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Fosi Audio Q4 DAC AMP $58.13 Delivered @ Fosi Audio AU via Amazon AU


Usually floats around $75, it’s gone down to $64.59 maybe for limited time deal. Add in the 10% coupon on the listing brings it down to $58.13.

Fantastic price for a decent DAC Amp combo, I highly recommend this for anyone looking to power their power hungry headphones or sensitive IEMs alike, without spending many monies. Bonus point for having USB, Opt, Coax input.

I’ve got one hooked up to control the bass and treble of my boomy powered monitor speakers using RCA output at the back, but I did use it as an emergency headphones DAC Amp before.

Sound quality is great for its price, a tiny bit of colouring, I can tell that it’s on the warmer side.

Uses USB power SEPARATE from the USB input so you can use powerbank for “supposedly cleaner” power source. LOL.

Also, do note that the bass and treble knob is supposed to sit on the 12 o’clock position as the 0. If you’re turning them to the usual 0 position e.g. 7 o’clock, it’s actually cutting it off (I prefer analog dials to digital EQing, used this to cut the bass off my speakers as mentioned).

All in all, great cheap gadget that gives you much cleaner sound compared to built in PC soundcards.

Enjoy and take care peeps!

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    This or the Epos 300X dac/amp?

    Only asking because I got the epos 300 in a bundle but haven’t used it yet, wondering if it’ll be similar performance for the hd 6xx

    • What was being bundled with the Epos 300X?

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        Ages ago had bought a senn headset from in hifi as a gift, included it free at the time

    • I'd probably still be looking at the Tempotec Sonata E44.

  • anyone know of an amp. similar to this but that also has DAB/DAB+ receiver built in?

  • Hi can someone who knows a thing or two about speaker's and amps, Would this power my Yamaha 8" NSIC800 140W passive in ceiling speakers for the alfresco? I just can't spend the money on a Sonos amp and want to use Spotify thanks in advance :)

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      It won’t power passive speakers unfortunately

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      A bit pricier but this might be what you're looking for.
      It'll power 2x100W passive speakers, and you can connect through bluetooth. I don't have one though so can't comment on how good it is.

      • And if i want to connect a sub also?

        • +1

          You'd have to keep upping your budget i guess?
          This would probably work for 2 x 50w speakers + 100w sub.

  • How do you select outputs? I assume the speaker / audio out is muted when you plug in headphones?

    • Toggle switch to the left selects the input, and yes it does mute when you plug in your headphones

    • By unplugging the headphones :D

  • Ended up ordering one. My current amp suddenly can't push the left channel at low volumes, on my easy to drive audio technicas after 5 years of use. At this price it was an easy replacement.

    • +1

      Unfortunately that’s one of the most common issue with cheaper volume knobs, botched potentiometer, even on the more expensive Alps ones, albeit having longer life than most cheaper ones.

      This fosi q4 will have a slight channel imbalance too mind you, on mine it’s fine after 8 o’clock position, my suggestion is to set your preamp / usb volume at 50% output so that this little fella can get cranked up to 12 o’clock, thus fixing the imbalance.

      • Thanks for the info.


    • Yes! In Stock 16 October though

  • Does anyone know if this is suitable to drive a Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm?

    How much of a sound quality improvement would I be able to expect vs connecting the headphones to onboard motherboard audio?

    If not, would anyone be able to provide other recommendations?


    • 80 ohm, is fairly easy driven with most budget dac/amps. Depends on your budget mate.
      But I can whole heartedly recommend the OriGen G2. I have been using this for few years and it hands down sounds as good or better compared to many dac/amps in that price category. It also seconds as a pre-amp as it has stereo and optical out to drive powered monitors + headphones.

      Check out the glowing reviews.


      • Cheers for the recommendation - but I think that might be a little bit out of budget.

        I'm looking for the cheapest DAC/AMP that will do the job - not looking to spend more for higher quality unless there is a significant increase in sound quality for the extra money spent.

        Do you have any other recommendations or is this Fosi Q4 suitable for my needs?

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          For budget <$100 I recommend the Syba-Sonic dac/amp. It has headphone out , mic input and volume knob perfect for desktop setup. Few of my mates use it and love it.

          • @KingUltra: Thanks for the heads up about Syba Sonic, has just gone down to $61.78 on Amazon (from US, free shipping with Prime, but estimated delivery >2wks).

            Was about $73 when I first looked 3 days ago.

            Now only a few bucks more than the Fosi Q4 deal by OP, and fulfills a few more of my needs, so ordered.

    • Onboard motherboard can get really noisy especially when running CPU GPU intense stuff. You’ll definitely hear improvement by using external DAC. Yes this will drive your beyer just fine, if this one is sold out, maybe you can try the Syba Sonic mentioned by KingUltra above. Looks decent even though I’ve never listened to it personally. Best of luck!

  • Sad I missed it, would have been interested to see if I could really tell much difference between this and the THX 789 I bought for my 6xx

  • Mine just arrived. Very excited to try it out today.

    Was expecting a new headphone delivery too but it didn't arrive. Will just have to try this out with my IEMs.

  • Looks like i got a faulty unit. sounds like a CD skipping..

    • Might be worth trying different cable or usb port. Could be latency issue

      • A restart fixed it. Cheers!

        • Good to hear, Enjoy :)

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