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[VIC] 21% off Museums Victoria Annual Membership: Household $78.21 or Adult $46.61


Add to your collection of annual memberships to closed down attractions. Good chance you will never be able to physically enter but you can at least feel good about supporting culture, and maybe even save on parking to stand outside looking longingly at the savings that could have been.

21% off annual memberships until the end of the month.

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Museums Victoria
Museums Victoria

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    You are being a bit rough here: "Good chance you will never be able to physically enter"
    All throughout Covid lock-downs the Melbourne Museum have been very generous with extending membership duration to accommodate for the fact that you can't attend in person.

    • he may mean that it could be the case you need to be vaxed to enter here on in.

      • -2

        246 days and counting…. Highest numbers reported today.. But hey, sure, everything will be back to normal in a few weeks :)

        • +2

          2 weeks to flatten the curve.

          • -3


            flatten the curve.

            Dan missed that boat…

        • +5

          Collective effort is key to dealing with this collective challenge aka covid. Rule-breakers need to own up to the significant increase in numbers. It should be noted that significant surge took place after the AFL grand final and associated illegal gatherings. NSW reached 50% fully vaccinated on September 9 and started seeing numbers going down end of September/beginning of October. As Vic has just reached 50% fully vaccinated (thanks to more vaccines being finally delivered to Vic), there is reason to be hopeful that numbers will start go down towards the end of October or beginning of November.

  • I'd rather wait until they are fully open before joining. Not worth the risk…

    Not interested if they have capacity limits and you need to book to go, and once there, you must be out within 2 hours… Waste of time…

    • I think I'd prefer this. Capacity limits would likely make for a nicer experience. I didn't really like people before all this happened so now it's a good excuse!

      • I think I'd prefer this.

        Getting kicked out out after 2 hours is a waste of time going…

        • They are doing it due to restrict capacity limits.

          However, with membership, entry is free and some specific exhibits have their own bookings.
          There is no actual reason you can't book multiple consecutive exhibit entries or even same day general entry bookings, then it's simply a matter of walking out and back in past the front desk.

          • @Wolfy:

            They are doing it due to restrict capacity limits.

            Yep, that's why I'd rather wait before I join. Don't want to feel rushed…

      • I didn't really like people

        Best not to go to community facilities then.

  • +2

    Should mention the reciprocal benefits available with this:

    Melbourne Museum (Melbourne)
    ScienceWorks (Melbourne)
    Immigration Museum (Melbourne)
    Australian Museum (Sydney)
    Australian National Maritime Museum (Sydney)
    Discovery Science and Technology Centre (Bendigo)
    Powerhouse Museum (Sydney)
    The Museums Discovery Centre (Castle Hill, NSW)
    Sydney Observatory (Sydney)
    National Museum Australia (Canberra)

    The ones who want to make a little extra cash during the pandemic (read extra charges that didn't exist prior to the pandemic):

    Questacon (Canberra)
    Science Space (Wollongong)

    And the ones that might be more challenging to use:

    Science Alive! (Christchurch, NZ)
    Queensland Museum (Brisbane)
    SciTech Discovery Centre (Perth)
    South Australian Museum (Adelaide)

    A few also make a big deal about you generally not residing very close to them or that you must reside interstate. Read the full conditions here: https://museumsvictoria.com.au/join-support/membership/membe...

  • +1

    You can purchase a gift subscription and redeem it later once restrictions ease.
    eg: Household subs $99 down to $78.20 after discount

    I'm not sure on the expiry for redemption though…

  • Unless I missed it completely, doesn't look like you can renew existing membership?

    • +1

      contact them and they'll honour it for a renewal

  • i'm pretty sure you can buy this now, but not activate it. I was given a membership earlier this year, and was given a link to activate it (haven't done it yet)

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