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Asus ROG Gladius II Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse $105 (+ Processing Fee) Delivered @ MSY


Decent price for a decent wireless mouse with replaceable switches. Pick is available for the following stores:

- Clayton
- Dandenong South

South Australia
- Adelaide CBD
- Holden Hill

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MSY Technology
MSY Technology

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    According to Rting's score, the Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed is better in every way compare to this mouse


    • Sure, until the switches die and you find yourself needed to get a new mouse. Replaceable switches is the main reason drawing me to this one.

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      until the switches die

      Is this a thing? I don't think I've ever had this happen.

      I'd just avoid it due to Razer's appalling software but then again I haven't seen what atrocity ASUS is pushing if there is one.

      • Is this a thing?

        Not for some, but I'm on my 5th mouse for the last 10yrs and I'm sick of throwing out an otherwise working mouse due to failed switches (you can still click, but single click become double, triple click etc).

        • Depending on how much the mouse is worth, it might be worth it to just bend the spring in the switch back in shape


          Not too sure why, but my logitech mouse had a terrible quality switch we wore out in just 1.5 years. I've got a corsair mouse atm, and the switch wore at about the 5-6 year mark. When it wore out, I just had to open it up and bend the switch back into place. No soldering needed.

          Putting the switch back is extremely finicky, but doable

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    Weight Without Cable - 110 g. No.

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      does that include the bloatware that is asus armoury? /s

      • +1

        Sadly no, thats an easy +50g more including that :D

    • well, I like my mouse non-skinny.

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