This was posted 3 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$50 off $150 Spend: Harvey Norman, The Good Guys $10 off $50 JB Hi-Fi, Catch, Cotton on | $25 off $75 Spend: Kogan @ LatitudePay



On October 14 to 16, choose LatitudePay and get $50 off your $150+ purchase.

To redeem $50 OFF, select LatitudePay at checkout and discount will be deducted at LatitudePay Payment schedule. Single use only. Offer available on LatitudePay smaller buys only. Available Online Only. Offer available to new and existing customers. Minimum spend $150. Offer ends 11:59pm AEST 16/10/2021

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    • I managed to buy two games and then add a $25 Xbox gift card to make the difference to the $159 spend, and I got the discount. Maybe it’s only specific gift cards not eligible.

  • More cheap beer

  • I can’t get the discount to appear on Catch, any suggestions? I’ve used it on Kogan and JB successfully.

    • Some websites like Catch and Retravision seem to be having issues

    • same

  • Anyone able to buy Xbox live card on tgg?

    • I bought one from Harvey Norman, already had it delivered to email

      • I bought from HN few minutes after midnight.

        I bought the rest from Joyce and domayne an hour ago.

  • Anyone know if theres a limit to the stores, I've used it successfully on Harvey and JB. Can't seem to get it to show the -$10 discount or -$50 discount on the Good Guys.

    • I was curious about this also, looking to do an order at HN and Kogan potentially. The fine print isn't clear.

  • Any good deals for AirPods Pro?

  • i only got 400 credit, can i use 400 and pay the rest on credit card?

  • +3

    signed up and got denied lmfaoo

    all i did was enter name and address

    • +1


    • They did a credit check, not sure why I got denied. My credit history is solid :(

  • Is it one use per account? Or I can use one time in each store?

    • can use one time in each store

  • what if I buy from HN online then return it in store, would they credit the 150 to my card? easy 50$?

    • No they'll credit your LP account instead.

      • ok

  • just bought one of these

    came out to be 362 delivered

  • +1

    Just bought iPad 9th Gen 64GB from HN using this deal. Thanks OP

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    Several items on the good guys have had their price jacked by $50 bucks overnight - I was eyeing off some jabra 75t wireless $199 yesterday, $249 this morning.

    • Several sales ended yesterday and new ones started which will be ending in few days and new ones will be starting

      • -6

        thank you for explaining how sales work…

        This was not in line with usual sales promotion, the cheapest price I was seeing in market was around $168 yesterday. The price increase ensures that with latitude pay, the total discount aligns with that price still.

        It's possible it is by chance, but as someone who works in pricing and promotion analysis I don't for a second believe that that is the case.

    • +3

      Logitech Streamcam was $198 yesterday at Harvey Norman and I was planning to purchase today using Lattitude Pay.
      But, the price is now $279!
      Not only their team made sure that the price is matching with others like JB Hi-Fi ($229), but also they went one step further and added $50 which we're supposed to save from Lattitude Pay offer!
      Its unbelievable!

      • bingo - I gave OP a bit of perhaps unnecessary attitude to his response, but I don't understand why he's sticking up for the retailer here when the pricing tactics are pretty obvious.

        Ozbargain normally takes a dim view of prices that are increased only to be 'discounted' back down to their previous price.

    • +4

      Holy shit this forum and you people here are toxic AF.

      This guy here has a good point. The logitec Powerplay wireless charging mat was $159 before this went live now it’s $198 and i was planning to buy that.


  • does catch work for anyone?

  • +1

    Recommend reading into LattitudePay just to be informed before you make a purchase :)

    • Use the service for the discount and then pay it off immediately

      • +4

        User should be banned from Ozbargain if they use it in any other way

      • What's the reason for this? I see below someone wrote:
        "I used Lattitude Pay on TGG. paid off the whole payment plan in one go. and now they have suspended my account?"

        If there are no fees and if you pay on time (I'm assuming autodebit from my 28Degs card), why bother paying off early?

      • +3

        Why on earth would you pay it off immediately ? There are no charges, just leave the payments to collect - they're automatic !

        • +5

          Why on earth would you leave it there and risk somehow forgetting/accidentally not leaving enough money in your account and getting a late fee/charged interest if you intended and have the ability to buy it up front anyway?

          • +4


            risk somehow forgetting/accidentally not leaving enough money in your account

            If those things are happening in the operation of your finances, then I've got nothing. I'm out 😁

        • i've always wondered this - i think some people are under the impression the impact on your credit is different? (i'm aware that it isn't)

        • Thanks Nom, that's what I understood.

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    uh, I used Lattitude Pay on TGG. paid off the whole payment plan in one go. and now they have suspended my account?? I was hoping to go again at HN and Kogan

    • +1

      Contact them. That’s what they do with first payment.

      • thanks. just sent an email. any idea on what the turn around would be?

        • +1

          I haven’t had to contact them, so unsure about that sorry

        • +1

          call them they are quick on phone. their email support is annoying

          • +1

            @ozbargainerlife1: cheers @Pricebeat and @ozbargainerlife1 - I gave them a call and it's all sorted now

  • Good time for those needing to get Apple Pencil Gen2 for $149

  • I think the buggy mess resulting in a lot of people being denied is a result of the addresses not matching. You can contact them to resolve it but then you still might run into the other issues people are finding above. Not worth my time tbh.

  • Strange, I do not get an option of latitude pay at check out.

  • Can someone tell me can i use house10 code promo at good guys and this LatitudePay $50 off $150 spend.

    I take both will work and i just use go on the LatitudePay payment option on the goodguys site and dont need to go through some links to work.

    Also can LatitudePay purchases be paid off, i have one already ongoing where i have about 4 or 5 payments paid so far and if i get a new purchase im still under my credit limit.
    But be good to pay off one or both later if wished.

    Also can i use if i wanted this LatitudePay $50 off good guys $150 spend and say $10 jb hifi $50 spend or only one?
    And it's ok im over the spend as long as im not under.

    Also i need to check out price of an item what site is best to see if it's went up in price or has been cheaper.

  • +1

    Belkin BoostCharge Dual 15W Wireless Charging Pad - Black discounted really well if anyone is in the market. $68 each with two 15w wireless charging concurrently, cheapest price at the moment of all retailers that I can see.

  • Does the discount show up in the Harvey norman / TGG basket? Or in lattitude pay?

    • In LatitudePay. Make sure you have atleast $150 to pay at LP when you checkout.

      • What do you mean by this? You need to make sure you have more than $150 available in your LatitudePay account

        • +2

          Example for Harvey Norman , this doesn't work for TGG:

          Cart Total: $200
          Apply Gift card: $50
          Payment Pending: $150

          So make sure Payment amount pending amount in the end is $150 or more before you go to LP portal for the payment. The $50 discount gets applied on their page.

          • @rake: Yes so if an item is say 395 and i get it down with say 330 or something with gg code and use LatitudePay which gives $50 off $150 or more spend becomes less than $300.
            So am all good right.
            It does not have to be $150 spend right it can be more and as long as i have that limit available to spend in my LatitudePay.

  • catch—- I made a purchase and then rang latitude- they applied the discount to my payment over the phone.

    If you have issues with discount appearing make purchase and then call them

  • Anyone know the site you use to check previous prices on an item? To see if its been less or currently more etc

      • That's the one but weird when i put in item only place comes up is catch nobody else.
        How does everyone know or post when things get cheaper or have been more as this does not seem to be great.

  • +4

    FYI for those paying off immediately - Lattitude locks your account - <5mins to sort out via phone including wait time

    For convenience make all / as many of the purchases you plan on making THEN pay them all off so it's only 1 call!

  • +1

    Be careful with paying off your full account straight away they will block your account then you need to call them to unblock it if you want to purchase from another store.

    • Be careful with paying off your full account straight away

      Why would you do this ? The payments are automated, manually intervening is just extra work for you 🤷‍♂️

      • I guess I should've read what I signed up to? lol, I thought there might be some kind of fee's so I just paid it off straight away. I guess not.

      • Zip introduced Buy Now feature on their platform now. So they can get the TTV still.

  • Anyone got a list of what is/isn't included? I'm not getting the Latitude Pay option in my cart at all.

  • Any good deals for this Ninja blender?

    Was hoping to get TGG to price match it to $275 and then use the HOUSE10 code but unfortunately they can’t do both. Lowest I get it to is $270 over the phone

  • Got $50 off from TheGoodGuys and paid the remainder with Commbank Step ($20 off over $100). Not sure whether the Commbank offer will be counted or not. Will see

  • Any AirTag deals?

  • Used the offer combined with a $100 HN gift card to pre-order Series 7 Apple Watch in store.

  • +1

    Lads for the love of god. DO NOT pay off your purchase in full right away if you have a new account. It will be blocked then flagged for fraud. You'll then have to ask for the block to be removed.

  • Curses. It seemed like everywhere had Kindle Paperwhites for $150, but now that I have a reason to buy one they've all disappeared.

  • Is it different than gem visa credit card?

    • Gem is a credit card. This is a Buy Now Pay Later product. Similar to afterpay etc. Except you pay it off in 10 weekly installments.

      • I have latitudepay account and it says me to add a card so any card is find debit/credit?

        • Yep you can use either a credit card or debit card (Visa or MasterCard) Just international cards are excluded.

  • Can LatitudePay link to any Mastercard or Visa? Or does it have to specifically be a Latitude Finance Credit Card? Their website doesnt actually specify.

    • Any credit card

      • thanks! so if its any card, do you simply register any MC or Visa with LatitudePay and buy the item at JB saying you want it on LatitudePay, and then Latitude charge your CC every week?

  • Does anyone know if the cashback amount is deducted from the price at an in-store purchase?

    • Cashback? Like cash rewards and shopback? Regular price before GST.

      • Sorry, no, so if I spend $150 instore, do I just pay $100 at the cash register when paying with Latitudepay? And how do you pay via Latitudepay?

        • Via their app. Latitude must see an invoice of $150 before even offering you the $50 off when will be automatically applied when invoiced.

  • BS. Just tried to apply and got rejected. Never had a blip or debt to my name.

    • It's mostly to do with the address. Try contacting them to sort it out.

      • Raised a request, lets see.
        In the meantime I'm doing a credit check through Experian

    • Same issue here, I've tried to contact their support, hopefully they respond in time

    • Same - never had any marks against my name, completely debt free & have been for a very long time.

      I've requested a copy of my credit report through Experian to see if that might shed some light. Perhaps I simply don't have enough 'history' for them to make a judgement.

      • +1

        I did exactly what you have done when Latitude Pay rejected my application a few months ago. I was very surprised, and thought like you I might not have enough credit history. I contacted their support, and eventually I was given credit. I missed out on the promotion at the time, but have used Latitude Pay successfully in two promotions since.

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