[NSW] Captain’s Table Chilli Salt Water Crackers (Short Expiry) $0 @ Tamex Import Export (Mount Druitt)


When I was visiting my local grocery, I noticed that they are giving these pallets of crackers for free due to short expiry date. According to them, they shall still be eaten for a week or 2.

The address:
Tamex Import Export
5/42 Kurrajong Ave, Mount Druitt NSW 2770

The gates opens Mon-Fri 9 am - 5:30pm until all are picked.

I declare not responsible for the consumption of these crackers. I am just submitting this to whoever interested.

Friday 08/10/2021 Update:
2 Pallets remaining.

While you are their support that local business.
From personal shopping experience, they provide cheapest prices across all household items.

I wish everyone a good day.

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  • +47

    cracker deal OP!

    • +15

      You'd be salty if you missed it!

      • +6

        They’re good for a chilly day!

        • +10

          I thought he was quitting the exporting, and just focusing on the importing?

  • +4

    Better than amazon who make it a "warehouse" deal

  • +2

    Polly want a cracker

    • +6

      I think I should get off her first

      • +2

        I think she needs some water

        • +1

          To put out the blow torch

    • HairyChicken want one too?

  • +2

    Don’t worry everyone most on Ozbaragin lives down the west, these be all gone before you know it!

  • +2

    Thanks, grabbed 500.

    • kiraBroden

  • +9

    BYO forklift.

  • +6

    According to them, they shall still be eaten for a week or 2.

    I understand they probably need to cover themselves but honestly, what is going to happen to crackers 1 week past their best before? The chili and salt water going to react and blow up?

    • +11

      blow up your toilet maybe….

    • +2

      usually nothing but who knows, best before date means you can still eat things past a couple of day or weeks depending on what type of food it is, it all depends on how its stored but why take a risk?

      • +5

        why take a risk?

        For crackers? The only risk you're taking is they'll eventually go stale. Or for the trip and the flavour? To which I'll agree, they'd likely end up in the bin lol

        A 'best before' date means the food is still safe to eat after the date as long as it is not damaged, deteriorated or perished. A 'best before' date simply indicates that the food may lose some of its quality after this date.

        From the NSW government website

        • lol ok then get your trailer and get a pallet

          • @sammyla:

            Or for the trip and the flavour? To which I'll agree, they'd likely end up in the bin lol

            Proof you didn't even read my comment

            • @pennypincher98: i think i fell asleep

              • @sammyla: Funny how you could read the second part and not the first

                Really hope you don't have an office job or anything that requires more than 2 lines of text.

                • @pennypincher98: lol jeez calm down man i'm just winding you up.Man i wish for 2 lines of text in the field i'm in, i'm in supply chain management, well i have not been to the office since 23rd March 2020. how cool? i save like two hours a day which i would have spent in the car driving to work, i go for a bike ride or take my son out, works out well that the bloody kinder is closed haha, enjoy the lock down mate!!

                  • @sammyla: Sounds like you're the one getting wound up to me lol

                    • @pennypincher98: lol nah not at all,my replies are not that nice when in wound up.i just got too much time on my hands today my younger son decided to sleep early.

                      • @sammyla: 10pm is sleeping early as a young child? Guess I was robbed of many hours in my early years then

                        I get it, lockdown is getting to you and all you want is someone to talk to

                        • @pennypincher98: Ok you dont get it may be you don't have young kids. bit of detail.. he is 5 months, he is awake more than he sleeps even after my wife feeds him fully. he just woke up 5 mins ago and i put him back to sleep. you know what they say about the kids who don't sleep ha, well i had two of them. urm about your childhood,i dont know man i hope your parents didn't feed you milk past UBD …….. lol just kidding i think you wre most likely breast fed haha.

                          • @sammyla:

                            my replies are not that nice when in wound up.

                            I'm presuming you're wound up now then? If so, it's okay. Being in the most locked down city in the world must be tough. Support is available if you need it, which it seems you definitely do.

                            • -1

                              @pennypincher98: Gotcha!!, i hit a nerve… come on dude cheer up!!, lock down doesn't affect me much, i love not going to the office. i got a beautiful family and a huge block with lush lawns, i see Green all day :), well of course its tough with kids working from home and all but it could be much much worse .i'm curious as to what support you are talking about? beyond blue? life line? lol i hope you dont call them after you read my reply.i mean literally!!!, i got to go to bed now.

                              P.S stop editing your replies, i caught you doing it twice now!!! lol, yeah ive been online too much today, i saw it Penny!!

                              • -2


                                i got to go to bed now.

                                Awww goodnight little one and have sweet dreams about your weird dom affairs with Dan. Maybe lockdown is why you love him so much.

                                lol i hope you dont call them after you read my reply.

                                More like the reading writing hotline to get some help for you lol.

                                At this point I don't even know if it's you or your son replying 😂 Whoever this is though it's surely given me a laugh at their own expense so thank you.

                                • +1

                                  @pennypincher98: This thread got me dying lmao

                                • @pennypincher98: Hahah penny I don’t think you’re laughing at all lol because your replies suddenly got longer, the difference between you and me is you care so much about what other think about your replies you go and edit them to make it look good lol , I don’t , don’t care about what others think , just don’t get affected by what people write lol and stop eating too many things past BBD they will leave a bad taste in your mouth leftie hahahahah.

                                  • @sammyla: It's a new day now and I'm suddenly not bored enough to put up with your antics anymore but I wish you well in your trolling. Being called a leftie is new. I guess I am left handed.

                                    Btw thanks for the negs :D

                                    • -1

                                      @pennypincher98: lol i didn't neg you, but you sure did neg me!!.go and see you got 2 negs for one of your comments, that sure was not me i'm not in grade 5 like you. there are other people who arent lefties mate. Nice Day sport!! hahaha

                                      • @sammyla:

                                        i'm not in grade 5 like you.

                                        I'd argue lower because a big part of your kit is "no u lol", made for some quality content last night. Unfortunately I've actually got a life during the day but you have a great day refreshing Ozbargain.

                                        • @pennypincher98: lol means laughing out loud , no age restriction to use it LOL duhh!!. i though you have no time for me? seems like you do. lets call it quits shall we? otherwise i can keep going if you wish?

  • +2

    Someone let Gladys know, she may need some snacks until her centrelink cheque clears..

    • +1

      But that's one hell-a-va cheque.

  • +3

    Will Dan let me travel to Mount Druitt for essential shopping?

    • -5

      Dan : I'm not going to answer that question, i don't have to answer that question,i decide what questions i want to answer, i'm not going to open borders and let you roam freely, i do whatever i want, you listen to me!

      • Dom: I’m not going to show up for you to even be able to ask me the question

  • +2

    Who wants more of sydney’s realest?

    Retaliation is a must.

  • Crackers at Mount Druitt

    Goes well together

    • you meant to say Crackers AND Mt Druitt?

      • +1

        Cracke̶r̶s̶ AND Mt Druitt?

        • thanks for the correction

  • +1

    Any chance of getting Coles or Woolworths to do a price match?

    • +3

      OW will beat it by 5%

      • +1

        No they won't. Theirs will have a slightly different product number.

  • +1

    "Shall be eaten for a week or two" - much longer than that I bet.

  • +2

    If it's free, it's for me 😉

    • +1

      breakfast lunch dinner sorted for months.

  • lockdown is lifted tomorrow, tempted to drive to Mount Druitt to pick up some of these crackers. Do I need to wear bullet proof vest?

    • +5

      The lockdown (5 km rule or staying within your LGA) is being lifted on Monday, not tomorrow.

  • +2

    Parramatta Mission feeds the homeless (not sure if they do with current lockdown. Would imagine they can give out the crackers with each meal pack. If someone is there and see loads dt over maybe reach out to them to let them know?

    (I did some volunteer work there and they get donated all sorts of food close to expiry inc fruits and veggies. We even ate what we served up and it was fine).

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