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[Pre Order] Xbox Wireless Controller 20th Anniversary Special Edition $94 + $7.90 Delivery @ BIG W


slightly cheaper than everyone else, pretty much covers the postage cost. Have pre-ordered from Big W before and gotten everything on the day of release and once before so :)

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  • Not when you add postage.

    • JB is 99.99 and min of $5 postage. Microsoft was free postage but out of stock

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        JB you can add a $1 item and get free shipping

  • say hi to matix4ever98 who already wants $250 + $15 shipping of course smh

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      These guys are crazy

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        No, the idiots that actually give these guys money for a video game controller are crazy.

        If people didn't pay him, he wouldn't be doing it.

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      You know the sad part is Ebay help still has an article on reporting price gouging… but the report options don't line up with their own help articles, so you can't even report as per their process.

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        Because eBay make money from those scalpers sell, who does not like money.

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    Just an FYI, this is a special edition controller. Not a limited edition. Meaning they will continue to make these. Unlike the Forza Horizon 5 Controller and Halo Infinite Elite Controller which are both limited editions.

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      yes, but that does not really matters. ms decide how many is "limited". they can keep making the "limited" or they can stop the "spcial".

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        Well considering the limited editions were only available at EB, JB and MS and no where else with a limit of 1 per customer, and this has so far popped up at those 3 along with Big W and Amazon with no limits on purchase I'd say they are making a tone of these and will be available for some time to come with restocks ect.

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          you missed mighty ape. which carries the forza as well, sold out this morning. but i agree that they are going to have more 20 years than forza for now. they can restock anytime anyway. the real "limited" are those social media give aways, you just can not buy it at all. expect from those winners.

          for the halo elite, they did have couple of small drop after the first wave preorder. buy i can see only from MS itself.

  • Some people are real suckers for marketing.

  • Don't forget to add a Quick Charging Stand to match this controller in your collection!!!


  • Thanks was hoping for big w , after staff discount from a family member and 5% off gift card i got it for $87.80 delivered.

    • Got mine from Amazon with 10% GC. Easy 89.1. delivery almost kills all your discount advantage.

      • big w delivery is also good though not great as Amazon's.

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          I mean the delivery fee they charge.

  • I remember playing the OG xbox racing sim (competitor to gran turismo) and listening to Ja Rule - Always on Time, 16 odd years ago.
    Good times.

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    It's just a see through plastic controller. Sure I might think about buying it if I need a new controller (which I actually do my button is getting stuck) but I don't get the hype on this.

    • Fanboys gonna fanboy.

    • I just want a translucent one… Coz always have liked anything translucent even my old school Gameboy colour was translucent

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