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Baseus Computer Monitor Mounted LED Light Bar $30.59 ($29.87 eBay Plus) Delivered @ baseus_officialstore_au eBay


Great price on the Baseus Monitor Light Bar when stacked with both coupons CELEBR10 & PSEVAS15 or PSEVAS17 for eBay Plus members.

Original Coupon Deal

Mod Note 410pm: The eBay seller changed the product on the listing, the deal is not available again, it's a different/lesser product.

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  • +3

    What a bright idea!

    • +5

      I don't see the point of this product ? to see your keyboard? wouldn't be better and cooler with the led strip behind the monitor.

      • +2

        I am guessing it would be for people who wants to light up the area in front of the monitor.

        I am kind of thinking about getting this because it'd help with me taking notes on paper (I do prefer using a pen and paper, especially if it is for a class). I probably can get a desk lamp, but I think it'd take up a lot of a space.

      • +23

        this is to light up all the dust that accumulated on your monitor surface and make it 100x more annoying.

        very solid product, I have 5

        can't live without them

        • +4

          how do you need 5? A monitor only has 4 sides…. another one on your forehead?

          • +1

            @siuol: 5th one is on the second monitor

            anyway every self respecting Ozbargainer should have like 10 Dell monitors no less, with all these awesome deals posted by.. jv? can't remember

      • +2

        I bought one for giggles but now it's an essential part of my setup (even though I still don't like the added bulk). It helps with seeing things on your desk when taking notes, finding a document, etc. My eyes also doesn't feel as tired compared to before using the light.

      • It's different, I have LED strips behind my monitor as it reduces eye strain staring at the monitor but that doesn't help in lighting up whatever is in front of me. I have a desk lamp but the glare from the lamp itself is not very comforting so this product would solve both problems while taking up basically no space.

      • I have both. Light bar + led strips behind the monitor. It’s to increase ambient light and reduce direct light from the monitor to reduce eye strain. Works for me.

  • +3

    I have this one - great price!

    Just a disclaimer tho - if you have a thiccer monitor it'll have difficulty with fit

    • +1

      Good job at pointing this out, my monitor is a bit rounded at the top so it's not very secure. Might need double sided tap to help secure it more.

    • Did you spell it like that on purpose?

      • Yes

  • +1

    How's this thing controlled? Over pc, phone, or buttons?

    • +2

      Touch sensitive strip

      • +2


        • +1

          You're welcome

  • Anyone using a curved one they can recommend?

    • I can tell you in a couple of weeks time. I just ordered the Blitzwolf BW-CML3 from Banggood for US$47 for my dell 32" curved monitor.

    • I have Samsung 27 inch curved monitors and they fit fine. I think it is a different model to this deal but bought from JB HiFi so I could easily return them if they did not fit my screen.
      I bought 2 for $58 when they were on special and they are great to use.


      Previous OzB thread

    • Benq Screenbar (not cheap but is high quality). I have the U4919DW which has a thick panel and tried the Xiaomi one, and it did not sit over. It's not so much the curvature as much as it is the back thickness of the panel, as both monitor desk lights hover above the screen.

    • You might want to checkout this curved light bar.

  • +3

    Does this make your screen hard to see?

    • +2

      No, it doesn't shine any light on the screen. Only shines light on the surface in front of it.

      • +5

        Well the photos clearly shows light on the screen.

        • Agree. Shining light on the monitor screen will be a stupid concept.

        • You set it so the nearest edge of the light throw is parallel to your screen and not shining.on it. The image is just to convey that it emits light.

  • worth it?

  • Ask your self first .! Do you really want this.? Lolz

    • +13

      ozbargain way is buy now work it out later.

      • +4

        This is the way

  • +6

    It’s worth getting one. However I’d recommend spending a bit more and get the xiaomi one that has a wireless control puck. You’ll thank me that adjusting and turning on and off doesn’t keep putting pressure on the bar sitting on top of the monitor. Sounds gimmicky at first but it’s a great design.

    Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar - Monitor Light Bar https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08W2C5W59/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

    • +7

      $30 v $80. I’d say that’s a lot more not a bit more.

    • +2

      I have the Xiaomi one and I totally agree - so much better controlling brightness and on/off from the wireless control puck than having to touch the light bar sitting on top of a monitor.

      • That’s where I got mine last month took two weeks to arrive. Quicker than auspost at the moment lol.

    • +8

      Come for the cheap stuff.

      Stay for the upsell.

    • +1

      I have the Blitzwolf one and it remembers the last used settings. I have it powered via my monitor USB port so it turns on and off with my monitor and no need to touch it as don't really need to change once it's set how I like it (unless you want if off while the monitor is on)

  • +2

    Surprised JB Hifi is selling something like Baseus . What a feat!

  • Worth a try.

  • from the title photo, it casts too mich light on the screen.
    i would stay away from this.
    i am using a Mi screen light, much better light pattern.

    • I have both and the photo is definitely a photo of an incorrect setup - if you don't shine it at the screen, it directs the light onto the desk just as well as the Xiaomi one. Main difference is in the controls and light settings available - but the light pattern is no different really.

  • Sometimes your ozb trained mind reads what it wants..

    Computer Monitor $30.59

  • +1

    I strongly recommend Xiaomi one, the wireless controller is excellent!!

  • this or xiaomi?

  • Buy now think later?

    • unless u really really dont need it

  • If you make an offer for a few dollars cheaper, they will most likely accept and then you should be able to apply both coupons to save even more.

  • Is it good to put on macbook pro 13 inch?

  • How does this compare?
    [AU$34.72 39% OFF]BlitzWolf® BW-SLT1 Computer Monitor Light Bar with Dual Light Source RA95 Color Rendering 3 Color Temperature Asymmetrical Optical and Memory Function Smart Light from Lights & Lighting on banggood

  • -2

    I ordered 2 ikea floor standing light stands at 10bux each. Placed them on the desk and fitted dimmable hue bulbs. Illuminated the entire desk without light shining on the face.

    • a major point of using monitor lights is to reduce clutter tho

      • The stands are not cluttering much. Its just a temp setup till I get move to a different house. That table aint big enough for my needs.


    • +1

      Thinking about it, could probably get an LED strip, usb powered if you have ports on your monitor would be even better, stick it to bottom edge of your monitor.
      The light spill would probably be enough to light up your keyboard and wouldn't shine in your eyes.

      • The reason why I got this is to reduce my eye fatigue. This is a rented house and there is a bulb behind my seat but not above the monitor. I wanted something right above the monitor. Now my eye pain has reduced without any glare. If you use coles bulbs, this would cost just 28 bux to setup. I used hue, so that I can dim the light when watching movies.

      • I think you should invest in some dual monitor mounts.

        • Thats on my wishlist, but not until I move to another house with a bigger table. This is just a temp setup. A bigger table and a 38" alienware for sure.

  • I use it, like it very much. Makes the workspace well lighted.

  • For some reason the thumbnail makes me irrationally angry.


  • Why are these LED monitor lights getting so popular? What's the real use of it?

    • +1

      If the lighting is bad and you want lights without fixing a new light on the wall/ceiling above you. Or if your computer is in the bedroom and your partner is sleeping and you dont want to shine light on their face. I cant think of any other advantages.

      • Wouldn't it clash with the screen brightness/lighting from the monitor?

        • I dunno, i dont have one. People seem to be happy with them. I didnt want to risk spending 50 bux, so I created my own - See couple of posts above.

          • +2

            @John Doh: Nice setup. Can I ask why do you have a bottle of salt in your bedroom?

            • +1

              @KindSifu: I tend to watch netflix and have dinner there. And I prefer more salt in my food then others at home ;) Easier if there is one available on the desk.

    • Half the world spent some time working from home. They are a great addition for work desks that might not have the best lighting for the task already.

      For me, my lighti g was too warm and behind me. This light up all my reading material and keyboard, reduces eye strain and takes no desk space or power point (usb powered).

      People who spend big on a mouse but back at these are make no sense to me. This made a bigger improvement.

  • +1

    And the webcam goes where?

    • On top of the light.

      • Have you actually done that?

  • My partner has the Xiaomi version, it's great but I couldn't justify spending $60 on another one. Hopefully this one is good, bought.

  • Got it from AliExpress directly from China last year, paid $40+, love it, my daily driver and never had a problem.

  • Would these help with lighting up your face on video calls?

    • A little bouncing off the desk. If you really want to light up for Web cam meetings look for a high cri led light or make one out of Aliexpress bits. I put an led strip in an aluminium channel with a frosted cover in the corner behind my desk with a Gledepto controller. On and off, dimming and colour set with Alexa voice commands. Has been great.

  • Thanks
    $20.59 delivered with pulse offer.

  • Damn, I have downlight direct on my computer but that lamp looks aesthetically pleasing. Tempted. Hmm.

  • +2

    Lol the product link now seems to point to a new product - what magic is this

  • $24.89 now and back in stock

    • +1

      different item now

    • +1

      Different product, monitor light bar sold out and they changed product link.

      • +1

        I placed an order with the changed product and clicked cancel 1 min later and now they decline the cancellation and provided a tracking number.

        • Same, placed order and the item changed, waiting for them to proceed with cancellation. Very cheeky using same item number and replace the item.

          • +1

            @jiancoek: mine is a bit different I made an offer of $30 then they declined my offer. When I checked my declined offer the price changed to $29.99 even lower than my offer. I placed the order and then found the item changed. I clicked cancel the order 2 mins before the order confirmation and 30mins later I received cancellation declined and order shipped. Then I contacted them I received an auto message they are out fo office due to the public holiday. the seller is too tricky.

            • @RichardF89: Yes, I got the same out of office auto message as well. So someone in the office switch the product and suddenly they are out of office. Great to build their reputation.

              • +1

                @jiancoek: they have people in the office to change the order to sent and provide tracking number but no people to cancel the order

                • @RichardF89: Got email that item delivery on it way with tracking number. Do you have any luck cancelling the order ?

  • My monitors has 30mm thickness. Can anyone advice some suitable monitor light please?

  • +1

    They may consider that's a smart move but I think it's tricky! Sorry mate. It should be a new post.

    • Agree, they switch product which is tricky. I had the item in my cart for a while, then checked out and pay and realized the product was switched.

      Not sure how to cancel the order.

      • +1

        can't cancel. see my above comment

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