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[Switch] Saints Row IV Re-Elected $19 or 2 for $30 with Selected Titles + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi Fi


Hi everyone,

Thought this deal on saints row 4 on the switch is pretty cheap, bundle it with some of the games below and you'll have yourself quite the bargain


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JB Hi-Fi

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    This is a great game.

    I bought it in the last sale and has been sitting on my shelf for the past few months.

    Highly recommended.

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      Disagree. It's glorified DLC pretending to be a full game. Almost all the actual content is stripped out and it's mostly activities and fetch quests.It practically killed the franchise for a decade.

      SR the Third is good though.

    • Got my copy for $10 from EB back in the day, still plastic wrapped

      • $10 is an ok price for what it is so you can make your collection look bigger than it would otherwise be.

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    Thanks Op, will check out the 2 for $30 games.

    Last time I ordered 2 games for click & collect and they gave me preowned copies.

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    The game series where you can adjust your genital size.

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