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Bosch Lawn Mower ARM 37 $157.50 (Was $229) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not as low as $119 as per previous deal.

About this item
Cutting and collecting in one operating mode thanks to the Bosch Powerdrive motor
Easily adjust grass cutting height: Simply set grass length between 20 and 70 millimeter in 5 stages with the adjustable lever

Comfortable work: Healthy working posture for every body size due to ergonomically designed ErgoFlex handles

Easy to store: Collapse the handles and stack the grass box ontop of the mower to help save space
Mowing close to the edge: cut close to the edge without the need to use a lawn edger thanks to the ARM 37 grass combs

See previous post for comments.

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  • +3

    Corded electric…nah

    • -1

      It's ARM LESS though…

      • lame

  • +2

    Decent mower at this price for small lawns if you can manage working with a cord (it seems not everyone can or is willing).

    • I'd go as far as to recommend a corded one for small yards, especially for thicc grasses. I've found it a lot less frustrating not having to go over certain areas multiple times due to choking. My negative for this particular model is that the catcher has some gaps in it so as you're mowing it blows a bit of grass out the sides. Positives are a really easy, smooth height adjustment mechanism, loads of cutting power and it's fairly quiet for an electric mower. Plus it's super cheap in comparison to anything with a comparable amount of power.

      Managing a cord isn't near as bad as you might think, but it would get more frustrating if a) your grass is too far (like >10m) from your house, b) if you have very large patches of grass, and c) if your power points are really far from your yard. If you don't fit any of those criteria then these are perfect.

  • +7

    Have had it for four plus years.. highly recommend.
    Low noise.. You do it couple of times, you know how to manage wire.. is easy from there on.
    Don't have to worry about charging the battery..

    • So true IMO. The popular love affair with battery powered garden tools doesn't often make good sense. Not having a battery is just one less thing to worry about. Unless you need portability away from mains power I would often rather deal with the cord than maintaining the battery. I use a mower like this at my mum's place - I plan the mow to move outwards from the power point and the cord basically becomes a non-issue, and the mower is ready to go any time.

    • Agreed. Even though I use a petrol these days, I used to mow large lawns with electrics and never had any issue with the cords. The biggest issue was simply that the cutting width was far less than the petrol, and so it took a lot longer.

    • That's really interesting to me, I hate the idea of managing cords for a lawn mower and would choose battery powered any day of the week! All credit to you peeps who don't mind it.

  • what is the maintenance required on these?

  • +2

    great… now i can mow the livingroom

  • save this video for later if you plan on purchasing this.


  • Bought this last time it was on special and it’s really great for small lawn. Does anyone know how to collapse the handle btw?

    • Loosen the screws on the handle (big red knobs) and it folds down.

  • Electric lawn mover. Good for those with a 4x4 m2 “garden” in Sydney or Melbourne.

    • +1

      I've seen plans where it is fake grass or just loose pebbles. The only reason is to to let water drain away otherwise it would be concrete.

      • I live on 3300m2 in the outback. An electric lawn mover is here useless. Couldn't live in the city. Nice for a short weekend and maybe as investment property.

  • How would this compare, power-wise, to this: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-brushless-lawn-mow...

  • I can see every time this deal was posted there is some stupid comment from jv

    • +1

      I can see every time a deal is posted there is some stupid comment from jv

      fixed that for you mate!

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