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Bosch EasyPrune Cordless Powered Secateurs $103.50 (Originally $139) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not the lowest according to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/462588 but still a good price.

Style Name: EasyPrune 2.0
Effortlessly cut branches up to 25 mm with power assist technology
Clean cut pruning - supports healthy plant pruning, by providing a clean cut
Easily recharge with the dedicated Bosch micro USB charger
Bypass cutting system with two stainless steel blades
Battery status indicator gives quick information about the charge level of the battery

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2
    • Sounds like a broken gear?

    • And it weighs half a kg.

    • These look awesome…

      When it doesnt do the job

      • It's probably a safety feature so people don't cut off a finger…

        • Personal experience hey. Have you cut off your finger?

    • +1

      My guess is that they're power assisted, so you still need to squeeze them in order for them to work. Just like power assisted bicycles that fly once you get going, but if you don't peddle then you won't move anywhere. I don't see any squeezing in that video. Likely that the user was not using them correctly.

  • These feel like the cousin of the battery powered salt and pepper grinders.

    • Yeah for the average person I'd say these and the grinders like you say are unnecessary. If you need assistance doing these small tasks, you probably need a bigger tool.

      I do see there pruning shears being helpful for this with disability or the elderly who can make use of the assistance.

  • Reading from various reviews
    probably I will wait for EasyPrune 3.0

  • Bunnings have the OZITO currently for $55, they look decent too

    • +1

      link? i'm seeing $95

    • +6

      What are you on about? You need to open up your closed mind. Some people like the elderly or people with arthritis likes to do gardening but don't have the strength required to squeeze Secateurs hard enough to cut through a branch. These are perfect for those people.

      • LOL, I'll explain what I was 'on about' to you PM, and I double-dare you to 'open up your closed mind' and consider it.

        The worst thing you can do for someone who is losing muscle function as time goes on for whatever reason, is to give them a machine of some kind that essentially negates their own need to contribute any real muscular input/exertion entirely. Doing so will in fact significantly hasten their muscular decline, as has been repeatedly indicated in numerous peer-reviewed clinical studies. It's a bit like the 'new thinking' (which is in fact now a few decades old) on the old-fashioned idea that peeps with 'bad backs' should consign themselves to bed for days/weeks/months and hope that their back somehow gets better. It is now undisputed in the medical profession that that is about the worst thing they could do; and is an almost sure-fire recipe to hastened functional decline.

        In the vast majority of cases the types of peeps you loosely/cavalierly allude to above would be be better off (health/ongoing-functionality-wise) ensuring that they always used high-quality sharp and well-lubricated secateurs; and if they are unable to use secateurs, they should be encouraged to try a similar tool with much longer arms; i.e. to increase leverage.

        In short, when someone begins to lose muscular capacity the answer is not to simplistically say to them, "don't worry I bought you a machine/s that can do everything automatically for you". That attitude/approach actually amounts to doing them a great dis-service in the long run, at least from a medical perspective.

  • +1

    Got these for the mum, they are massive but do work pretty well. It is slow though (which I guess is part of a safety feature).

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