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Wireless Optical Mouse 2.4GHz-1600DPI Mini Hidden USB Receiver, under $5 FREE Delivery @ TinyDeal


2.4GHz digital wireless optical mouse for PC
1600dpi optical tracking mouse engine
Works at distance of up to 7 meters
Built-in mouse memory, no recording is needed after battery replacement
With battery cover release button, easy to install battery
Compact USB receiver can be hidden and stored inside the mouse
Powered by 1 x AA battery (Sold separately)
Supports Windows 7 / 2000 / ME / XP / VISTA / Mac OS
Color: Black with Green
Net Weight: 50g
Mouse Dimension (Length x Width x Height): 103 x 62 x 25 mm
Package Contents:
1 x Wireless Mouse
1 x Receiver

I just bought 7 of them and got an even better rate. Looks similar/identical to the ones listed earlier tonight at more than twice the price here at Ozbargain.

I know there are lot of places selling these however this seems to be the cheapest.

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  • You should probably put that it's only under $5 each if you buy more than 7.

  • wow looks like a good buy
    nice looking mouse
    but with free delivery usually comes a few weeks of waiting

    • Yeah I usually can wait. I ordered mine yesterday and they have already shipped. You can pay extra to get it sent EMS or other faster options, but that would seem to kill the thrill of such a cheap bargain. Still I ordered the 1form (in Australia) 6 bottles of wine listed here a month ago (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/63725#comment-789922) and it has not arrived yet and it was 'in stock' when I ordered it… Those Chinese are pretty fast and mind numbingly cheap!

  • The volume breakdown is this:
    Buy 1-2 $4.93AUD
    Buy 3-6 $4.83AUD
    Buy 7-14 $4.74AUD
    Buy 15+ $4.69AUD

  • just bought one. Hopefully has a good battery life. My earlier one had to replace it almost every month.

    • They claim 6 months, I have a name brand one that claims that and delivers, which blows my mind - 6 whole months from a AA! I remember the first ones (decades ago) would be luck to last a week.

      • Some of ours will run up to 3 years depending on the model, check out the M705, M515 as examples

    • 6 months for a generic is pretty good, especially if it uses optical LED's instead of the more efficient and accurate laser sensors.

      A Logitech laser notebook mouse (e.g V550) can last up to 15 months on a good energizer battery.
      Optical ones only last a quarter of that — about 4 months max.

  • Is there a direct link to the deal?

  • bought one for work.

  • +10 votes

    gets good reviews-

    Этот продукт поможет нам в нашей славной пятилетки за мировое господство путем дробления буржуазии капиталистов.

  • Got 1 similar like this but white one from somewhere, it work like sh*t, cant work on table or almost anywhere, you need to kept banging the mouse

    i rather buy this http://www.catchoftheday.com.au/smallfish_info.php?products_... $10 with $6 delivery

    • Yeah that is a nice looking unit. I have one similar. Still figure it's worth a shot at such a low low price. Pay by PayPal and if it's faulty, ping em for a refund.

  • Is it just me or does it look exactly the same as my current mouse without the branding? http://linkecomputer.com/products/1005247/C-RP-M3500-G/Rapoo...

    Anyway, if it's the same mouse, it's really awesome! The tiny USB receiver gets a lot of attention from my friends. Battery life lasts about 4-5 months for me.

  • that looks like a knock-off of Kensington C series I had 3 years ago…

  • +14 votes

    Put this coupon code in the description.


    It gives 5% off (:

    1 x $4.82 AUD with 5% discount
    save 11 cents (: I WIN :D:D:D

  • Well I just bought 3 x and the code worked!
    PAYPAL too
    15-30days unregistered mail
    Setup up account via paypal and emailed me info!
    Google translate worked well
    $14.06 ….mehhhh if it don't work less than a pint of Kirin at the pub!

  • Thanks, ordered one. With dmc900's discount :-)

  • Great bargain - ordered 3 for AU$14-06. Nice one guys.
    Just hope it's not a 'sleeper' - you know, starts sending back state secrets to the Kremlin once you insert the battery. Should we let ASIO know?

  • AweSome just in timeee, need one for office

    PLUS for the Coupon code as welll


  • Nice. Painless PayPal checkout - other sites should take note.

  • 4.70 Done deal. Thank you

  • I put in an order, used the coupon code. Now let the weeks pass…

  • Where to put the promo code?? I cant find any description in that link. Wish to buy one.

  • After paypal screen

  • if i already using one wireless mouse in my room, will this 2nd one cause interference (in a small room)?
    i'm planning to plug the new one to another pc

    • It shouldnt, I have had 3 wireless mouse in one room. Two plugged into 1 computer :P No problem

    • I have worked in classrooms with 20 wireless mice and another 20 in the room to left, 20 in the room to the right and 20 in the room above. Was not this exact model but was 2.4Ghz

  • I ordered one and I can see the the transaction pending in my bank account for $5.07 :S

    • Your bank often adds it's own little addition fee for international orders even in AUD. Its a pain, but the banks have us really…

      • Normally that is shown separately for me. But perhaps because it is still pending, it's been lumped together. I will keep an eye on it! :D

        • I see my paypal account has one price and my bank statement has another with a few extra cents. I sometimes keep a balance of USD so I dont get that.

  • yeah banks always nicely pad those oseas transactions. And Oliver, you're right when it's still pending you won't see a breakdown typically.
    If you'd like to avoid these fees (in general), get a 28 degree Mcard. There's no annual fees etc and no OS transaction charges. Great for travelling as well. Check out the T&C's yourself but there's no catches. As long as you pay your bills on-time of course which is the same with all CCs

    • My ANZ account adds, but I have the feeling my NAB does not - however I have to do some further testing…

  • That really is a bargain. I haven't seen focalprice.com before - looks like another Tmart.com!!

  • Received mine in MAILBOX…wrapped tight in bubble wrap….see how they go!
    Impressive shipping time!

  • Yep one fortnight turnaround time can't complain about that. Local companies could learn from the Chinese (looking at you GrouponAu).

  • I bought 4, arrived about one month later. Two of them are DOA.

  • Im still waiting for mine to arrive and I ordered before I put this listing on. I guess thats just the roll of dice in the postal service though.

  • mine arrived today…is good (mostly)! middle scroll button works when it wants to. DPI button has 2 settings - fast and normal.

    think i'll buy some more

  • Well of my 7, 4 were DOA. Waiting to see what TinyDeal does.