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+Rewards members only. BINGE Standard min cost $7 for one month.

Limited to one redemption per eligible +Rewards member. Offer ends 31 January 2022. Offer is valid for new BINGE subscribers only. Discount is valid for members who sign up to BINGE using a unique code from +Rewards. Offer available on BINGE Standard or Premium. After offer period, subscription auto-renews at $14/month (Standard) or $18/month (Premium), unless changed or cancelled. Excludes sign ups via third parties. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer from BINGE. BINGE terms and conditions apply.

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Plus Rewards


  • +45

    Who needs Netflix and Chill when you've got Binge and Minge.

    Upvote for description alone

  • +42

    There's a lot of great content but man does the service itself suck.

    • No 4K even at the highest tier, and the 1080p they do have is not very high bitrate at all

    • No app for LG webOS TVs or PlayStations (even though they've been promised for over a year at this point)

    • Episodes are not marked as watched when played via AirPlay, even after I opened a support ticket 7 months ago (with canned responses that told me to clear browser cookies)

    • +4

      Yeah, and also I get an error after the conclusion of every episode when watching through chrome, having to refresh the browser to keep going, meaning I can’t just sit back and “binge” like the name promises.

      • Haha I often have this too! Not after every episode though.

    • +7

      Not only is the bitrate low but they absolutely mangle the content.

      Dark scenes turn into a mess of blocky gradients. The whole video looks a lot softer than it should even at the bitrate.

      They also speed up all 24fps content to 25fps and break the 5.1 audio in the process by applying some kind of loudness filter.

      • +5

        well it run by the Kayo muppets who provide Zero support

      • +6

        And this is another reason to pirate 🏴‍☠️

      • 'Dark scenes turn into a mess of blocky gradients' that's just their signature inherited from WB, Snyder & Dan+Dave.

    • +6

      Exactly, I wish Stan had won the bid of getting HBO, instead of Binge.

    • The interface on Android TV is absolutely atrocious

    • There was no subtitle support on mobile when I tried it also. Amazing.

    • +1

      Agree, the team at Streamotion are muppets. No 4K, no LG Tv app (wtf), buggy interface.

      HBO really need to do a deal with Stan.

    • I wanted it purely for Silicon Valley but struggled to sign up because Streamotion had carried over an old account from Kayo. Really terrible sign up experience with an endless loop of returning back to a sign in page when trying to get help. Content has been decent so far though, just wish it was higher def!

      • I've had the same problem, I believe anyone that's had Kayo is also considered a Binge customer even if you've cancelled Kayo (uses same database).
        Yes, the stream quality options are arguably the worst out of all the steaming services. I have a 70" 4K TV which really shows how bad their stream quality is, might look okay on a small TV.

    • No PIP or split screen for iPhone or iPad either, every other service has it.

    • Thanks, that made me pass: I have a webOS TV and like 4K with lots of bits. Maybe they'll improve.

      • Yeah, I hate to say it but you're honestly better off pirating if the legal route is this subpar.

  • +11

    Nice try Rupie.

    • -4

      Rent. Free.

  • +10

    My free services have all lapsed. I've gone back to sailing the high seas.

  • +3

    Regardless of how you feel about Foxtel, Binge is incredible value - in my opinion at least!

    You get 10-15 live channels, and a ton of streaming including everything on HBO.

    • Live channels on binge?

      • Yeah, they're kinda hidden away there in the awful UI.

        I think they come up if you scroll down far enough.

        • +3
          BBC UKTV
          BBC First
          Crime + Investigation
          Discovery Channel
          Fox Showcase
          Fox Crime
          Fox One
          History Channel
          Fox Sci-Fi
          Fox Sleuth
          Lifestyle Food
          Lifestyle Home
          Universal TV
        • @dontpanic - agree on the UI - especially for the live channels, where you have to go back to menu instead of flicking between them and you can't see a guide or even up next.

          Loads of glitches in my 'current shows' as well - restarting instead of resuming, that kind of thing.

      • They are under the "Shows" menu item.

  • Just waiting until the walking dead season 11 is done then I can exit to paramount

    • +1

      The walking dead is still going,??!!!

      • +2

        It died long ago, but still walking…

  • +3

    I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Binge………and I would say that Binge has the best content of all.

    • +5

      Personally for me it’s Netflix

      Apple TV is the worst. Prime is only good for The Boys otherwise i could take it or leave it.

      • +2

        My point exactly. We watch Binge all the time.

        Clarkson's Farm was damn good on Prime.

      • +14

        The Expanse is pretty good too (Prime).

        • Watched it recently and have become such a big fanboi of the series. I’ve been craving it so much I’m thinking of reading the books now.

          • +2

            @hashtagbargain: audiobooks dude, best way to experience the story. the narrator is fantastic

          • +1

            @hashtagbargain: I pretty much neglected the family for a few days when I started the binge.

      • Documental is also a good time on Prime

      • Battlestar Gallactica on Prime is good too.

    • +4

      agree gasman70 - we watch Binge way more than the others.

      Prime is the least watched but kept in case we need free amazon delivery.

      Stan has some great shows but not all of the time. (Better Call Saul, Hacks, Pen15, Search Party, etc)

      Netflix is good but not too much in the way of top quality.

      Binge - mainly because of HBO - kills it.

      Apple is new so I am watching a lot but it's low on content

      • Agreed. Amazon Prime pays for itself as I order lots from Amazon.
        It’s the HBO and BBC content that really makes Binge. I had it free for about a year with a Telstra contract, but don’t mind paying for it now that deal has expired.

    • netflix has the nicest UI

      amazon prime - more edgy shows - find the UI to be a buggy

    • +1

      I actually agree with this however the worst for me right now is Disney+ without Mandalorian lol.

    • You should give Stan a go

  • +9

    Caught between wanting to watch season 3 of Succession and not supporting Murdoch 😭

    • +12

      Which is ironic because succession is pretty loosely based on the murdoch's

    • Good news is Telstra owns 40% so News Corp doesn't get all the profit, and there's likely to be an IPO soon - would be much happier to sub if News Corp wasn't involved.

  • +2

    Content is awesome. App sucks big hairy balls.

  • Um wait what?
    "The News+ Network does not include theaustralian.com.au or news.com.au."

  • +9

    What is Plus Rewards? Is it for free signing up to it?
    Some basic information about it in post description would be good

    • +1

      Seems to need a Courier Mail online newspaper subscription which is the “plus” reward for being an online subscriber.

    • +1

      I think it’s a News Corp reward program. Probably need to have a media subscription.

  • +7

    so you are helping subvert democracy 50% slower. nice

  • so no more 3 months free? I never redeemed, damn

    EDIT: Thought it was Telstra Plus

  • Can we please have a trigger warning for any Murdoch related deals?

  • How do I get a free rewards+ trial?

  • +2

    only the HBO shows are good on binge

  • Anything worth watching if I decide to sign up? Currently using prime video.

  • Does it have any TV shows as good as the Squid Game?

  • The fact that I need to subscribe to an obsolete media network to get a discount on Binge doesn't speak highly of it.

  • +1

    I got 12 months free with a Telstra plan and didn't use it for most of that period then I discovered 90 day fiance. Top show. The way they've uploaded episodes is a complete mess though, and their UI is the absolute worst. Like… They have a 90 day binge centre but you have to scroll so much to get to it and find it, why can't one just place it in a favorites folder or some such?

  • +2

    Via telstra

    3months free for standard or
    3months $4 for premium


    *Need a Telstra consumer post-paid plan.

    I was able to sign up with an telstra I'd and no active account. Waiting for my Samsung S11 to be delivered from the last telstra day

  • +1

    I currently have a 3 month free subscription via Telstra.

    The content is pretty damn good, but the apps and UI need some work.

    Currently rewatching the Sopranos.

    Make sure you watch Mr Inbetween… fantastic Aussie crime drama comedy.

    • +1

      I have to thank Binge for introducing me to Mr Inbetween. The absolute best Aussie TV show in a long while.

      Also His Dark Materials really drew me in. Might have to resub when the last season is released.

      • Unfortunately that's it for the series.

        Very short 3 seasons. No more. At the end of season 3, you don't know for sure what happens to Ray but I hope he lives another day.

        Oh well better to end it while it was still great (I try not to think about GoT season 8 haha).

        • +1

          I don't think it was very open…From his smile, you know he's about to mess those boys up. Glad Scott decided to end it on his own terms. It was a nice little wrap up.

    • +1, almost finished MrInbetween though, might dump the service then.
      The app is woeful on Samsung TV, even with the right series and ep highlighted it ignores the press to play. I resorted to power cycling my TV last night to be able to watch.
      Never go to the end of the final series of Sopranos, loved it up to the last series where it jumped the shark and sank

  • You can get this free with Amex cards. I have it and have never ever watched something on it, as it seems like they don't have an app for anything.

    • They have an app on most platforms?

      • Not on Amazon fire stick, and not on my stupid Hisense tv, though that is Hisense problem for making a terrible tv and os. Pretty sure it's not available on my Nexus player either, though I haven't checked that for a while.

        • +1 for Hisense OS/app being bad - my actual screen is great though

        • can you install wonderbox on a fire stick? install the addon after that. I've got a foxtel now box and that's what I have to do anyway, bit annoying - have you tried sideloading the binge apk?

          • @SirMurduck: No idea, I'll give it a go though, cheers.

            have you tried sideloading the binge apk

            No, haven't really cared enough about binge to do it, not sure why they make it so difficult compared to everyone else.

            • @brendanm: Yeah it’s really annoying; I bought one of the Foxtel now boxes and really regret spending money on it haha after getting one free…it’s a shame no ones invested in them enough to have found the stock firmware; binge is blocked and when you start to modify stuff they gradually go to shit

    • how do I get that? got the basic Amex card

  • Another better way is getting 2 months free from Uber rewards!

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