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100% Cashback on Discounted Woolworths Mobile 12GB, 30GB & 42GB 30-Day Prepaid Starter Packs @ Cashrewards


100% Cashrewards cashback on these discounted Woolworths Mobile Starter Packs. Obviously the 42GB 30 day starter pack for $15.00 is the one to buy but all 3 have 100% cashback.

Special Terms on Cashrewards

Cashback is eligible for customers buying a new service (SIM) & new sign-ups (new customers). Cashback is ineligible on recharges to existing services.

Cashback is limited to two prepaid services per member per month, provided they are purchased across separate transactions. Cashback is paid on only one plan/item per order/transaction, regardless of the number of plans/items purchased on that order/transaction.

Service must be activated within 30 days of purchase and remain active for 30 days to be eligible for cashback.

Cashback is ineligible if sale is cancelled, withdrawn, changed, refunded.

Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or discount code unless listed on this page, or with any other discounts such as staff or student discounts.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +31

    Just FYI, you can use the starter pack value to go towards any other plan when activating.

    Eg. Buy $40 pack for $0 ($15 - $15 cash back). Then use it towards one of the long expiry plans - 180 day becomes $25, 365 day 100GB plan becomes $110.
    (145GB plan is already $20 off plus another $20 cash back).

    • Thanks for info

    • $25 for 180 days sounds great - how much data do you get, doing it that way?

      • 15GB

      • +2

        Only 15 GB over 180 days so 2.5GB per month.

        • +1

          will finish in a week

          • @puan123: More like in less than a few hrs if downloading a game or streaming 2160p content….

        • +5

          Buy 2 in separate transactions.
          Activate one on 180 day plan the other on 42GB 30 day, gift 21GB.

    • 100GB 365 day seems similar value as coles 120GB 365 day?
      Oh, but there's 10% off woolworths shopping every month.
      Coles unlimited international calls may not worth that much?

    • Cheers, is this an easy to do online process when activating? Or do you have to stuff around talking to someone getting them to transfer the credit to a different type of plan than what you bought?

      $25 upfront for 6-9 months of 10% off groceries could be worth it without even worrying about the mobile plan…

      • +3

        When I did it 2 months ago, it was very straight-forward. When activating you can choose any of the plans and then pay the difference.
        Hopefully it's still like that!

        • Cool, sounds good! Thanks.

      • +1

        From the FAQ;

        10% off your shop offer is available to eligible Woolworths Mobile customers 45 days post activation. To be eligible you must have linked your Everyday Rewards card to your Woolworths Mobile account. You must have recharge your Pre-paid service before credit expiry or keep your payments up to date on your active Postpaid service. Terms & Conditions apply. Woolworths reserves the right to cancel or amend this offer at any time without notice.

        So first month is not counted and if you activated on the plans with 30 day expiry and make no further recharge, you won't be eligible.

        • I didn't recharge on a 30 day plan, but I got 10% off my shop recently (> 45 days after activation).

          • @Its4me: Same here .. (I let my friend use the 10% discount though)

      • good point

    • +4

      Will you still get cashback when you activate it as long expiry plans? I think Cashreward only valid for certain plans?

      • will cashback applies if one chooses 30 day expiry and not renew monthly but at the same time do not cancel the plan?

    • e-sim possible?

    • can we still get same cash back if we activate different plan? for an example, if we purchase $40 pack then we are eligible for $15 cash back, but if we activate 180 day plan within 30 days, are we eligible for $15 cash back or $ 3.50 ?
      Postpaid Phone Plans $50
      SIM Only Plans $25
      Prepaid 365-Day $150 Plan $20
      Prepaid 365-Day $200 Plan $20
      Prepaid 30-Day $40 Plan $15
      Prepaid 30-Day $30 Plan $12
      Prepaid 30-Day $20 Plan $8
      Prepaid 180-Day $65 Plan $3.50

    • +1

      I'm a bit thick, but how do you use it towards the long expiry plan? So you buy the $40 pack (now $15) and you get $15 cashback, effectively buying for $0. How does the 180 day (which ordinarily costs $65) become $25? It seems to me in the first 30 days, you just have more data (because of the data from the $40 pack, which is now free with the cashback).

      • You buy $40 pack, then apply it to redeem $65 plan. 65-40= You pay$25
        That’s how I understand it.

        • Thank you, and is it easy to redeem on a long expiry plan? I'm dumb so I need a walkthrough.

          • @JumpinJack012: after typing in the SIM serial number it shows a list of the plans, you just click on the plan in the list

    • I read the t&c, it says that cashrewards is ineligible if sale is changed. Does doing this count as changing? because I want to buy the $40 pack and change to 365 day plan.

  • +1

    So useful thanks.

  • +1

    Service must remain active for 30 days, so you cancel on the 31st day which means it has already renewed? Cancelling on the 30th day will mean it has only been active for 29 full days?

    • +3

      It won't be a problem if you cancel auto renewal & don't port out until day 31.

      • If I remember correctly, say I were to try and port my number to kogan after a 30 full days with Woolies mobile, Kogan would require me to reply to an sms to confirm port initiation. How would I do that if I my 30 day Woolies plan has lapsed? My only thought is a free sms site that uses your number as the sender? - only if smspup was still up and running but sigh. Suggestions please.

    • +2

      remain active for 30 days

      Disable recharge and still counted as active for 90 days

      10% off monthly shopping perk still lasts for a few months.

      • Really? That means 10% monthly shopping for free?

        • 10% discount on total bill

  • +2

    Does anyone know if the SIM arrives pre activated like Amaysim ones? Just conscious that in order to get thecashback, the service has to be activated within 30 days of purchase, and also there's a message when you're checking out that delivery could take 10 to 15 business days due to delays with the post office.

    • +1

      Not pre-activated. I ordered twice recently. It seems to be shipped after a week and arrives in two days. Probably 9-10 days after you order it.

    • Wait what? Amayasim SIMs are already ticking down the days before you even get them? That would surely be illegal?

      • The activation date should automatically reset once their system detects you using the SIM (even if you don't want it to reset).

        That doesn't necessarily always happen (and there may be particular reasons for why it doesn't happen), but it seems to be the norm.

  • Do they have wifi calling yet?

    • Noob question: what's the advantage of WiFi calling?

      • +2

        If you have crappy/no reception at your house it can make calls better. Though in my experience it's still not perfect, but certainly better than not having reception at all.

        • +4

          This ^

          I get NO signal at all where I live but Wi-Fi calling allows both SMS and Calls to go through using the Wi-Fi

    • +1

      Not yet

  • +3

    Cashback is eligible for customers buying a new service (SIM) & new sign-ups (new customers)

    meaning must sign up with new email?

    • Can we still sign up with the same name and address but new number (previously bought this deal)?

  • Do these sim packs have an expiry date? how long can you wait before you activate?

    • +2

      Must be Activated within 30days to get the cashback.

    • +1

      30 days for cashback. No point to risk.

      This deal seems to be monthly now. If not need it, order it next time.

      • ok if i decide not to get the cashback and activate in Feb i still can right?, just getting one for my wife now but i dont need it till Feb these usually have a 6-12 month period to activate yeah? also how long do they usually take to deliver? it says 10-15 days or something.

        • +1

          Comment above said takes a week before they send it out, then another 2-whatever ( covid tax and depends where

          you are ). You should be ok to activate between now to 6-18 months from now, just miss out on cashback.

          I would not buy too far out from needing to activate as various offers often come up such as this.

      • Last time I did it, CR paid within two weeks of activating the SIM.

        Whereas SB paid at the very end of the window, around two months after activating the SIM.

  • +1
    1. Any idea how long your card will be active and receive text messages and call without recharging? I need to keep an aussie card when I will go abroad to receive a text message from a bank etc. but will not need it for calling.
    2. Can you transfer your current phone number here?
    • +2

      The answer.

      Of course you can bring your number.

    • Comment from previous deal says number stays active for 90 days now.

  • +3

    Offer expires: Oct 12, 2021, 11:59:00 PM

    • +1

      Thanks for the info. Will buy the second sim on the 12th so I could milk the free data an extra week.

  • So we are allowed 2 x any packs(even the same packs) we need to go through CashReward in 2 separate transactions?

    • Or buy one via Shopback if you use it.

      • I don't have shopback so it's got to be CashRewards x 2. I probably need 1GB/day for the new NBA season while travelling home. Would be nice to get 2 x 42GB plans FREE and activate the second one as late as possible within the 30 days from purchase.

  • -1

    can I port out in the 31st day? or remain activate (but not renew the plan after 1 month) —- will I get cashback in such way?

    • FYI, my cashback in CR account turned Approved 45 days after order, 34 days after activation. I did not recharge it and just leave it expired.

      Do not stretch and risk for it.

      • thanks for your experience!

  • Thanks.
    Hope it’s better than my $4 Lebara for 15gb. It’s atrocious, 4g no where, and it’s slow when it is there.

    Risky business having the plan lapse before jumping to a new network. Hope it works :/

    • +1

      Hmms WFH, too many price options. How much data do I need when lockdown ends. Oh the decisions

    • Actually on further consideration, I’m waiting for a Telstra 500$ JB HIFI Gift card deal.
      This deal is a gamble if I have to port out beforehand.

    • Just signed up for the Lebara triple data $4 offer and love it, getting 4G everywhere I've been over Melbourne (within 15kms travel limit of my home, of course, being South Yarra)
      As for speeds, impressive for 4G, I just got 185Mbps down, 26.6Mbps up and 15ms ping :)

      Where do you live?

      • I live in South West Sydney.
        Ive had a terrible experience.

        • Are you using a local AU distributed device or an imported handset? (thinking about the bands, which is a typical issue on this front)

          • @SimAus007: iPhone 11 Pro Max, aus stock I assume.

            I’ve got 10 days still, and working from home, so should be bearable.

            • @Owgasm: Hopefully, it is (if it was from a local retailer it certainly would be). There are 4 versions of the iPhone 11 Pro Max around the world, the only difference being the frequency bands it covers, which will heavily impact coverage with different providers here if it's not the AU version.
              Anyway, best of luck :)

  • To be able to access the 10% shopping discount, is there any way that I can link my Rewards Account now, as I have not yet received the SIM card etc etc?

    I tried to link during sign-up, but got a server error.

    • Me too. But it does say u can link when the service is activated later.

      • Its broken

      • It does - but it takes 45 days!? I was hoping to link it now, so that I could use it :-\

        • It's a bit suss….

  • I used ShopBack and bought 2x$40 sims for $30 total. ShopBack tracked and only gave me $20…despite ShopBack’s cashback listing it at $15 each…

  • This is a good deal, have switched to the 6 month plan for both myself and my parents =)

    Would stock up if didn't need to activate in 30 days lol, keep this deal going please!!

  • +2

    I'm currently on Telstra $59 80GB with the $500 JB Gift Card. Plan expires very soon so I'm thinking of porting out for a month to something else and then porting back in with the $400 Gift Card deal with Telstra. Can I use this Woolworths deal to port out or is there a better solution?

    • +1

      What deal is the $400 gift card with Telstra? Just did a quick search and couldn't find anything.

    • I am the same, hoping for another 12 month + GC deal, while using this to port out for 30 days

      edit- does Woolworths use Telstra? Any issues with porting out and back in, like there usually is for Boost deals?

  • Can we arrange C&C on this? Check out only shows delivery and it says expect 10-15 business days…

    • +1

      No, the sims are not sent out by your local store they are sent out from a third party warehouse

  • Can you pick up a sim in store and still get the cashback offer? Correct me if im wrong, but if you purchase online, you need to wait for sim to be delivered before activating?

  • Does anyone know if this SIM card can be used as an Esim on my iPhone ?

  • Is my understanding correct:

    100% cashback on $40 simpack is free?

    • +2

      You get charged $15 for the discounted $40 42GB sim and CashReward will credit you $15 which is 100% of what you paid. My $15 already tracked.

      • Same as mine. $15 tracked.

  • +1

    How long will the number stay valid for after the initial month if you don't top up?

    • The number used to stay valid for 6 months, so people could still call you but you couldn't call back. Not sure if it's changed or still the same.

    • +1

      You can receive calls and SMS for 90 days after the recharge expires, then for the next 90 days the mobile number is still 'active' but cannot receive calls or SMS, then after that it's terminated

  • +1

    Does anyone know which networks still require a sms reply to port out a number and if you need credit to do so when the plan expires?

    • Vodafone and you do not need credit anymore.

  • Hello,
    If my family members and I subscribed to the mobile plans, can we link them to one everyday rewards account? And if we could, would we only get 2 x 10% discount for groceries with the same everyday rewards account or more?

    • No, you need two different EDR and two different WM login ID.

      I did test myself recently. You can put two numbers under one WM login ID, but you can only nominate one EDR. Thus, the best is to make individual login.

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