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PreSonus Eris E5 Active Studio Monitor Speaker: US$100 Each + Delivery (Single ~A$158, Pair ~A$302) @ Drop


Sells for $399 a pair locally. Given the price, one of the better options for desktop speakers for monitoring or general listening. Features room correction and a front port so you can get away with having them against a wall. You can knock an additional ~$13 off if its your first order via a referral link below.

Video Review and comparison against the KRK Rockit 5 and the Yamaha HS5

Drop description:

Great monitors are an essential ingredient in any studio. Whether you’re tracking in your bedroom or a professional space, the Eris E5 studio monitor has the accuracy and adaptable settings to get the most out of your sound. The speaker features a 5.25-inch woven composite low-frequency driver designed to break up reflected energy. This provides a more constant dispersion pattern throughout the frequency range for truly transparent audio reproduction. Handling the high ends, a silk-dome tweeter captures transients and other high-frequency sounds with smoothness and detail. To adapt to any space, the Eris E5 speaker features a three-position Acoustic Space switch to compensate for boundary bass boost often caused by nearby corners or walls. High- and mid-frequency controls help to further mitigate room anomalies, while a low cutoff filter makes it easy to integrate a subwoofer into your setup.

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  • got the ES3.5 , recommend a value sub ?

    • I have the E3.5 as well, and picked up the Voll S8 when it was about $220. They seem to pair pretty well, and I prefer the small speakers on my desk rather than jumping to the E5s for only a bit more lower extension.

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    Thank you, OP. Perfect timing, about to get back into some home studio stuff.

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        Finally showed up on Friday. Home studio now complete and I'm very happy with the E5s. Thanks again, OP.

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        As far as I can see they're not. They're definitely not on the Refurbished page. Looks like a pretty standard Drop product run.

  • can you use this as an electronic drum amp?

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      Well they're not an amp, but they're powered speakers so I guess you could run your drums directly into the speakers without an amp. The speakers only have an RCA or TRS single channel input, though, so you'll need cables that can split the stereo output from your drums into two and then have a long enough cable to reach in two directions.

      I have the E3.5 and they're a bit different, because they're sold as a pair and have the stereo inputs on the left speaker, and then cables that run to the right. Something like that might be simpler, but you might want a sub to go with them if you want the "oomph" of the kick.

      • Thanks! Ill find something else with a headphone input. thank you.

  • No bluetooth or controls on the front. That's a pass for mine!

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      Not sure the desired use case is Bluetooth and friendly frontal UI. They're studio monitors

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        1995 called, they want their studio monitors back! :P

        • Yeah I mean, I definitely see where you're coming from with rear controls but haha

  • composite low-frequency driver designed to break up reflected energy.

    Pretty sure this only works with hydro generated power though, the electron backscatter destroys any Gaussian improvement to the sound otherwise.

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    Because Drop is mainly for the US just be careful to double check the switch at the back is at the correct AC settings before turning it on.
    I'm not sure if Drop will set it properly before shipping them out.

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