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[eBay Plus, Switch] Metroid Dread $63.71 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


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Decent price on the game delivered. Requires eBay Plus. There are others sellers at the same price.

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  • would you prefer buying a pre-ordered game which will get delayed via AusPost or other alternatives such as C&C from other shops of Amazon's Flex drivers deliveries?

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      Depends how desperate someone is to play this. I'm not that desperate given I'm in the middle of other stuff at the moment, so it's a good price.

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      What's the price difference ?

      • $4.29 cheaper than Amazon (I don't think any other retailers are cheaper than $68)

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          Then you just have to factor in if it's worth waiting an extra week to save $4.29….

          • +1

            @jv: Same as cnut, I'm in the middle of another game at the moment so not urgent to play it.

          • @jv: sometimes its not an extra week… i got 2 parcels which are lost with auspost atm after waiting for 2 weeks (since the purchase date)…

            so yeah, in my case, $4.29 is worth it to get faster (and more guaranteed) delivery

            • @4iedemon: Case dependent, but I think there's more value in organizing for a pick-up on Day-1 than to bank on this marginal saving and rely on AusPost in it's current state.

              I've got orders via registered post (tracking) that are stuck in processing for 3 weeks, and lodging enquiries with AusPost (and calling) is resulting in advice to allow up to a further 15 business days for delivery. Some of the estimated dates I've been given are more than 1 month after order!

              I'll be price-matching Amazon/Gamesmen at JB ($68) for pick-up, just to lock in the lowest possible price for Day 1.

              • @miracle: indeed its case-dependent, thats why i said sometimes… and i prefer Amazon's delivery or click and collect :-)

  • As much as I want to support brick-and-mortar stores, EBGames in my case, I just can't swallow their premium price and went with this. Price difference is a whopping 20%.

    • +7

      Gamesmen is also brick and mortar store so you're all good!

      • Oh cool.

  • I’m still not understanding the hype around this game for switch users. Probably because I haven’t really played 2D games for ages and the gameplay doesn’t look fantastic to me … lol

    Still hesitating to buy it or not, just out of pure FOMO

    • +4

      It's a sequel to Metroid Fusion, which came out nearly 20 years ago. People are really excited to finally see the continuation of the story. Another interesting titbit is that 'Metroid Dread' has been rumoured since 2005, which blew a lot of people's minds when the game first got announced.

    • It's called hype, usually they stop releasing a game for good reason. Back in the day Metroid was good but today it's just another retro style game, the fact that it and Castlevania spawned a genre helps the hype train of course. I'm not saying that the game will be bad, Nintendo very rarely releases a bad game.

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      I'm a late-comer Metroid fan after being a long-term Mario and Zelda kid.

      As much as 3D Metroid (Prime series) is lauded, I understand from other fans, and I agree, that the best game design and feel of Metroid remains in its 2D series, with Super Metroid (SNES) remaining the pinnacle of the series, and argued as one of the best games ever made. Samus Returns (3DS, 2017) is a great recent release in the 2D style with some innovative improvements.

      Metroid games are irregular, so there's not a consistent release schedule like you get with Mario or Zelda. All the more reason to heighten the anticipation for fans of the series.

      There's a lot of modern Metroidvania (or Metroid-like) games that have been released recently, especially since the indie development boom of the last decade, with the Ori series being my pick to give an example. As great as these games are, there is something quintessential in the game design of a Metroid game that you can only appreciate by playing the Nintendo series.

      Metroid has a peculiar place in the debate amongst "best-ofs," because it arguably has a more mature, creative, and intelligent design than other lauded series and yet it's fanbase never developed as strongly.

      If you think the series might catch your imagination (or you're at least interested in gaming history), play Super Metroid (if you haven't). Most games age and do so pretty poorly (original Metroid on NES is an example, IMO), but some games defy age and have a quality that elevates it above all else.

      • On SNES, Super Metroid was seriously an impressive game, and it is still fun to play despite its graphics. Another SNES game that is underrated but equally impressive is Terranigma

        • Actually played Super Metroid a few days ago. Awesome game. I don’t blame people for being excited for Dread. I’m playing fusion at the moment. So I’m down for Dread.

    • Hey, @foodag13 did you hear from Kogan about your Switch OLED pre-order delivery?
      They sent me an email with a $10 voucher saying that the case I bought at the same time won't be shipped until 21st Oct.
      But nothing about the Switch itself

      • +1

        Hey mate, yep really annoying. I just received a late delivery notice…
        See below:

        We regret to inform you that, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to ship your Nintendo Switch Console OLED Model (White) as quickly as originally expected.

        Please accept our most sincere apologies for this delay and for any inconvenience this may cause you. While almost 100% of orders are dispatched on time, in rare circumstances there can be delays outside of our control.

        We are now expecting your order to be dispatched by October 19, 2021.

        As soon as your order is shipped, we will send you a notification email to confirm that it's on its way.

        As a token of our appreciation for your patience, we would like to offer you a $10 Kogan.com eVoucher, which you can use on your next purchase.

        • Yep that's the same email I got (except for the date)

          I just emailed customer service asking for the dispatch date. Saw that people who ordered via the Gamesmen eBay deal has already gotten theirs this morning.

          • @FirstWizard: So much for pre ordering haha. At least we got a better price…

            • @foodag13: exactly! the whole thing about preorder is so that it's delivered at the release.

              and yes I agree

              • @FirstWizard: Hey pal, any news on your order today ? Still no news from kogan on my side … haha

                • @foodag13: Not at all. I got the case yesterday. But still no switch. I sent them like 3 different emails since Friday (8th), no response to any of them apart from the automatic reply saying it'll take 3+ extra business days due to Covid delays.

                  On the order page, it still says payment processed. but has not gone to "processing in warehouse" yet.
                  Also, the Cancel button has dissapeared.

                  • @FirstWizard: I see.. Man, I can tell you I won’t be using them again lol. Just opened a new support ticket to have information on the delivery but from your experience I suspect I won’t get a response either !

                    Happy waiting !..

                  • @FirstWizard: Hey mate, I got a response from Kogan by mail. They sent me my tracking number. It is with Aus Post. Dispatched on the 18th and expected delivery between 21-26 Oct for Sydney metro. Yours should be on its way as well :)

                    • @foodag13: Oh wonderful. Cheers for the news.
                      I'm in the Sydney metro as well. so will keep my finger crossed.

                      • +1

                        @FirstWizard: Got mine today :)

                        • @foodag13: Yep, Auspost sent me an email saying a delivery from Kogan has been left in a safe place at home. So hopefully that's mine.

                          Did they send you the white?

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