. If it come out earlier, i might go for this instead of Galaxy Note. BTW, i received my G.NOTE from Shopping Square within 8 working days^.^

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