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Panasonic 5-Cup Rice Cooker, White (SR-CN108WST) $123 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Pretty good price for this model.

Cook up to 5 cups of great tasting rice with the perfect texture, thanks to the newly designed 2.2mm thick inner pan featuring 6 layers. 16 auto menus give you the option to cook a range of rice varieties, porridge, cake and more. You’ll also appreciate the large LED display, detachable inner lid and steam vent, and keep warm function.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Just like last time mydeal has it cheaper than amazon at $119.15 plus $10 off sign up code

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      I'd happily pay an extra $4 for Amazon's return process alone.

  • Excellent rice cooker

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    Just a tip for anyone reading this and thinking "5 cups is what I cook in my pot so this will work perfectly"
    My Xiaomi one claims to be 5 cups, but it actually has it's own little cup which is just under 3/4 of a cup… so it's not a standard cup measurement
    I have seen other brands do the same thing, but not sure about Panasonic

    • Five cups is enough to feed eight people

      Wonder how big

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      The industry standard rice "cup" measurement is 1 japanese gō (180 ml), not a metric cup (250 ml)


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        This was a thing I didn't know before purchasing
        Not a deal-breaker though

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      It is 5 cups. 5 standard rice cups, which are about 180mL.

  • OOS at this price

  • looks like price went up

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    Made Japanese curry so made some medium grain rice to go with it , washed 3 cups (jap cups) of rice multiple times in a bowl then put into the machine , filling the water up to the 3 cup line.

    The rice it made was super mushy, really bad, what am I doing wrong?

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      Well, if you changed your mind and said you made congee, that would have been perfect!

    • I dont use the lines in the bowl - use the rule of thumb 1 cup white rice 2 cups water, brown 3 water

      • Do you use the cup that comes with the rice cooker or you mean actual measuring cup? I can never get brown rice right…

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          same as what you used for the rice.
          I like to add a little more like 2.5 for white esp basmadi and 3 and a bit for brown. brown takes forever though, in the panasonic it is a 4 hour routine 2 hour soak and 2 hour cook

          • @ziggy1312: 4 hours? Lol. Maybe that’s why I’ve been doing it wrong. I have a crappy big w rice cooker (hence why brown rice just turns out bad - to the point I just refuse to eat it lol).

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              @Baby Grogu: I have a standard rice cooker and made brown rice OK. Wash rice and soak for one hour. Cook 1 cup rice to 2 cups water. It took roughly the same amount of time to cook as white rice, on my cooker (around 30min)

              • @janeymac: Thank you! Maybe I’ll try to give it another go. Looks like soaking is the way to go. I just cooked it like normal rice with a bit more water. It was so grainy everytime I tried

      • Sushi rice is best at 1 to 1.5

      • What type of white rice?

        Jasmine rice to water ratio should be 1:1 to 1:1.1

        • Was this https://www.sunrice.com.au/products/everyday-rice/white-medi...

          I just dont understand why following the instructions of the rice cooker results in really bad rice.

          • @noise36: Very odd.

            Mushy is due to too much water.

            And usually rice cookers are pretty spot on if you use their rice measuring cup (as noted above 180ml).

            What rice cooker?

            In any case, if it was too mushy, ignore the line marking of the rice cooker and try 2 cups of rice and 2 cups of water in the rice cooker and see how you go.

            1:1 ratio is on the firmer side (which I prefer) so very unlikely to be mushy. Let us know the result.

            I suppose being brought up on Jasmine rice, I much prefer Jasmine rice over medium, long grain, brown or basmati. I do like Japanese short grain.

            • @JimB: This rice cooker.

              I will try again with water based on a ratio instead of the line in the machine.

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      Use the middle finger mate. It never fails. No rudeness intended. Just in case you get the wrong idea. Bona petite.

      • Do you mean sticking your finger in for water level above the rice?
        I was taught 1 finger nail of water above the rice

        • Doesn't that depend on how long your nails are?

          • @pennypincher98: Yeah it could, but not the small finger with a disgusting long nail for nose picking lol.

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              @BR: Instructions unclear,used my one inch d*** to measure the water.

    • Use the traditional Asian method of measuring water. With your finger.

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      This is a bit of a stab in the dark cause I don't have this model and I don't know what your bowl looks like, but my panasonic bowl have 2 lines. One for short grain and the other for medium grain. Last time I cooked medium grain (calrose) rice in it using the medium grain water measurement, the rice looks super mushy when it just cooked and as usual with all rice I cook, I turn the rice so the bottom layer goes to the top and the top layer goes to the bottom (just mix it with your rice paddle) then left it for around 10 minutes. When I scooped the rice, it's a bit soft but the grains are still separated (it did not turn into a rice cake). When I eventually let it cool the texture is fine, a bit sticky but still separated.

      To me, this means I need to reduce the water next time as it appears calrose needs water between medium grain and short grain water measurement in the bowl. There's not really an exact science IMHO, even when I cook my usual komachi rice, I reduce the amount water slightly (1-2 mm under the line) if I intended to cook the rice for fried rice so that my rice is on the harder side or if I am putting various toppings on the rice (for example, takikomi gohan, as the various ingredients would add moisture to the rice as well).

      On the other hand, jasmine rice (medium grain) is always firmly on medium grain water level. There's very few things I do with jasmine rice other than as plain rice.

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    You must have been using Coles rice

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    my $13 rice cooker is the best

  • I have the older version of this that's a few years old. Does anyone else get hardish rice at the bottom after a few hours of the keep warm function?
    I wish it also told you the time left, not display it onlt when 10 mins or under.

    Its easy to clean the bowl though. I've also found it collects water in the rubber gasket and have to soak that up after every use.

    • It shouldn't be left more than an hour or two. That's why you've got the timer function and there's no problem soaking rice before it's ready to start the cooking process. If you understanding the cooking time, then it's a matter of judging when you turned it on to his long the cycle is.

      My older version built in battery resets each time i turn the unit off so i know it's about 45 mins on the standard cycle

    • Mine is fine on keep warm even after 6 hours - my previous rice cooker would end up with hard rice on the bottom, but not this one.

      I guess it doesn’t know exactly how long it’ll take until after it’s started cooking, since it doesn’t know how many cups are being made? But the timer mode isn’t a delay start, it actually corresponds to when the rice will be ready. So if you use the timer to have it ready eg. in 1h (the minimum timer setting) it’ll show the time remaining the whole time

    • I have an older version of the simpler model (the 4-options one) and don't have this problem. Additionally the rice is ok up to 3 days in keep warm function (rarely had to be left that long, but we have done so at one time). Reading this thread I'm starting to think MY rice cooker have problems…

      The issue I had was the lid sometimes don't close properly when I just let it fall close, when that happens the upper layer of rice becomes hard. The rice gets turned into congee afterwards.

      Edit: Forgot to mention, I believe you CAN get a crust on the bottom if your rice is too starchy. I usually wash the rice grains 3-4 times until the water is almost clear (I'm not fussing the small amount of cloud that rose up when you shake them around again).

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