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[PC] $0: Chop Chop Princess! @ Indiegala


Thanks to dealbot. Enjoy :)

Princess adventures in Zephyr Kingdom
One grown-up divorced princess CHCHP is going through existential crisis.
Runaway from reality leads her to the childhood where one sweet memory is waiting, and this is her childhood friend, Teddy bear.
But in childhood near the toys there had always been lava and dragons.
Troublemaker dragon is sending 99 troubles to hunt the princess CHCHP who dreams to escape from reality. From now on you decide whether her escape is successful or not.

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    "More than 20 unique traps will forcemeat you"


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    I'm never going to download the game… But thanks OP, for giving me the opportunity to click through and read that description of the game.

  • "🤩 From today you can also use our galaClient (beta) to download our drm free products."

    Anyone tried it yet?

    • +1

      Yes. Been available for a while and it works fine. Seems to be updated on a regular basis.

      Like other game clients. Makes it much easier to see, find and install games in your Indiegala collection. Scrolling through 35 pages and 270 games on the Indiegala web site one at a time can be a pain. Especially if you just want to browse and see what games you have in you collection.

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    New freebie - The Last Time

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