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25% off Your Next Recharge: $120 365 Days Plan for $90 @ Coles Mobile (Existing Users)


Coles is offering a 25% discount on the $120 365 days recharge for existing users, bringing the price down to $90

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  • Hi, Got any details on how to access this offer?
    Just tried from app & website & both showing normal $120.
    Can find any mention of discount.

    • it is targeted.
      you get it when it appears ….

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      You should get this about 1 month before your plan expires - both my mother and I got the offer via text and email. I don't know if it had any effect, but I didn't have auto-renew activated. Maybe if you have auto-renew turned on, turn it off and see if you get the offer then.

    • I just looged on my account on website with less then a month to go for expiry, clicked on recharge and it showed 120$ and a 30$ discount. If you click cancel and comeback to your dashboard, it shows the 25% off offer

  • Just checked as well and cannot see any discount. Could be targetted

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    When you recharge via your account then discount will be applied. Waiting to see if 25% will be applied on promo which is starting in 2 days.

    Plan Details
    Plan $120 Coles Mobile Plan
    Data Allowance 60GB
    Plan Price $120.00
    Discount $30.00
    Plan Expiry 365 Day

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    Oh nice, was planning to get the in-store 20% one posted earlier today to recharge, looks like I was targeted for this after logging in and checking :D

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    horrible service!

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      really? I have been with them for a year but never had any issues.

      • yeah, 3-4 numbers could not be called too, those respective numbers could not call to us as well.

        Coles ended up stating, nothing can be done, 'sorry' and we could never get in contact again.
        Complete horrible service.

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          thats odd

      • If you had you'd know the service is abysmal.

    • I've been using it since many months, but have missed many many calls, I did not even get a notification for these missed calls. Pathetic.
      I was giving interviews, seriously I was lucky to have cracked one early.
      But have been fully utilizing the unlimited international calling facing, making almost more than 5000 minutes every month (USA, UK, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand)

  • 2 coles number, not received

    • I think you need to be close to your expiry dates

  • Just a heads up on recharging - our account was due for renewal Jan 2022. Thought I'd grab the $120 ($95) recharge today 6/10 (recharge has an exp of 26/09/2022)

    Thought may as well recharge with voucher today (before I misplaced it) - wrong decision as account now coming up with exp of 06/10/22 so hasn't banked onto our existing exp of Jan 2022.
    Oh well guess I hop onto chat & see if they can fix :-(

    • Don't think they bank in that way. Afaik, only Lebara stacks your recharge up to 2 years.

    • I found out the hard way. Contact support. They ask for the receipt and then pro rata refund the unused amount.

    • Thanks for the detailed description, you precisely answered the questions I have about recharging by voucher.

  • I had my account set to auto-recharge, with saved card. Showed it was due to renew on Wed 14 Oct, for $90. Checked my account in the early hours of Thur 15th, it hasn't recharged and my old plan has expired. I can't make any calls, and I've lost all my data- still had 50GB to roll over. Heads will roll in the morning when I can talk to someone - they'd better reinstate my data, or I'll be going to the Ombudsman again.

    • That's bad

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